B2B Closing Secrets

"How to ‘Close’ More Deals Faster, Better, and Easier in Business-2-Business (B2B) Environments"

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  • COURSE LENGTH 11.2 Hours

  • topicSales & Closing

  • Ideal Biz Size$100K → $1M

“$12 million in my pocket is what I believe I would have, above and beyond what I've made, in the last 10 years alone had I found Dan Lok sooner.”

– Joel Bauer

Master Closer, Trainer Of Over 1,900 Top Speakers, Authors, And Entrepreneurs


Whenever you or your Team want to CLOSE more deals, HIGHER-TICKET deals, and do it more consistently with B2B clients, then it pays to take a closer look at B2B Closing Secrets.


That's because Dan knows B2B selling better than most others who attempt to teach this profit-generating topic. Why? Because Dan literally does it every day. And therefore, he knows WHAT NOT TO DO ... and WHAT TO DO to close the biggest deals almost every time.

Now your Team can take advantage of the same strategies, techniques, and closely-guarded tactics to close deals with B2B clients in your market to yield higher profits with less work!


Even if you, or your Team, currently struggle with closing the BIG MONEY deals, B2B Closing Secrets spoon-feeds you the skills and tools to close B2B clients with more ease and grace.

Since you’ve read this far, here’s what to expect out of this training:

  • The power of qualifying questions in B2B selling – and how your Team can use them to sell better and close more
  • How to artfully bypass the gatekeeper and even have them pre-sell the client for you
  • How to harness the surprising power of tonality to close high-ticket B2B deals
  • How to ask a single, clever question when prospecting for more B2B clients that your competitors fail to ask … you’ll gain an instant competitive advantage over them
  • How to transform "lukewarm" B2B prospects into rabid buyers
  • How to convert B2B prospect objections into powerful selling tools
  • How to ask for – and get – the highest prices in your market with a simple mindset shift


B2B Closing Secrets can be a true game-changer for you and your Team when it comes down to B2B selling.

Imagine closing the biggest deals, with the biggest companies, at the highest prices your clients, customers, patients or members are willing to buy...

That’s what you and your Team will get with B2B Closing Secrets ... If you think your company is ready to learn the finer points of selling in the B2B environment, then you know what to do ...

If you want to start closing bigger deals, upgrade your closing skills, and finally get even the biggest companies in your market to do business with you...

Then here’s the news you’ve been waiting for. Myself (and my team of highly effective closers) sat down recently and put together our biggest secrets for closing lucrative deals in the B2B market.

The kind of deals that can take anyone from just doing “ok” to doing the best they ever have done. We detailed all our strategies for getting past gatekeepers who try and kill our deals before we ever get to the decision maker…

And our proven strategies for engaging the decision makers and leading them to exactly where we want – the SALE.

We put all our best strategies together. And time after time, a core group of strategies came up again and again. The "best of the best" secrets we’ve ever used to close even the biggest, most lucrative deals in ANY industry.

We then took those core strategies and built an entirely new program around them that anyone can master in as little as a weekend. And once you do, your ability to close the deal (any deal) will go up to a whole new level.

This powerful new program is called B2B Closing Secrets.

In B2B Closing Secrets, we break the whole process down into easy to follow, easy to use bite-sized chunks that even a young, wet-behind-the-ears salesperson could use to close big deals consistently…with poise, confidence, and an ability of a veteran salesperson.

In B2B Closing Secrets, you’ll also discover secrets like these…


How to turn low-interest prospects into rabid buyers.

Give them these things and you’ll have them eating out of the palm of your hand.


The power of qualifying questions.

Questions everyone should ask but very few do. Here’s how to use the right questions to identify your perfect prospect…and exactly how to follow up and close each one.


How to blow away the fear of rejection when asking for money.

This simple mindset shift makes asking for commitment and money simple, easy, and straightforward.


Why salespeople fail a lot of the time but high-ticket closers succeed almost all of the time.

And the simple tactics, strategies, and mindset secrets that can turn you into a top-producing high-ticket closer.


The single most powerful question you can ever ask a potential client.

Ask them this and they will sell themselves on buying your product or service! Works every time.


The amazing power of tonality for closing huge deals.

How you talk about big deals and huge amounts of money can make or break your ability to close these types of deals. Here’s how I do it and how it can help you quickly close even the biggest clients for the largest sums of money.


How to “talk money” without getting nervous or apprehensive.

These secrets can help you close everything from $2K deals to $20m real estate contracts.


Easiest ways to get right to the decision maker in any company.

Simple but powerful questions that take you right to the person who can say YES to your proposals.

B2B Closing secrets gives you the exact blueprint that’s been used (and proven) for over 12 years to close even the biggest deals in the business-to-business market.

You’ll hear from me, Dan Lok, and a hand-picked team of experts who’ve been succeeding wildly in the B2B market for years. Closing the biggest clients and the biggest deals.

And giving you our hard-won secrets for succeeding, too.

So, get ready to start closing the big deals you’ve been dreaming about. B2B Closing Secrets is one of the most effective programs for taking your sales and closing skills up to a much higher level.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Brian Cheah
Marvellous information and strategies

This course provide a full and comprehensive way of how the B2B world works, how to position yourself as a trusted advisor, and the role play is lit 👍😎

My Resistance Disappeared!!

Right from the first module of B2B Closing Secrets, I felt I had more awareness and confidence when speaking with people and approaching larger businesses. I got clarity on who is who in the operations, what to say and not to say to the individual key players, and what to expect in each stage of the closing process.

It also helped me understand the sales cycles, time frames, and the preparation & procurement processes. I'm more eager than ever to use these new techniques! Thank you!

Stephane Seguin
Another Excellent Program

Here is an excellent program Sifu created on this topic that I highly recommend: The Perfect Closing Script. In addition, for some of you who are new to closing B2B, and you're looking for help, guidance, and support Sifu also created this program: B2B Closing secrets which I also recommend....have a great weekend and see you at role-play next week.

Carlos Tortosa
Great Course!!!!

In this course, Dan's team provides you with great insights that take you to the next level in B2B sales.

Christian Schmidt
Amazing insights in B2B Closing

Gold nuggets for everyone who is serious about B2B-Closing and wants to get to the next level!

Reviewer avatar
Ilmi Dissanayake
Blueprint for B2B sales

The process of B2B closing is different from closing a single person. This program helps you in understanding the complete process of a B2B sale and how to connect with different stakeholders of the business. I'm giving 4 stars because the program is a bit complex to understand sometimes. It might not be the same for a person with a closing background. However I must say that Sifu Dan overdelivers as always, in here as well.

Develp your B2B sell skills

Everything is in the description.
Quit being a salesman, and become a partner of your clients.

B2B secrets Best Sales Program I have seen

I wanted to become a Closer and was seeing many programs youtube videos , but was not getting any feedback on where I am going wrong but after watching these videos and got a lot of insight and such valuable insights I wouldn't have got anywhere else. Thank you Sifu Danlok for creating these courses .

A Roadmap to Know How to Close B2B Deals

Excellent course about B2B secrets, it gives the blueprint for this kind of closing. The concept of the trusted advisor is very valuable and the way to outline how to approach these kinds of deals is really helpful. The main lesson I got is how to recognize the stakeholders in a company, their roles, goals, and pains. Also how to make the right questions to close them depending on their particular situation.