6 Steps To 6 Figures

"How To Make A Six-Figure Income In The Next 13.5 Months – In 6 Easy Steps"

  • course format7 Modules

  • COURSE LENGTH 6.3 Hours

  • topicWealth and Business

  • Ideal Biz Size$100K → $1M

"Dan is such an idol and an icon. I hope every one of you will follow him!"

- Dave Woodward

Chief Revenue Officer and Partner at ClickFunnels


What if there were just six simple steps for you and your Team to earn a six-figure income this calendar year ... without working any harder or longer than you do now ... would you want to know what those 6 steps were?

If you do want to know what those 6 Steps are, would you be willing to follow that simple six-step system to the letter? There IS such a system and it's called the 6 Steps to 6 Figures training program.


This digital training spoon-feeds you (and your Team) how to demand top dollar for your products or services by attracting all the high-paying clients you can handle. The most astonishing part about it is it's only a 6 step-by-step program...


You'll also discover:

  • How the 6 step to 6 figures formula broken down, dissected, and explained in clear detail for you and your Team to follow along
  • How to attract high-ticket clients to you and your Team instead of chasing them
  • How to create "irresistible" offers no sane person could refuse and close even the biggest deals
  • How to use time maximization strategies for getting everything you and your Team can out of all you've got
  • How to raise your prices without losing clients
  • And quite a bit more strategies you can learn in a short period of time


The 6 Steps To 6 Figure program is a time-tested and proven step-by-step process that just flat out works.

Dan Lok utilized this approach early in his career to start hitting those six-figure paydays. Now you and your Team can do exactly the same and enjoy the huge financial benefits like so many others have.

Are you ready to give this system a fair try?


"Discover How To Get Your Dream Clients With Ease And Make Every Month A 5-Figure Month While Enjoying The Freedom You Deserve!"

This exclusive training will instantly allow you to attract better clients, easily scale your business, dramatically raise your prices (with zero resistance), and probably slash your work hours like never before!



The 6 Steps To 6 Figures Formula Worksheet


Your Lifestyle Preference & Your Terms Of Doing Business

Dan is going to provide you with some clarity within your personal life and professional life. So you can take control of your own time, energy and do business on your own terms.


Your Unique Selling Advantage

Learn the “Magic Bullet Solution” and why it is effective, and how you can figure out your “Unique Selling Advantage”.


Your Irresistible Offer

Discover how you can create your irresistible offer so that your business grows. Also, learn how you can tailor your offer to particular types of customers so that you can target different types of audiences.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Taking your JV partnership to the next level

ANother excellent cours.
Dan hits on the head again and dimistifies Joint Veanture Partnerships to enable you to take your business to the next level.
Adding to that a 6 step to six figure formula is perfect the ones looking to scale to 6 figures and beyond.

Thank you Dan and team for sharing this with us

Mariano Comba Maggio
Recommended for WINNERS only!

Great course for entrepeneurs that wants to differentiate from their competition, create better offers with so they can add more value to the market with less resistance in their selling.
Specially recommended for new entrepeneurs that need the first steps to connect with the world with more refined strategies.

Ashok Kumar Samal

The introduction is mind blowing

Shripati Hegde
Into Business go for it!!!

This was a true eye opener. Powerful steps explained in a very practical way. My favorite take away is the business thru Joint Venture. It is mind blowing idea. Helped me gain lots of insights on how to create product, understand my target customer, how to position, what to offer, different pillars of marketing and joint venture. Overall a great learning.

Nitin Kapse
Session - 6 steps to 6 figure formulae

Session - 6 steps to 6 figure formulae was really Eye openers for some of the principles of marketing. AHA moment was JV partnership.
Thanks Dan for your insightful strategies on sales and marketing

Blew my mind

I liked the red and blue ocean analogy. Understood the importance of creating a personal brand. Understood the "Me Only" concept. Steps to understand the client avatar. Criticality of having a unique selling advantage. How to create an irresistible offer. 7 pillars of authority marketing. Why is JV important. Dan shared his personal examples to get a deeper understanding of each strategy. There was an active participation from people from different industries.

6 Steps….Wow!

The 6 steps to 6 figures was worth the investment itself. There were so many key takeaways that I don’t even know where to begin! Actually I do… Dan says “when in doubt…joint ventures” so that’s my first go-to strategy. Along with building my personal media platform and positioning in the marketplace. Thank you Sifu!


Just finished the course and it was great.

The 6 steps are so powerful and the examples are so practical.

I already got some great million dollars ideas and started to implement with my team.

Now we have so much clarity on what we need to focus, compared to before when we were doing everything.

Thank you Dan Lok.

World Class Training from World Class Mentor!

6 steps to 6 figures is one of the best and most in-depth strategic business building programs I Have attended. I am amazed by the information Sifu Dan has from A to Z. So grateful to have a mentor like dan!