Social Media Training With Dan Lok: Build A Massive Brand Following on Instagram and YouTube

Social Media Training With Dan Lok: Build A Massive Brand Following on Instagram and YouTube

Social Media Training With Dan Lok: Build A Massive Brand Following on Instagram and YouTube

All marketing gurus, SEO experts, and content creators are talking about this: Dan Lok's Social Media Training.

With over 3.8 Billion active users in 2020, social media has become a terrific channel for businesses to connect with their customers worldwide. The problem is, there are so many brands posting content every day. This makes it increasingly more difficult for your audience to see your work.

Instagram and YouTube present a great opportunity to reach out to a desired demographic in a different way. They provide highly targeted, visual marketing channels for your brand.

Does this sound familiar? 

Instagram and YouTube are no different from Facebook or Twitter. The biggest defining factor is the way the information is presented to your audience. 

Earning followers in the face of crowded competition feels like an uphill battle, especially if you're trying to do so organically. If you take a blanket approach to building your followers, you are inevitably going to struggle.

Does this mean that it’s impossible to create a hungry following? Of course not.

Every social media platform is the same in that there are right ways to use it, wrong ways to use it, and clever ways to use it. With a strategic and creative approach, you will be able to attract a legitimate following who actually interact with your posts. All you need is a blueprint for success and significant guidance to get you there. 

In this article, we will introduce the 7 strategies Dan Lok covers in his Social Media Training.

1. Instagram Digital Secrets

Instagram has become the favorite social network across the world - and this doesn't only include teens and millennials. In fact, according to Pew Research, 35% of adults use Instagram while 24% choose Twitter.

Plus, most people don't just check Instagram once a day: most find themselves using the platform throughout each day. 

If you are new to Instagram, you will likely have difficulties gaining traction. This is because Instagram has some lesser-known tricks, settings, and features a few people know about.

This is why Dan Lok created this social media training - to list them all out for you in one place. Here's what you get:

Quickstart Guide

As with most things, getting started is the hardest part of your Instagram journey. The strategies covered in this training will help to smoothen your transition onto this platform.

Stellar Follower Acquisition Model

Some brands take the easy way out, such as paying for people to follow them. However, organically building an audience will drive much better results.

Decoding Dan Lok's Top 3 Posts

Instead of trying to figure out how Instagram works, why not follow proven methods? Dan Lok will break down his top 3 Instagram posts and explain why they were so successful.

10 Point Instagram Checklist

Utilize this 10 point Instagram checklist to improve your post's performance and engagement. This will improve the consistency and quality of your content. 

Instagram's algorithm is difficult to understand. With the help of this social media training, you will have the tools you need to succeed. 

2. YouTube Subscriber Secrets

YouTube provides you with an incredible opportunity to build your rapport. From marketing your brand to monetizing your channel, YouTube allows you to gain a competitive advantage over your competition. 

The problem is, creating a successful YouTube channel from scratch is a lot of work. In fact, most people give up before they gain any real traction.

Imagine that you just opened your own YouTube channel. You spend hours planning, scripting, and recording your first video. After a couple of hours of editing, you eagerly upload it onto YouTube.

A few hours pass by, and you haven't gotten many views. You keep refreshing the page over and over again, hoping to see the numbers increase, but nothing is happening. What are you doing wrong?

Dan Lok's social media training covers his journey as a content creator. Here's what it looks like: 

1 Month: 500 Subscribers

6 Months: 1,000 Subscribers

1 Year: 10,000 Subscribers

2 Years: 100,000 Subscribers

3 Years: 1,000,000 Subscribers

What did Dan Lok do differently from every other content creator on the internet?

The determining factor here is consistency. 


"Consistency is crucial if you want to be successful" - Dan Lok  

When you first enter the market as a content creator, you have to build trust with your audience. A simple way to do this is by uploading valuable content on a consistent basis.

Additionally, you can leverage the comment section to gather feedback.  This way, you can tailor your content to better fit what your audience is looking for.

When you consistently create content that your audience wants to see, your growth will be astronomical. These are just some of the strategies covered in Dan Lok's social media training.

3. Copywriting Digital Training

Think about copywriting as more than just words on a web page. Every email you send out, webpage you design, or social media post you publish - it’s all copywriting. Anything that is involved with closing using your written words on a massive scale is classified as copywriting. 

So how do you get started with implementing copywriting into your Instagram page or YouTube channel?

Start by identifying the components of a great post. From there, identify how you can improve your own content using copywriting.

Here's what's covered in the social media training:

Eye-Catching Headlines

The title of your YouTube video is crucial for its performance. Your audience will click on videos that spark their interest, which may solve a problem or teach them something new.

Description Hacks

A well-written description can significantly improve the performance of your post.  It can direct your audience to your product or service, or encourage them to check out your social media page.

Easy-to-Use Templates

As a content creator, you might not have the time to produce well-written copy. Instead, why don't you just use proven templates that have been tested by hundreds of marketing experts? 

Dan Lok's social media training takes this offer one step further by also ensuring all the sales copy provided does not demonetize your channel.

When your social media post is demonetized, the platform owners take away the right for you to earn any money from it and prevent people from viewing it. Content creators face this issue every day, and the outcome is detrimental.

The templates, headlines, descriptions, as well as all the other copy provided in this training, have been tested to be safe for social media use. With these tools, you can post content without the fear of having your hard work demonetized.

4. Persuasion Secrets

Writing successful sales copy is nothing short of an art. You need content that expresses your point of view and engages your audience in the process.

Along with sparking interest, your copy should also bring consumers closer to your brand by showing what's in it for them and how it can fit their needs. Once you earn their trust, you will have no problem convincing them to take action.

Whether your call to action is to subscribe to your channel, like your page, or purchase your product, you are going to need stellar copy to make it happen.

“A poor idea well written is more likely to be accepted than a good idea poorly written.” — Isaac Asimov

The problem is, writing persuasive copy is not an easy feat. It requires market research, testing, and revisions in order to perform well. This is tied to a steep learning curve and can make for a very frustrating experience.

Dan Lok's social media training  covers a variety of different strategies you can use to get results today:

  • Cognitive Biases: Deviating away from the norm encourages your audience to want to learn more about you and your brand.
  • Powerful Phrases: If you can elicit emotions with your words, your audience's logic will be thrown out the window.
  • How to Get Whatever You Want: It's possible to ethically persuade your customers to purchase from you every single time.

If any of these strategies are appealing to you, try implementing them into your social media content. You will be pleasantly surprised with the results. Dan Lok covers these, as well as many more, writing tips in his social media training to help you write persuasive copy at your demand.

5. SEO Ranking

As you may already know, SEO stands for search engine optimization. Simply put, it helps your social media pages rank higher on search engines such as Google.

If you rank #1 on Google, your page will be the first result when your prospects search a particular term. In general, content creators strive to be in the top 3, as this leads to excellent click-through rates.

Now you might be thinking: How do Google search rankings work?

When your prospect is looking to find information, they input related words into the search bar. These terms are called keywords.


"SEO keywords help you to rank high on search engines." - Dan Lok

However,  keeping your social media pages ranking on Google isn't just about making the most out of the most common keywords - it’s also about producing quality and trustworthy content.

Dan Lok's social media training covers some of the impact factors to consider when trying to rank higher on Google:

Quality over Quantity

While you might think to produce 5 videos a week is better than producing  2, this is not always the case. If the quality of your videos is low, you will likely attract low-quality customers.


Your reputation is very fragile in the world of content creation. If your headline makes a bold promise, it's crucial your content delivers on it. 

Expertise and Authority

Does your audience consider you to be an expert in your given field? If so, Google will direct other people toward your content. 

Top Ranking Keywords

Some keywords rank higher than others on search engines. Dan Lok provides you with the resources you need to learn these words.  

These strategies will help your content rank better on Google and earn more engagement. All you need to do is apply them to Instagram and YouTube today.

6. Profile Optimization

One of the easiest things you, as a content creator, can do is to optimize your social media profile. It only takes a few minutes to do, and it makes a world of difference.

Have you ever gone onto a social media page and instantly clicked away? There are many reasons why this happens.

Maybe you felt like the content creator was trying to get your credit card information, or it looked like they were trying to make a quick buck off of you.

Whatever it was, it didn't make for a pleasant experience.

 “In this day and age, the digital age, you can forget about a resume; you are what your social media says about you.” ― Germany Kent

The truth is, it's likely that the content creator wasn't trying to do any of the things you were thinking of. In fact, they were most likely trying to ethically sell you a product/service or information. The problem is, they didn't optimize their social media page in a way that made them appear trustworthy.

In Dan Lok's social media training, he covers simple ways to improve your Instagram or YouTube page, so as to: 

  • Strengthen your brand
  • Generate leads
  • Get more visibility online
  • Connect with your audience
  • Present yourself as being trustworthy

Imagine that you can't decide on a personal trainer. You have been following two of them on YouTube for a very long time, and you're ready to start training. When you visit their page, you notice that only one of the personal trainers has their contact information showing.

Which personal trainer would you be more likely to choose? It's simple characteristics like these that make or break a social media page. In Dan Lok's social media training, he covers many more tips to optimize your page and get the best results.

7. Long Term Growth Strategy

Once you start seeing the results you are looking for, how do you scale your strategy to assure long-term growth?

Many new content creators approach this the wrong way. For example, if you are currently producing 2 videos a week on YouTube, you might think that, in order to continue growing your channel, you need to produce 4 videos a week.

While this may help you get more traction, it will eventually get to the point where it becomes unrealistic. Very few people can consistently produce 10 high=quality videos a week.

Outside of YouTube, you also have a life. For this reason, you need a realistic long term strategy. This is one of the reasons why many content creators burn out after their first month.

In Dan Lok's social media training, he covers a variety of different ways to scale your social media page. One simple way of doing this is to delegate tasks to other individuals. 

Imagine you are the sole content creator on your YouTube page. You write the scripts, record the videos, make revisions, and upload the content. Thiswill likely take a lot of time, andultimately, become very tedious.

But what if you hired a copywriter to write the scripts, an editor to edit the videos, and a virtual assistant to upload them for you? How much time would you gain?

What we are doing here is expanding horizontally. 

This method will allow you more time to interact with your audience in the comment section, as well as to generate new ideas for later videos.

This is one of many strategies Dan Lok covers in his social media training. As you can see, it's designed to help make your life as simple as possible when trying to grow your social media page.

Put it All Together With the Social Media Training

In this article, we introduced the 7 strategies Dan Lok covers in his Social Media Training.

As you already know, growing your follower base on Instagram and YouTube is not easy. There are many variables you must be aware of, and the learning curve is very steep. 

Dan Lok's social media training gives you a step-by-step blueprint to successfully build a following on these platforms. Whether you are a beginner or have been in the game for many years, this training is designed to help you accumulate value.  

If you're ready to kickstart your journey on Instagram and YouTube, click here to order the Dan Lok Social Media Collection today.