The Art of Closing High Ticket Sales™

Unlock the Ultimate Sales Edge: Effortlessly Close High-Ticket Deals with These Proven Role Plays!

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course length 13 hours 17 mins

topicSales & Closing

Ideal Biz Size$100K → $1 Million

"Dan Lok is a Masterful Entrepreneur."

Legendary Sales Trainer, given more than 5,000 workshops for more than 5,000,000 people in 83 countries.

If you want to start closing 60%-80% of sales appointments on the phone, via zoom, or face-to-face…

…without burning through hundreds of leads...

And you want to create consistent income… without constantly getting rejected or stumped by objections you can’t handle…

There’s only one way to do it.

And it’s NOT by reading books…

Or taking dozens of courses…

Or attending seminars…

You see, closing sales is a lot more complicated than simply memorizing a few lines and repeating them to your prospects.


To truly close at the highest level you must become a master of the tonality and psychology behind high ticket closing.

The very skill I've mastered over the past two decades.


And there’s no better (or faster) way I can transfer this skill to you than by getting you to listen to a collection of carefully selected role plays…


"The Art Of Closing High Ticket Sales"

The exact role plays my team and clients are using to double our sales

As you listen to these role plays over and over again, the art of closing High Ticket Sales™ will seep into your subconscious mind… and… just like a child learns to talk by hearing its parents… you’ll start to emulate what I do automatically.

You’ll literally "force-feed" the art of closing high ticket sales into your brain.

This is the ONLY method I use to train my in-house team of closers now...

And it's working like crazy.

In fact, since introducing this new way of training to my team… even new members of my team are closing at 60% to 80% of qualified calls.

And my clients are instantly closing more sales without memorizing useless scripts or sitting through boring courses – hailing this as a “breakthrough” and the "only way to train their team from now on"…

For example:

And the only thing that changed is they replaced book-learning with role plays…. to master the art of closing High Ticket Sales™.

I can’t stress this enough:

The ONLY way to gain the ability to close High Ticket Sales™ and enroll new clients faster and easier than ever before is to see (or listen to) the actual techniques in action.

You must see and hear how the methods work in a variety of situations.

In other words: It takes a series of role plays to show you how to do it….

The exact role plays you’ll hear inside the secret recorded training sessions I conducted with my clients and my team that I’m now releasing for the first time to the public.

The Counter-Intuitive Role Plays That Close High-Ticket Deals!:

I’ve carefully selected the exact role plays that demonstrate and meticulously dissect the most important parts of any high ticket closing situation you'll find yourself in so you can master the skills you need and begin closing more sales this week.

For example, right off the bat you’re getting:

Role Plays to Help You Finally Overcome 15 Of The Toughest Objections You’ll Hear On A Call, Including:

  • "Why should we pay you so much when other companies charge less?"
  • Why should we choose to work with you?
  • I’ve bought similar products from well-known people before, I committed 100% but it didn’t work, why will this program work for me?
  • "Why should I buy your product or service when there are other options that might be better for me?"
  • "Send me more information."
  • "I need to look at my finances before making a decision."
  • "What other companies have you worked with?"
  • "What’s the guarantee?”
  • "Can I get a refund if it doesn’t work?"
  • "I don’t have time right now, call me in 6 months."
  • "I’m speaking with 3 other companies before I make a decision, why should I choose you?"
  • "Can you match the price of a similar program?"
  • "I can get something similar from a different company, how is this different?"
  • "This sounds interesting, can I pick your brains over coffee or lunch?"
  • "You sound like a good person. But I don’t know your company well enough. How do I know I can trust you?"


Plus I’ll Share A Way To Overcome Any Other Objection With A Single Question That Completely Disarms The Prospect, Making Them Doubt Their Own Objections

You don’t need dozens – or even hundreds – of ways to overcome objections when you have one powerful way that works almost every time.

And no, you don’t have to agree with the prospect or launch into a rebuttal.

Just ask one simple question… with the exact tone of voice and pace of speech I share in the roleplays… and objections will melt like butter on the pavement in the hot sun.

I’ll Equip You In Every Way Possible To Close Sales Like I Do – As Effectively As I Do It!

As I said before, you can’t learn these secrets of closing High Ticket Sales™ from a book or by attending a seminar…

You need to see the methods in action and listen to them over and over again until the lessons seep into your unconscious mind so you start doing it automatically.

Plus I’m giving you…


My Controversial "5 Questions To Close High Ticket Sales™ In 5 Minutes Or Less" Closing Technique…

This is a method I developed that lets you close $10,000.00+ products or services in just 5 minutes with 5 questions.

I know it sounds hard to believe.

But I use this all the time when I have a highly qualified prospect on the line.

You’re going to be amazed when you see it in action.

It’s great for those times when your prospect is in a hurry or you don’t have time for a deep-discussion about the prospect's situation.

These 5 questions get right to the point and help the prospect see that buying from you is in their best interest.

But again, you can’t just ask the questions.

You need the right tone of voice…

The correct pace of speech…

The right psychology…

And that’s something I can only transfer to you by getting you to listen to the role plays.

There’s more:


My Master Secret For Increasing Sales To Existing Clients...

I’ve never shared this with anyone outside my internal sales team…

It’s an outbound calling strategy I call the “DDS method” to get past clients and warm leads to buy more.

If you or your team have ever experienced outbound call reluctance because you don’t know what to say to go from "how are you?" to "here’s something else you should buy"… this is the answer.

Your warm leads and existing clients are your best source of new profits and High Ticket Sales™.

But you can’t treat them like inbound callers or cold prospects.

There’s a specific way to communicate with them to turn new leads into clients and past clients into repeat sales quickly…

That’s where the DSS method for closing outbound calls comes in.

This could be a complete training on its own. And easily worth 10 times the cost of admission into the Art Of Closing High Ticket Sales™ that you’re getting here.

But I’ve included it to make sure you close more sales fast.

So you can get your team enrolling more clients by the end of the week.

Here, In No Particular Order, Are More Of The Amazing Master Closing Techniques You’ll Literally Burn Into Your Brain As You Watch These High Ticket Closing Role Plays…

  • How to turn every call with a genuine prospect into a closed sale (Listen to this role play on repeat and you’ll close 60% to 80% of qualified calls)
  • How to know when you’ve lost the sale so you don’t waste time talking to someone who won’t buy… plus how you can regain control and get the sale back on track
  • How to deal with hesitant under-confident prospects
  • How to get to the truth
  • How to have real conversations with prospects
  • The subtle psychology behind feeling "heard" and why prospects buy from people who listen (really listen) more often than from people who don’t
  • How to take control of the sale when the prospect is speaking over the top of you
  • How to use your tone of voice to close more sales regardless of what you sell (and why you don’t need the right words if your tone is right)
  • How to remove anxiety and worry from your sales process
  • A simple trick to keep your prospect on your side and hanging on every word you say
  • How to use “feedback” questions to handle and disable any objection. (Takes the prospect off guard and gets them to rethink and doubt their own objection)
  • How to use “reverse” questions to get prospects to close themselves
  • A specific sequence of questions you can use to turn objections into a commitment to buy now
  • Exactly what to say to overcome ANY objection - works every time without exception. Best part, you don’t need to remember specific words or phrases because the prospect will actually tell you what to say without realizing it
  • Why being attached to the outcome of the call is a disaster and how to stay connected to the prospect instead
  • What to do when you lose control of the sales conversation
  • How to find the prospect's pain so you can open the prospect to talk about their problems and pains in detail… so you can move them to a solution
  • How to elevate the prospect's real pain without sounding like a salesperson
  • How to use tonality and pace of speech to transform your ability to close starting on your very next call
  • What questions to ask and how deep to go with your prospects, fears, pains and desires (it’s much deeper than you think). Almost no one goes far enough and it’s one of the top 5 reasons why you’re missing sales. (But don’t go too deep. There’s a point where you start to sound like an As$h0!e!)
  • How to use empathy to get prospects on your side
  • How to open every call to put your prospect at ease
  • How to manage your energy to take your prospect from their present state to put them in a buying mood
  • How to talk to unmotivated prospects who make lots of excuses
  • Exactly what to say to “wishy-washy” prospects to get them to take your call seriously and buy
  • The right questions to ask in the first 5 minutes of a call to open up a genuine conversation and find the pain that will make them buy
  • How to listen (really listen) to pick up on verbal cues so you focus on the things that are important to your prospect and don’t waste your time on things that don’t matter (this also creates incredible rapport that makes the sale easier)
  • How to turn the tables on the prospect so they sell you on the reasons why you should "allow" them to buy your product or service (saves a lot of time and energy so you can fit in more calls or take some time off)
  • How to use questions to overcome obstacles and turn challenging negotiations into victories
  • How to handle prospects that talk too much
  • Why you should never justify your price and what you should do instead
  • How to master your craft to the point where you perform flawlessly without conscious effort
  • How to close without scripts or pushing people
  • The almost magical power of “buffers” to soften cold calls so you don’t sound like a jerk
  • How to avoid letting prospects walk all over you by getting them to value your time and treat you with respect
  • Why assumptions are killing your deals… and how to replace assumptions with concrete language that leads to more sales and more enjoyable sales calls
  • How to position yourself and your company so that the price you charge sounds like a tiny drop in the ocean - even if your prices are much higher than your competition
  • The right and wrong way to address prospect's pain in a call
  • How to use silence and tension to ratchet up your closing ratio (the better you use silence and the more tension you can create the more you will close). Right and wrong ways to use it
  • Why true empathy is your secret power to unlocking sales (hardly anyone has the level of empathy high ticket sales requires. But those who do hold the key that unlocks the vault to unlimited sales
  • The power of listening. And what to actually listen for. It’s not always what’s said… but what you hear between the lines
  • Most indecision stems from resistance to your product. Here’s how to close without presenting your product
  • And much more

Bonus #1:

Role Play SecretsHow To Master High Ticket Closing Quickly and Easily($999.00 value)

Whether you're a seasoned High Ticket Closer™ or just starting your journey, role playing makes a big impact that boosts your confidence, sharpens your skills, and drives your closing performance to new heights.

This video is packed with insights and practical tips to unlock the secrets to higher closing rates through the art of role-playing.

Use it to improve your performance from the time you spend role playing… or use it with your team to lift their sales and closing rates.

Bonus #2:

High Ticket Closing Script(42 questions to take the prospect from "Hello" to "Do you take credit cards?")($299.00 value)

To master sales today you must get good at using effective questions.

That’s because your questions have the power to elicit your prospects' internal motivation to buy your product… or to turn them off and create objections you can’t handle.

That’s why it’s so important to master the art of using effective questions.

And there are no better questions to master than the 42 questions found inside High Ticket Closing Script.

It’s not a script in the usual sense. Rather it’s a series of questions designed to ask at different stages of the sale.

But don’t ask the questions like a robot. Commit them to memory and use them “artfully” to close more sales on command.

Bonus #3:

11 Unusual Ways To Break Out Of A Sales Slump($39.00 value)

There’s nothing worse than getting off a sales call that you thought was a “sure thing” only to lose the sale without knowing why. Lose sales consecutively… and you can easily fall into a “sales slump”.

Once you’re in a "sales slump", it’s hard to pull yourself out.

And that’s why I'm including 11 Unusual Ways To Break Out Of A Sales Slump as a bonus when you order The Art Of Closing High Ticket Sales™ - the 11 secrets inside are guaranteed to get you or your team out of a sales slump and back on top of your game.

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