Dan Lok Keynote Virtual

Leverage Dan Lok for a Successful Virtual or In-Person Event and Sell Out All Your Tickets


The Dan Lok Keynote Virtual is for promoters, seminar leaders, and event organizers that want to have an insanely profitable virtual or in-person event that leaves attendees in an ecstatic state and gets them to buy in – literally and figuratively – your brand.

This is especially important for those that want to ensure an amazing experience for online viewers as well and leave no space for regret in their minds about buying a virtual ticket.

So if you want to immerse people in your vision and turn them into raving fans, Dan Lok is one of the world’s most renowned public speakers that can help you do this.


Promoters, seminar leaders, and event organizers from all over the world make inquiries for the Dan Lok Keynote Virtual to secure a speaker for their event that can direct hoards of people and sell tickets FAST.

Very few of the world’s best public speakers have built audiences in the millions...

And even fewer, if not zero, have done so in front of a camera on a free social media platform like YouTube.

If you’re looking for a virtual appearance by a renowned public speaker for your event, the Dan Lok Keynote Virtual is for you.

Please be advised that due to schedule limitations, Dan isn’t available for more than 7 such engagements a year.


  • Dan Lok will help you re-close your unconverted audience to generate additional revenue if you’re doing a multi-day event
  • You can promote your event on Dan’s social media to boost ticket sales and exposure (before, during, and after the event)
  • You can use Dan as a headliner to sell more tickets
  • HD Quality Streaming from Dan Lok Studio


If you’re organizing an event with an online component, this is a no-brainer.

Or if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option than Dan Lok Keynote, the Dan Lok Keynote Virtual is a great alternative because not only do you still get one of the world’s most renowned public speakers...

But you also increase your likelihood of Dan’s schedule permitting it because in-person is a substantially more limited option than virtual.

Lastly, you’re still taking advantage of arguably the best perk – you can use Dan Lok’s name in your promotion to sell more tickets and maximize your revenue.


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