Tube Follower Secrets

"How to Leverage the Power of Visual Persuasion on the World’s Largest Social Media Platform"

  • course format7 Modules

  • COURSE LENGTH 3.2 Hours

  • topicSocial Media Marketing

  • Ideal Biz Size$1M → $10M

“Dan Lok has one of the sharpest business minds. Listen to what Dan has to say.”


The Trillion Dollar Man: Founder of QLA (Quantum Leap Advantage)


YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world and has MILLIONS of viewers every day whom you can capitalize on ... if you only knew how, right?

Well, if you believe it's time for you and your Team to harness the power of YouTube and create stunning video content worthy of the devotion of your clients and customers ...

... then you landed on the right training at Dan Lok Shop because Tube Follower Secrets may be the solution to your "exposure" problem.


It's true ... YouTube has the allure of video to pull-in new cash-paying customers from across the world – probably eager to buy what you are selling.

Or maybe they want to subscribe to your YouTube channel, if and ONLY IF your channel and video marketing is set-up to "scale" in the right way to attract the right prospects, at the right time, offering them the right message.

If you and your Team have a burning desire to make YouTube video marketing work for you to get maximum impact so that you can write your own ticket to business success, then you've just landed on the ideal course in the Dan Lok Shop of "done-for-you" business trainings.

Dan Lok himself is a perfect example of how Tube Follower Secrets can impact any business because he built a massive following of 3+ million subscribers by simply posting relevant videos with strategic titles that draw in pre-qualified buyers like "flies to flypaper."

If you want what he has – to make YouTube a highly lucrative social media channel for your business – then make that all-important "CLICK" to invest in YouTube Follower Secrets.


This unique masterclass teach you:

  • How to to model Dan Lok's techniques to add 3+ million subscribers to your YouTube channel in record time
  • How to drive thousands of pre-qualified to your websites and offers daily. Unshackle your Team with this masterclass and watch new traffic come flooding in day-by-day
  • How to create killer content secrets that captivate your audience
  • How to find pre-qualified prospects practically starving for your content quickly and easily. And how your Team can use this to grow your subscribers fast and forever
  • How to monetize your YouTube channel even if your Team is clueless about marketing on YouTube right now ... and much, much more


Tube Follower Secrets provides you and your Team practical, easy-to-execute lessons on how to attract and convert YouTube subscribers with the precise step-by-step system Dan utilized to build an 8-figure business.

Ready to dominate YouTube in your niche? If you are, then let's get started ...


In Tube Follower Secrets, Dan Lok will show you proven strategies of how he has grown his channel past 3.49M+ subscribers and monetizes his channel.

Doesn’t matter if you’re just starting or if you have a channel already - in this training, you’ll discover how to use strategic content to build a following, create (or scale) a lucrative business, get more qualified prospects and clients, and make a massive impact in people’s lives.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Jonathan S.
YouTube as a business

You know you can’t make big money doing low paying tasks, so why are you spending hours and hours editing videos and optimizing thumbnails? Sifu teaches how to focus on what’s most important for growing your YouTube channel and how to outsource the rest. Consistency is the key. The goal isn’t popularity, it’s connecting with true fans who are wiling to spend money with you.

Best way to begin on YouTube!

Definitely the best way to get insights and a great start-off with youtube! Loving it so far and it helped me to kick-off my channel right away!

SS Datta

Really informative and builds serious confidence to go ahead

Kathy Oevering
Use YT better!!!

Amazing information on how to use YT in your business. Strategies and metrics to follow. Very detailed information you can quickly and easily implement into your own YT channel to expand your business!!

awesome tricks

Whats that word..Easter aches ..not getting you ?

Zachary Zapata
"The Best Way To Build Trust Is To Add Value Before Asking For Anything."

Tube Follower Secrets was more of a fundamentals course than any other type of "course" in my opinion. Even though I have no intention in starting a YouTube channel, what I learned here was super valuable. "A truly sound business principle applies everywhere in life." I got those principles: From knowing how to approach a new endeavor I know little of, to being completely valuable and authentic since YouTube is almost becoming the new TV (this helps to stand out too). Thank you Dan Lok for showing me the simple fundamentals it takes to run YT like a business, it all boils down to a very similar set of methodologies!

Robert Henry
Your formula to Youtube sucess

What is this training about?
The Dan Lok Team provides an overview of everything you need to know about how to start, scale, test and provide valuable content to your audience so you can grow your social capital in your niche on YouTube. They provide priceless golden nuggets throughout the course, and actionable steps you can implement immediately.

Why is it relevant to me now?
It’s never too late to kickstart your channel on Youtube, but the sooner the better, so you can start creating videos to engage with your niche market and grow your tribe. People are researching new, efficient and effective ways to improve the way they do anything in life, your advice in your skillset will provide value to many, and provide you with a platform to be seen as a professional in your craft. You’ll be able to capitalise on your skillset by tapping into a global audience.

How can I apply it?
With all the hacks, and priceless knowledge provided by Team Dan Lok's trial and error over the years, this course will provide you with a path to YouTube success if you put in the work. Keep in mind that your focus should be making money through Youtube short term, and long term, making money from Youtube. All strategies can be immediately implemented for brand growth, building social capital, and creating another stream of income through Youtube.

Julian Sa
Great Value if You Want to Start a YT Channel

I love this course because not only does Dan show you what he does but shows you how to be successful and how to start a Youtube channel the right way. I love the resources at the end which helps someone take action as far as generating ideas to start a channel. He walks the talk teaching you what he knows with his success. This is just the short version of his bigger Tube Your Own Horn course but still worth the visit. I learned a lot and feel more strategic when it comes to every little secret that would optimize my channel if I were to start one or continue build one.

Mario Diaz Vega
How to make your Youtube channel grow

A great course where Dan teaches the secrets of his Youtube Channel growth from zero to millions. I learned a lot about how the platform works and the things I need to do to receive some "love" from Youtube's algorithm. Currently, I don't have a youtube channel but if I were to create one, I will implement some of these takeaways:
1. I need to know how the platform works and what is its goal (keep viewers on the platform-> viewers consume content-> Youtube shows them Ads), so in this way, Youtube will give me more exposure.
2. Watch time is king. This is one of the main indicators (KPI) and related to takeaway number 1 because it means people keep on Youtube. So it is more important the percentage of time that people watch videos than how many people view them.
3. What gets measured, gets improved (install the software to do this!). I need to measure KPIs like: watch time, number of views, and audience retention. Also very important to keep a frequency and consistency in uploading videos.
4. Reverse engineer my videos to attract subscribers. Research what people are searching on Youtube and use long-tail keywords (specific subjects vs general subjects).
5. Pattern interrupt. Do something a little unusual at the beginning to hook people's attention (WTF effect!).
6. Easter Eggs. I need to add some little hidden secrets to my videos. Something odd, unusual.
7. The 1000 true fans. Grow my channel through 1000 true fans, people who know me, like me, and trust me.
8. Make my true fans watch my videos. Add a logo to the Youtube thumbnails (bottom left corner). People should easily recognize my videos just by the thumbnail (by a consistent theme, design, text, and color).
9. Clickthrough rate (CTR). When people click through to see your videos. It's determined by your title and thumbnail video.
10. Playlist. I should create playlists that allow people to navigate through my content. The playlist should focus on solving a specific problem or completing a certain objective. Also, add a description to the playlist explaining why people should see the playlist.
10. Monetizing your channel. Youtube's algorithm will give me more exposure if I activate monetization (allow Youtube to play ads on my videos).
11. The Power of One Hundred. When I'm just getting started I have two major objectives: to reach 100 subscribers and make 100 videos. Then I will see an increase in subscribers.