How To Attract Better Clients And Raise Your Prices (With Zero Resistance)

How To Attract Better Clients And Raise Your Prices (With Zero Resistance)

Dealing with difficult clients can be a nightmare. Knowing how to attract better clients will not only increase your business growth, but also your peace of mind.

Most people do not know how to attract better clients. They get stuck in the mindset of thinking their product isn’t good enough, or their price is already too high. As a result, they think that their current clients are the only ones they can do business with. In reality, their limiting beliefs are the only thing holding them back. And the truth is that knowing how to attract better clients has nothing to do with your product, price or the marketplace. It has to do with you.

Think about how you got to where you currently are. You might have a few clients you are working with, and charge them a certain amount. However, every time you try to get new clients and raise your prices, you are met with resistance. And this happens to almost everyone you talk to. Why is this the case? You never had difficulty pitching your price in the past. Why only now, are you suddenly meeting resistance when you are trying to go for something greater?

As you’ll soon discover, one of the biggest reasons why business owners and entrepreneurs don’t know how to attract better clients is because of themselves. If you are struggling to attract better clients and raise your prices without resistance, here are some of my best tips on how to overcome these issues.

If You Can’t Attract Better Clients, It’s Not Their Fault

If you’re struggling to attract better clients, you need to take a step back and analyze the situation. What is the reason you aren’t able to attract better clients? What’s the common factor that’s holding you back? If you analyze deeply enough, you may come to a shocking conclusion: The common factor is you.

In life, many people struggle to get what they want. This is evident with people who are trapped in the rat race and unsatisfied with their jobs. They go to work every single day from 9-5. They force themselves to wake up sleep-deprived. They’re miserable, and would much rather do something else, like chasing their dreams or finally starting their own business. Yet despite their desire, nothing ever changes. They’re still stuck at their boring old jobs, settling for something they don’t want. Why?

The reason is because of themselves. They hold themselves back with their own limiting beliefs. For example, a 23-year-old might want to quit their job and become an entrepreneur. Yet they can’t, because they’re afraid they won’t be able to pay the bills. They’re afraid their business venture will not succeed, and they’ll be left on the streets broke. These are fears that they themselves create, that are not reality.

Until they decide to overcome their own limiting beliefs, they will never find success. The same is true for attracting better clients - unless you believe you can do so, unless you believe you are worthy, you will never get them.

Your Clients Can Sense Your Fear, Doubt,And Uncertainty

This is true when it comes to business and in life. Humans can smell other people’s doubts, fears and uncertainty from a mile away. This is why knowing how to attract better clients has nothing to do with the actual product you are offering. Your clients are picking up on your own internal struggle and the limiting beliefs that are in your head. As a result, they don’t believe that you can get them the results they want, because you yourself do not believe that either. If you can’t convince yourself, how can you expect to convince your clients?

When interacting with other people, we give off unconscious behaviours that others judge us on. These are things such as our body language, tonality, the words we use and how we carry ourselves. If we speak in a confident manner, with a clear booming voice while standing up straight, others will perceive us as confident. But if we hunch over, and whisper when we are talking to our prospects, how do you think they will react when you say you charge X amount for your service?

Sell Me This Pen, And Do It Consistently

Here’s an example of how unconscious factors affect the clients you attract and the prices you can charge. Hold a pen in your hand, and repeat the following sentence out loud as though you were talking to a client:

“I charge $1 for this pen.”

Carefully note how you said that sentence. Your tonality, speed at which you said it and how loud your voice is. Now say this sentence out loud:

“I charge $10,000 for this pen.”

Did you notice a difference? Most likely when you said the second sentence, it differed from the first way you said it. You might have hesitated slightly, or your voice could have changed. This is because internally, you do not believe that a pen is worth $10,000.

Now imagine that you are offering a product or service to your clients, and you tried to raise your price that you charge them. When you tell them your price, the exact same thing is going to happen. If you do not believe that your product or service is worth what you say it is, you are going to hesitate. That slight difference in how you say your price, is what your client is going to pick up on. And if they sense that you are conflicted with how much you charge for your service, they will know you are bluffing them.

The 4 Types of Limiting Beliefs That Are Holding You Back

In order to get the kind of clients at the prices you want, you need to overcome your limiting beliefs. As you saw with the pen exercise, unless you fully believe what you are saying, your voice is going to rise like a helium balloon.

The reason your communication pattern changes is because of one of these reasons:

1 You are attached to the sale
2 You don’t believe in your product
3 You don’t believe your product is worth that price
4 You are afraid of your prospect

If you want to overcome your limiting beliefs, you need to change your mindset and do the opposite. For example, if you believe the reason you can’t get what you want is because you are attached to the sale, you’ll need to practice having an ‘I don’t care attitude’.

Let’s go into each of these 4 beliefs, and how you can overcome them.

Limiting Belief #1: Attachment To The Sale

One of the most common reasons people don’t know how to attract better clients is because they are attached to the sale. They are attached to the outcome of closing the prospect and are afraid of not being able to make the prospect say yes. If you go into a business meeting with this mindset, you are setting yourself up for failure.

When you are attached to a sale, the way you communicate will subconsciously come off as needy or desperate. And if you’ve been in business long enough, you’ll know one thing: People don’t do business with needy and desperate people.

No one likes to do business with someone who is needy. It’s a trait that puts people off, and makes them uncomfortable. Instead, you should have the mindset that you are good no matter what happens.

One of the core principles I teach all my students as closers is that it has nothing to do with you. Whether or not you make the sale, has NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU. If you successfully close the prospect on a $10,000 deal, it has nothing to do with you. If you fail to close the prospect and they say no to your offer - again it has nothing to do with you. So many people beat themselves up over what they perceive are their mistakes, when in reality it has nothing to do with them.

The truth is, whether or not your prospect buys is their decision. You can’t force them to say yes. The only thing you can do is influence them to see the value you bring to the table. If they say no, or you think the prospect is a bad fit, it’s completely fine to walk away.

Whether or not you make the sale, has NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU.

Limiting Belief #2: You Have No Belief In Your Product

 Another reason why entrepreneurs don’t know how to attract better clients is that they don’t believe in their product. They don’t believe their product or service can deliver the results they are promising.

If you are not certain about your product, if you do not display confidence, you cannot influence someone. Your prospect has their own doubts and fears they are dealing with when interacting with you. And if you yourself also display doubts and fears about your product, it is only going to add to the doubt they have in their minds.

The only way you can influence the people you are talking to is if your confidence level is higher than theirs. Have you ever met a salesperson who seemed so certain about something, that you were influenced to buy what he was talking about? You might not have any idea what the product or service is about, but the way he spoke with such conviction convinced you that it would be a safe decision.

This is why people who are naive fall for scams or bad deals by smooth-talking salespeople. They get entranced by the way the salesperson carries themselves, that they don’t stop to actually think about what they’re buying. If you want to learn how to attract better clients and raise your prices, you need to know how to do the same thing. You need to project confidence in the way you carry yourself, and infect your prospect with the same certainty. That is how you get them to say yes.

Certainty is influence. - Ed Mylett

Limiting Belief #3: Believing Your Product Is Too Expensive

Similar to limiting belief #2, you believe your product is not worth what you are charging. In the pen example, you had no trouble saying that a pen was worth a dollar, because that is the standard market price for a pen. But when you tried saying it was worth $10,000, you suddenly had difficulty doing so. This is because of the price.

Unlike limiting belief #2, this has nothing to do with the product itself. The pen is still a pen in both examples, however the price reflecting that pen is different. The reason why people struggle in knowing how to attract better clients is because deep down they think their product is too expensive. They don’t believe themselves that their product can be worth so much, or they lack evidence that supports that belief.

For example, suppose you were offering consulting services and you charged $5,000 an hour. If someone had said yes to you before in the past, and you were able to generate for them a 10x ROI because of your consulting, you would easily be able to state your price to your next client. This is because you have evidence from your previous client, that what you do works.

However, if you’ve never had a client pay you $5,000 for your services, how could you possibly have the confidence that your advice would work out? You have no reason to believe you can charge so much for your services. As a result, because you have no reason, you have no belief.

To overcome this limiting belief, you need evidence. This could be from a case study, or a free trial you’ve done for clients in the past. The only way you’ll get confidence, is if you have the evidence to support it.

Confidence comes from competence.

Limiting Belief #4: Fear of Your Prospect

The last limiting belief that prevents people from learning how to attract better clients, is fear of the prospect. You might be new to the business world and lack experience dealing with people. Or your prospect might be intimidating in some way - either physically or mentally.

If you are afraid of your prospect, that is already a problem. You need to ask yourself why you are afraid, and overcome that issue. Are you afraid they will hurt you? Do you fear they will discover you are a scammer? Or is it something else about your prospect, such as how they look or how they smell?

Being afraid of your prospect is actually a more common issue than most people know. Of everyone that you interact with, not everyone is going to like you. And the truth is, they don’t have to. Just like you aren’t going to like everyone you meet, they aren’t necessarily going to like you. But despite how you or your prospect personally feels about each other, you need to put those feelings aside. Your personal life and your business life should be kept separate. You have something they want, and they have something you want. It’s a fair trade and exchange, where both parties walk away as winners.

If you have a valuable product or service that you can offer your prospect, there is no need to fear them. The most common reason why people are afraid of the prospect is because they have nothing of value to offer them. In that scenario, it is perfectly fine to walk away and not close the deal. After all, you two are not a good fit, which means there is no reason to do business. Move on, and find someone who is.

The 6 Step Process To Learning How To Get Your Dream Clients With Ease

Most people struggle to know how to attract better clients and raise their prices without objections. The biggest reason for their lack of success are their limiting beliefs that hold them back.

Unless these limiting beliefs are dealt with, you will not be able to find success. Your prospect will sense your unconscious behaviour, and become turned off or suspicious as to your true motives.

Overcoming these limiting beliefs is the first step towards getting what you want in business and in life. Unless you’re able to confidently assert yourself, you won’t be able to get the prospect to say yes to your product or your price.

I know many entrepreneurs that struggle to attract the kind of clients they deserve. They’re stuck dealing with bad clients that are difficult to work with, and don’t pay them what they’re worth. The biggest problem is that they put up with these clients when in reality they are worth so much more. That’s why I’ve put together a 6 step program to help any struggling entrepreneur or business owner overcome these objections to get the clients they deserve.

If you’re tired of being undercharged or dealing with bad clients and want a step by step system that allows you to attract your dream clients with ease and charge them the prices you want, click here to get my 6 Steps To 6 Figures Formula Program now.