High Ticket Closer™ 3.0

The Simple And Fast Way To Learn High Ticket Closing - For Yourself Or Your Team

  • course format5 Modules

  • course length 48.50 hours

  • topicSales and Closing

  • Ideal Biz Size$100K → $1M

Curious About High Ticket Closing?

See Why Thousands Of Business Owners And Sales Professionals Are Turning To Dan Lok's High Ticket Closer™ Certification Program To Gain The Confidence… And Master The Skills They Need… To Close More High Ticket Sales and Scale Their Revenue in Just 90 Days Or Less

What is it?

Dan Lok here…

High Ticket Closer™ Certification is my flagship closing program. I designed it to help coaches, consultants, business owners and sales professionals master the art of closing High Ticket sales in 90 days or less.

In case you don’t know, "High Ticket closing" is probably the number one skill you can have as a business owner, coach, consultant or sales professional. Why?...

Because if you can’t close, it doesn’t matter how good your product or service is…or how BIG your goals are… your business and income will always stay stuck and you’ll never break through the glass ceiling on your revenue.

But, learn to close high ticket sales… and … with just a few clients a week or month… you can transform your business, your life, and the life of the people you care about forever.

That’s why over 10,000 students have already gone through the program… and... when you add up their combined revenue they have…

Closed Over $34.2 Billion Dollars In
Documented Sales So Far

But first, let me introduce you to just 3 of the thousands of business owners, coaches, consultants and sales professionals whose lives and businesses have been transformed because of my High Ticket Closer™ Certification

Before High Ticket Closer™ Certification Eric Kim was struggling to make ends meet as a sales professional…

But, shortly after going through the program his confidence soared and he started hitting his sales targets…

Another student, Danny Lin went from working over 12 hours a day selling low priced real estate… to closing MILLION DOLLAR Real estate projects...

Today I'd like to invite you to join them.


Another High Ticket Closer student Khalil, was struggling to get clients for his consulting business. After High Ticket Closer he raised his prices and immediately closed a $15,000 package…


"I closed a client on a $15,000 package (my new prices). This was a huge win and a game changer for me. You don’t understand the way I feel. The course Dan Lok has created played a tremendous role in closing this deal. The way I was talking to the client was so smooth, it was so relaxing, it’s beyond imagination. In the end the client paid me $15,000, one-shot, no payment plan. I’m very happy and grateful. I can feel the success and development Dan Lok implementation has brought into my life.

How is this different?

The reason my High Ticket Closer™ Certification program gets such great results for my business owners and sales professionals like you is because… it's different from almost every other training program you’ve ever taken.

That's because, unlike most courses you’ve invested in for yourself or your team…


High Ticket Closer™ Certification Bridges The Gap Between Information and Results… Or What We Call: The “Learning And Doing Gap”

What does this mean?

Put simply…

We believe 3 elements are required to master any new skill:

Coaching, Community, and Curriculum.

If you’ve ever bought a training program that didn't work for you … it’s probably because one or more of these elements were missing.

Which means… you probably learned a lot about the topic… such as lead generation or marketing… but you never got the results you were looking for.

That’s because results come from “doing” not “learning”.

And most courses don't give you the opportunity to practice the new skills you are developing in a safe environment with the feedback you need to truly master your new skills

They tell you WHAT to do.

But they don’t hold your hand while you actually DO it.

And that’s why my High Ticket Closer™ Certification puts a HUGE emphasis on implementation and doing.

We help you bridge this “learning/doing gap” in three ways:


  • We give you a Coach, hand-picked and CERTIFIED by me, who will work with you one-on-one during the first 90 days of your certification to make sure you practice and master the skill you need to close high ticket sales
  • We plug you into a Community of like-minded business owners, entrepreneurs, and sales professionals (from around the world) who will support you, role play with you, and celebrate your wins as you move through the 90-day program and beyond
  • We give you my world-class, 8-Module High Ticket Closer™ Certification Curriculum (recently updated with hours of new material) where I take you behind the scenes into the thinking and behaviors of the highest-paid closers on the planet.

It’s like getting a master’s degree in High Ticket Closing.

Why is this relevant?

When you combine the three elements of Coaching, Community, and Curriculum you will quickly MASTER the key lessons, strategies, and skills that will transform you into a high ticket closer... so you can close anyone, anytime, and finally create the life and business you want.

Let me assure you…

This Coaching, Community, and Curriculum model of certification works.

  • It works even if you're completely new to sales and high ticket closing, (beginners and old sales pros have been through High Ticket Closer™ Certification and changed their lives in a few short months)
  • It works regardless of where you live in the world (I’ve got students in over 151 countries, for many, English is their second language)
  • And it works no matter what products or services you sell (my students sell everything from luxury handbags to real estate, coaching and consulting services to personal training, retail products to jet planes)

And it works FAST- the transformation you’re looking for can literally happen in 90 days or less…

How will it help?

Great question.

Here’s the answer:

It doesn't matter if you’re doing this for yourself or your team… with the High Ticket Closer™ Certification…


You’ll learn to close high ticket sales without being pushy or sleazy – in fact, most of the time you’ll just ask a series of questions that I teach you.. and people will actually “ask” to buy. No need to push them in to something they don’t want to do or twist their arm (sounds hard to believe but you’ll just have to wait and see)


You’ll discover counterintuitive ways to overcome objections in the sales conversation – so you can close more deals, land more clients, and have a greater impact on the world (and you’ll do it without feeling like you’re twisting people’s arms or talking them into something they don't want to do)


You’ll breakthrough limiting beliefs about money and sales (if you have limiting beliefs holding you back, you‘ll see a sudden surge in energy and excitement about sales as those negative beliefs fall away)


You’ll develop the winning High Ticket Closer™ attitude that is critical for your success (mindset is critical to high ticket closing. Without the right psychology your skills won't matter. The curriculum, your coach and community will help you develop a winning attitude toward high ticket closing)


You’ll almost immediately start converting more leads into sales (imagine how good you’ll feel when your conversions jump from 2 or 3 sales out of 10 appointments or leads to 5 or more sales out of every 10 leads)


You’ll gain complete control over the "sales conversation" - and you’ll feel perfectly relaxed and calm in any communication setting


You’ll start seeing your revenue (or commissions) increase and this will happen fast


You’ll become so confident you’ll start to feel unstoppable and actually seek out more opportunities to communicate and close people on your products, services, or ideas


Plus much more

Here’s Everything You Get To Master High Ticket Closing In The Next 90 Days…

1. Coaching

Your Very Own High Ticket Coach

You Get 8 One-On-One Coaching Sessions with a Certified High Ticket Coach (Value $3,000)

I personally hand-picked my best closers and trained them to become High Ticket Coaches. Now you get to work with them one-on-one.

Your coach will schedule a weekly 45-minute coaching session with you (or your team member if you're getting this for a member of your team) to make sure you master the skill of high ticket closing.

Your coach will guide you through HTC, answer your questions, and push you to become the best High Ticket Closer™ you can be. Your coach will keep you motivated and accountable to complete each milestone and overcome every obstacle in your way to mastering High Ticket Closing™

2. Community

Exclusive Access To The Private High Ticket Closer™ Members Group

In our private members-only group you’ll feel more inspired, motivated, and UNSTOPPABLE as you master High Ticket Closing.

This is a safe place to interact with like-minded people who are on the same journey you are.

It’s also a place you can post questions in between classes and share your success stories so we can celebrate your wins for the duration of the program.

24/7 Access to a Secret-Underground Platform Where You’ll Have Thousands Of Other HTC Members With To Role-Play and Practice Your Skills Before Unleashing Them On Real Clients in The Real World

This is a safe and supportive environment where you’ll put what you learn into practice with other High Ticket Closer™ community members.

We have students from over 151 countries participating in these live role plays. You get to connect with them in whatever time zone suits you.

Imagine how quickly you or the member of your team you’re putting through the certification will accelerate their High Ticket Closer™ Skills in this environment...

As soon as you learn something in the curriculum… or your coach gives you feedback on something you need to practice… you can implement it through role plays with anyone on the platform to MAXIMIZE your results.

All New Accountability Partner Program (Value $1,500)

In addition to your Certified High Ticket Coach, you’ll be paired with an Accountability Partner.

Your accountability partner will hold you accountable to complete each learning module and participate in role plays, drills and practice exercises so you get better faster.

Accountability sessions are short and quick. Just 10 minutes each. But they are a powerful way to keep you focused on your goal to master High Ticket Closing

3. Curriculum

My Flagship High Ticket Closer™ Certification 3.0 Core Curriculum (recently updated with hours of new material to help you succeed faster and better)

​Module 1 : Close Your Way to The Top

Discover the secret mindset that all High Ticket Closers must have to succeed at the highest level. This is the exact mindset that allows me and my students to break through barriers, become unstoppable, and get what we want in a world that is changing at a faster pace than ever before.

​Module 2 : The Secret Psychology of High Ticket Closing

Most business owners and sales professionals stay stuck at low levels of revenue or income because they don’t understand the invisible psychology that makes people buy High Ticket products and services.

When you understand “High Ticket psychology” and why people buy high ticket products and services you’ll feel like Clark Kent stepping into a phone booth and emerging as Superman as your skills automatically rise to a whole new level and your confidence soars.

​Module 3 : How To Close Anyone, Anywhere, Any Time

In this module you’ll learn the specific tactics that are working today to help you close more deals, faster. Including the 3 stages of the close that you absolutely MUST follow to become a high-ticket superstar closer.

This is all about getting the steps to a close down so you can feel confident going into any selling or closing situation.

​Module 4 : Power Persuasion: Psychological Tricks & Tactics For Getting People To Say Yes

If you sometimes find it hard to influence your prospect's decisions and it feels like you end up pushing for the sale, you are not alone. In this module you’ll master the key psychological patterns that trigger people's brains to agree with you and do what you suggest Top “closers” close so smoothly that it looks effortless. You don’t even see them ask for the sale. You just see their clients thanking them for letting them buy. And that’s exactly what you’ll be doing after completing this module.

​Module 5 : Effortless Objection Handling: 27 Common Sales Objections And How To Respond To Each One

Most sales training programs teach dozens - even hundreds - of closing techniques. But what if you don’t need 100’s of techniques to close the sale?

In this module you’ll learn a new way to handle objections easily. And how to close sales without resorting to high pressure tactics. Including how to gently handle 27 of the most common objections you’ll hear on a sales appointment or call.

​Module 6 : Social Selling Secrets: How To Leverage Social Media and Technology To Engage More Buyers and Close Deals Faster While Keeping Your Pipeline Full

Need more leads or appointments to close?

Social media has quickly become the number one way for successful sales professionals, coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs to secure leads for their products or services.

Here’s where you’ll learn to use social media to engage with buyers and close deals faster.

​Module 7 : Advanced Cold Calling: How To Generate Opportunities Without Stress, Fear And Rejection

Cold calling is a staple of the High Ticket Closer™. But not in the way most people cold-call.

High Ticket Closers use emerging technology to combine social selling with First Contact text and calls to fill their pipeline, so you never have to beg for the sale.

And that’s exactly what you’ll discover in this module.

​Module 8 : Advanced Closing Secrets Most Business Owners and Salespeople Never Master

Ever wonder what all modern highly successful High Ticket Closers have in common? We analyzed 8000 closers over 2 years to distill the habits that separate the closing superstars from the people who struggle through life.

The common traits and habits of the highest producing sales professionals will shock and surprise you. Plus you get my simple plan for developing these habits to achieve whatever you want in life.

The "HTC Way" Reference Manual (Value $1,000)

This is a special desk-reference manual that gives you access to everything taught in High Ticket Closer™ Certification in written format so you can review it again and again to reach mastery.

The HTC Way is a 200-page physical manual shipped to your home or office.

It walks you through all 8 modules in the High Ticket Closer™ program step-by-step.

You Also Get These Incredible “Fast-Action” Bonuses Worth $2,993.00 When You Enroll Now

Why am I giving you these?

Two reasons:

One. I think they are the perfect "accompaniments" to the High Ticket Closer™ Certification experience. Kind of like a side-dish that will make your "meal" even more delicious.

Two. I want to "incentivise" you to join the High Ticket Closer™ Certification now. So I’m offering these two bonus "gifts" as a "bribe" to encourage you to NOT delay. Leave this page and the bonus "bribes" disappear.

Fast Action Bonus #1:

6 Steps To 6 Figures Formula™

My Proven Business Model To Quickly And Easily Get To 6 Figures And Beyond (retails for $995)

As a closer you have the skill that can easily get you to 6 figures a year - you just need the right systems, strategies, and business model.

HTC will give you the skills.

"6 Steps to 6 Figures Formula™" will give you the proven business model to make sure you succeed.

This is the exact roadmap I use to grow multiple 6 and 7 figure businesses.

It doesn’t matter if you own your own business or close for someone else.

My "6 Steps to 6 Figures Formula™" will put you on the fast-track to success as a High Ticket Closer starting today.

Bonus #2:

Recordings Of Actual Real Life Role Plays And Sales Calls

(previously listed for $1,998.00)

After obtaining permission from the prospect, these calls were recorded to capture real closes by students using the High Ticket Closer™ Methodology on real sales calls.

These calls will inspire you and show you what’s possible.

You’ll hear real deals being done using the High Ticket Closer™ methodology.

Hearing real coaches, consultants and sales people in action will give you a deeper understanding of how to close high ticket sales.

You’ll grasp the skills FASTER and EASIER.

Click the “Add to Cart” Button To Enroll In
The High Ticket Closer™ Certification Program Now



Being in HTC is all about action. Have a look at people just like you who are making it happen:


Frequently Asked Questions

I don't know you, but I do know this: High Ticket Closing is a skill. And like any skill, you can master it.

But to master the skill of High Ticket Closing you need coaching, community and curriculum.

You get all of those things with the High Ticket Closer Certification.

So… I truly believe if you follow the steps, work with your coach, participate in the community, and drink deeply from the curriculum you WILL master High Ticket Closing.

But ultimately, you need to make the effort. Are your business and career important enough for you to put in the effort?

If so, why not join now?

Great question. But let me ask you this: What brought you to this page?

My guess is you have an opportunity to increase your revenue and make a bigger splash in the world by closing more high ticket sales… but there’s a gap in your skills. And you’re probably not going to bridge that gap on your own. Even if we provide you with the best curriculum in the world. You still need help. And that’s what a coach will do for you.

Listen, I’m sure you’ve tried to do things on your own in the past. Maybe they worked. Maybe they didn't. But either way, the only truly proven way to get a result from a program like this is to work with someone one on one.

And that’s why having a coach is so important.

If you agree, why not join the High Ticket Closer™ Certification Program?

I think I covered this by explaining the "learning and doing gap" at the top of this page.

But, if you’re still not convinced this is the best training available for high ticket closers… here’s 6 ways High Ticket Closer™ Certification is different from any other "sales training" out there:

First, most sales training is based on techniques that worked 20 or 30 years ago but don’t work today. The old way is based on pushing the prospect with questions that force them into a corner where they feel they cannot say no. The problem with those traditional techniques is they make the prospect feel manipulated, so they don’t buy. Or they buy then cancel. The High Ticket Closer™ methodology is totally different. There is no pushing.

Second, old methods require you to memorize and repeat pages of scripts word-for-word. It feels unnatural. The High Ticket Closer™ method has very little scripting. And the scripts you get with HTC don’t need to be used exactly as they are written. You adapt them to the situation based on the personality of the person you are talking to.

Third, traditional methods rely heavily on a presentation where you talk the buyer around in circles until they take action. With HTC you often don’t even do a presentation. You ask questions, and, like a kung-fu master, use the prospect’s answers, pain, frustrations and desires to close the sale.

Forth, most sales training programs leave you on your own to work through the curriculum, so the program sits on the shelf gathering dust. With HTC you get a certified HTC coach AND an Accountability Partner to work with you one-one-one throughout the 90 days to bring you to mastery. Your Coach will keep you focused, answer your questions and work with you one-on-one. Your Accountability Partner will hold you accountable to complete the program and master the skills.

Fifth, there’s less pressure on you, the closer with this method of closing. If you’ve ever felt pressured to close a sale, or desperate to land your next client, stop. All that melts away with High Ticket Closer™. Clients will chase you. Closing will become easy. You’ll look forward to the close and people will be amazed at how easy you land big deals.

Sixth, at the completion of the program you sit an 88-question exam to make sure you understand the HTC method. At the completion of the exam you get a certificate to display online and in your home or office. The exam is just one more way to make sure you master the skill of High Ticket Closing.

Great question. The fact is, I have hundreds of testimonials on file from happy High Ticket Closer™ Certified graduates whose lives have changed as a direct result of High Ticket Closer™ Certification.

But I’d be lying if I said everyone who did the program went on to achieve greatness. They don’t. But, are you open to hearing the difference between those who fail and those who succeed wildly?

It’s got nothing to do with the curriculum.

After all, if one person doing the program succeeds massively… and another person fails miserably when given the exact SAME lessons and techniques, whose fault is it? The certification course or the person doing the certification course?

If you said it’s "the person doing the certification" you’re right. Success in ANYTHING is a do-it-to-yourself program.

I have found the only reason NOT to succeed as a High Ticket Closer™ is giving up too soon. If you don’t follow through and actually finish what you started there’s NO program on earth that can help you. Make sense?

And that's why there is one major point of difference that you get with High Ticket Closer™ Certification that you won’t find in other programs… (3 points actually)...

  • You get a coach who will work one on one with you for the first 90 days while you complete the curriculum and certification.
  • You get access to a community of like minded people who are all pursuing the same goal of becoming a High Ticket Closer, who will support, encourage and motivate you. They’ll cheer for you when you share your success stories. They’ll pick you up if you’re having a bad day.
  • You get my High Ticket Closer curriculum where I literally tell you everything I know about high ticket closing - nothing is held back

All this is designed to make sure this is NOT like other programs you’ve paid for in the past that have let you down.

Have I answered your question? If yes, why not jump on board and start your journey to becoming a High Ticket Closer™ now?

Umm. No. That would be absurd.

Hopefully by now you’re seeing this is much more than just some lame advice about raising your prices. Yes, raising your prices IS something you’ll be able to do as a Certified High Ticket Closer™. And you'll get the framework to put in place to do that if you want to. But if you think this is just about raising prices you’re missing the point completely.

You’re investing in your future by learning to close high ticket sales, so you can basically write your own ticket in life.

Want to see for yourself? It takes less than 2 minutes to join. So why not click the “buy button” on this page and commit to becoming a High Ticket Closer™ now.

Good question.

I understand you might be nervous about charging more (if that’s your goal). Especially if you tried and failed in the past. But don't be.

Here’s why. Your coach will work with you on this. In fact, this is one of the perks of having a coach - they can coach you on the specific problems you face as a closer every day. A course without coaching can’t do that.

Your coach will help you pinpoint why people don't buy your high ticket offers and help you overcome those obstacles.

Just look at all the testimonials on this page. All these people can't be wrong. The program works if you follow it. Why not join now?

I won't make any promises. Because I don't know your current skill level.

But you wouldn't be the first person to start winning right out of the gate.

The question is, do you have the commitment and belief in the training to participate in a BIG way? Because if you do, if you believe in yourself, there’s no reason why you can’t focus on the specific parts of the High Ticket Closer™ Certification Program that will give you the biggest impact right off the bat.

I guess the question is, do you have what it takes to step up and take charge of your life?

I'm providing the resources. You just need to commit to making it happen.

If the answer is "Yes" I look forward to hearing about you inside the certification program.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1044 reviews
Ankit Chaudhar
Got my certificate!

Thank you so much brothers, sisters and coaches for supporting me to accomplish my goals.
Special thank to sister Anadel Kotov

Taylor Smith
On to new opportunities

Hi HTC! I hope everyone is having a nice weekend. I had a great coaching session with coach Juri Battilana yesterday. Today I finished HTC and passed the exam... BOOM! I'm looking forward to going through HTC again, and starting HT Coach!

Laura Cantenys
HTC Certificate Boom

I have just finished the exam from HTC! Goodnight!

Mabel Rodriguez
You are closer than you think

Happy Sunday HTC! Boom!!! Very happy to share that I've just passed my HTC exam. This is just the start! :rocket: It has been an awesome journey of so much more than expected - sales and personal growth. THANK YOU FROM THE HEART DEAR SIFU
Dan Lok for the dedication and energy you have put into this program - thank you for TEACHING ME, HTC is transformational. To all who have not finished yet: YOU ARE CLOSER THAN YOU THINK!

Kaley W Chu
Making USD$50,000 income per month

Hi, Kaley from Melbourne Australia.
Season 7 graduates back in 2019.
Finally, after working hard for 4 years, I'm finally at a level of getting consistent leads and clients and averaging USD$50,000 income per month and ready to perhaps hiring my first closer

Timur Jumanov

For those who have doubts about this journey-- is not for you.
For those who giving up easy- -is not for you.
For those who wants to make quick money-- Not for you either
Looking back and remembering the 4-6 hours of lessons, and lots of Homework. and finally realized that it doesn't teach you how to make money. it Transforms you and only then you know exactly how to make money...
Sell what you love
Sell what you believe in (product)
Sell what you trust. (Team, Company)
Since 2019 with the classes of HTC season 11. In 2020 I opened my own Company and closed for over 19 million in my own product. At this stage with inventory over $5 mil. Sky is the limit. And opportunity based on my own performance and the team that we created.
Closer is not Born--- it's Made.
Thank you Dan Lok and the Team, miss you all and looking forward to see you again one day.
P.S. This is one of the many of our Creations.

Ben Lim

Yeap, Closed a small deal 840,000.00, sister Flora, I have learn from how to keep closing consistent

Vincent Nguyen
Just the beginning

Hi HTC, what I want to share with you is I already passed the HTC exam, and this is just the beginning of my journey, I�m looking forward to get coached by Coach Razmig Malkhassian

Taylor Smith
After feeling low, my first boom came

Then 2 days later, I had my first BOOM!
I sold my first package using HTC! It�s �4,000 and I�m very excited. Especially because I�ve been with HTC for a few months now and I was seeing so many other BOOMs, I did start to worry why I wasn�t able to get one too. So if anyone else is thinking the same, try not to worry, stick with it and keep going!