Nobody Watching Your Videos or Streams? Here's How To Get More Views On YouTube

Nobody Watching Your Videos or Streams? Here's How To Get More Views On YouTube

Do you often wonder how to get more views on YouTube? Are you curious whether there’s a secret you don’t know about to get more views on your videos? Views are still one of the number one metrics that YouTubers focus on, because when it comes to your success, the more eyeballs on your videos, the better.


Maybe you are just starting out, and your videos hardly get any views at all. Or, perhaps you’re already established, but some of your videos still aren't being watched in the numbers you'd like. Maybe one of your videos has reached 5,000 views, but for some reason, you can’t exceed that number.


Whether you’re starting completely from scratch, or you feel your videos are stuck at a certain view count, the strategies we’ll share in this article will help you learn how to get more views on YouTube.


The first thing you want to do is master the YouTube algorithm. When a video isn’t successful, so many people just blame the algorithm rather than learn how to leverage it. 


You’ll hear claims like, “YouTube doesn’t want small accounts to grow big. They make it extra tough for us.”


However, when you understand what’s really going on, you’ll see that the algorithm isn’t working against you at all. To understand some YouTube insider secrets, we’ll show you how to look at your data.


Finally, you’ll find some ideas about YouTube Live and how it can elevate you to a much larger follower base.

Why Do You Want To Get More Views On YouTube?

For most people, it’s obvious why you’d want to have more views on YouTube. But do you ever wonder why views are so important?


Essentially, the number of views tells you how well a video is doing. However, if you want to earn money with YouTube then your watch hours are, in fact, more important. 


You need 4000 hours of watch time before you can make money with your videos.


Yet, most people on YouTube are only focused on the views. Why? For one thing, the views are immediately visible on every single video. This makes it so much easier to compare views than to compare watch time, which takes a bit more effort.


And that’s precisely what most YouTubers do. They compare themselves to others. They compare the view count of their own videos to those of similar YouTubers with similar videos.


But that’s not all. They also compare themselves... to themselves! Since the view count is so easily visible, you can very quickly see when one of your own videos isn’t getting as many views as your other videos. But that’s a good thing - and we’ll show you how to save an underperforming video in this article.


Views used to be the most important number on YouTube, and people still focus on this metric, because it gives you insight into how relevant your videos are to others... however, it's not the only important thing to pay attention to...

What Is The YouTube Algorithm?

We mentioned that many people get discouraged and blame the YouTubealgorithmif they don’t get any views, but what exactly is the algorithm, and is it really against you?


Imagine the YouTube algorithm as a child. The child sees your video and tries to recommend it to people who might like it. 


If the recommendation works, the child will remember and refer more of your videos to these people again. If the recommendation doesn’t work, then the child won’t show them your videos anymore. It will look for new people.


The YouTube algorithm doesn’t favor big YouTube channels, despite what many people believe. 


The thing is, when your account is still small, the algorithm doesn’t yet know who will like your videos. So you have to teach the algorithm who to recommend your videos to.


It’s not that YouTube doesn't like your videos. It just doesn’t know your videos well, yet. And the YouTube algorithm isn’t against you. In fact, you can use it to your advantage.


So, what are some strategies on how to get more views on YouTube?

Give Your Videos A Second Chance

Let’s imagine you uploaded a new video to your YouTube channel. Usually, your videos get about 5,000 views. But this time you only get 600. Most people would get discouraged by this lower number.


Is the YouTube algorithm hiding your video? Not many people see it, and that’s why it doesn't get views. You’d be surprised by what causes this. The algorithm isn’t hiding your videos at all. 


We will talk about that in a moment. But first, did you know that you can give your underperforming videos a second chance? You can go in and edit the title andthumbnailof your video after it was already published.


Often, it’s not that your video is bad. The content is fine and likely very valuable. The problem could be in the title or thumbnail. 


What makes a video interesting? For the first impression, you only have the video title and the thumbnail to catch someone’s interest with a good first impression.


Imagine the video title like a magazine in a newspaper. If the headline is really good, you want to read the newspaper article. It’s no different with your video. Make sure your video title isn’t too vague or dull. Make it captivating and try to be niche.


Your thumbnails are important, too. This image is a chance to grab your audience’s attention with an eye-catching visual.

How To Get More Views On YouTube By Editing Titles And Thumbnails In Retrospect

You can go back to your videos and edit the title or thumbnail. But what is the strategy behind this?


What you want to do is to go into your YouTube studio, the place where you find all your YouTube analytics. In the analytics, you’ll find something called “impressions.”


The number of impressions tells you how many people have been exposed to your video. Usually, you’d find that the number of impressions is high even if the view count on your video is low.


It means many people see your video thumbnail, but hardly anyone clicks on it or watches it. If that happens, then it’s likely because your title or thumbnail doesn’t make them curious enough.


So, are you wondering how to get more views on YouTube? Change the title and thumbnail of videos that have a good number of impressions. This gives your video a second chance at success.


Now, we aren’t saying you should use clickbait. Don’t promise things thatdon’tactually happen in your video. Your audience doesn’t like fake promises and will stop watching.


Don’t do that. Instead, try to make the existing title more interesting. Maybe you can make it a question? Or make it more clear?


Also, have a look at the thumbnail. Can it be more interesting or more visually appealing?

How To Get More Views On YouTube By Looking At Your Watch Time

Another important number you’ll find in your YouTube creator studio is your watch time. This is an expansive topic, so let us give you the gist of it.


Your watch time is telling you how long people are watching your video. Maybe you’ll find that many people leave your video after the first 30 seconds. They never even get to the end of your video. Why won’t they watch the whole thing?


It’s possible that you promised something in the title, but the viewer couldn’t find it in the video. The title created a wrong expectation. Or, it could be that your video didn’t make them curious enough, or the delivery was dull, your tone was not engaging them, etc.


Whatever it is, your goal is to have longer watch times. If your watch time is good, the YouTube algorithm will pick you up and show your videos to more people. The algorithm is learning that people like to watch your videos.


Ultimately, longer watch times will help you get more views on your videos as more people will come across your video due to the YouTube algorithm favoring videos with longer watch times.


The question of how to get more views on YouTube is also a question of how to make your videos more interesting in order to get that increased watch time.


There are a number of ways to make your videos more engaging. What works really well is to ask more questions. Use phrases like, “Wouldn’t you agree?” or, “Can you believe what happened next?


Address the viewer directly, like you’re having a face-to-face conversation with them. It will make your videos come alive. 


Finally, learn and improve your storytelling. People naturally enjoy stories, and they want to hear the conclusion. If you tell great stories, your audience will stay on the video to find out what happened. 


Give your viewers a reason to watch your video. Don’t waste their time.

Get More Views By Leveraging Keywords

Remember that the YouTube algorithm is like a child, learning more about your content and the right audience? Here’s how to leverage that and how to get more views on YouTube as a consequence.


The algorithm is relying on the keywords you are using in your video descriptions. Especially in the beginning, keep your keywords narrow to one topic.


Maybe you talk about fashion, DIY (do it yourself), or business-related topics. Whatever it is, keep it narrow and niche. You can go broader later when you have more followers.


In the beginning, growth is your number one goal. Your channel will grow much faster if you keep it tailored to one key topic.


Here is a little hack you can use to grow your channel faster. Tailor your content after channels that are already popular. Yes, you read that right.


Now, we aren’t telling you to steal other people’s content! Don’t plagiarize. But what we are saying is that success leaves clues.


If a channel does well, it means people are interested in those topics. So you can do something similar. You don’t have to invent everything on your own.


However, don’t just produce content because it’s popular. Find the topics you truly enjoy. If you don’t care about a topic, don’t make videos about it. It’s not worth it.


The best strategy is to find 10-15 channels you really love and look up which keywords they are using. Write down your favorites and create something similar.


When you create similar content to those you like, you’ll show up in their recommended video section. If they have a big audience, you’ll be able to leverage their audience, too.


To see if your strategy works, look up your traffic sources in your YouTube statistics. It shows you how your audience finds your videos.


YouTube Live And Video Streams

Another way you’ll figure out how to get more views on YouTube is going live. YouTube has two options. 


You can either upload a regular video - it has been recorded in advance and edited. Or you can go live on YouTube.


People love to watch live videos because they are very raw and genuine. Your audience feels closer to you, and you can interact with them in real-time. 


Live videos, sometimes also called streams, are great for creating a deeper relationship with your followers.


But, they are also great for the question of how to get more views on YouTube. Here’s how:


YouTube live allows you to create content much faster. A regular video might take 3 hours to a full day. Imagine some big news came up in your niche. With a live video, you can react to the news right away.


If you do that, you could possibly get ranked on top of YouTube. It will generate a ton of immediate views for you. 


But even if there’s no special occasion or big news going on, you still want to use YouTube live. YouTube's lives are fast, quick, and easy. All you need is to turn on your phone.


To get more views on YouTube, it’s best if you are active daily. YouTube Live is a great way to do that, especially if you don’t have time to make a full video on certain days.


You’ll get new subscribers faster, which results in more views, too. In addition, you’ll have a deeper bond with your audience.

How To Create An Awesome Stream

Do you often wonder how to create an awesome YouTube Live or video stream? Basically, everything that works well in regular videos also works in a live video.


Use questions, interesting examples, and storytelling. Maybe prepare a short, basic outline for what you want to do in your live video.


But, what makes streams so fascinating is that you can react to your audience’s questions and comments on the spot. Interact with them and show them that they matter to you.


Creating a deeper relationship with your YouTube audience is a great way to learn how to get more views on YouTube. If your audience likes your live videos they will also want to watch more of your regular videos. 


So, you’ll get more views from your loyal followers in addition to the views of new people. 

Don’t Make It A Competition

Being too focused on views and followers quickly takes out the fun of having a YouTube channel. 


Of course, you want people to watch your videos. You don’t want to make them watch and get nothing out of it, however. A large count of views isn’t everything.


If you have 100 loyal people watching your videos and enjoying your content that’s worth something. Don’t forget that behind all the numbers, there are humans. Those viewers are real people with real emotions. Having a connection with 100 other people just using your video is amazing.


Another demotivator on YouTube is to see other YouTubers as competition. Healthy competition can be motivating. But don’t use it to put yourself done.


If another person's channel is doing better than yours, ask yourself why. Then use it for your quest on how to get more views on YouTube. Think collaboration instead of competition.


The Thing About Your Data

To get more views, followers, and watch time you have to deal with your YouTube data. People who just blame the algorithm for underperforming videos are usually people who never look at their data. 


Don’t be like them. Instead, actually, analyze if what you are doing works.


But we also want to mention that data is more accurate if you get about 1,000 views per video. If you are under 1,000 views per video right now your main focus should be on growth.


Find the 10 channels you admire and model after them. Improve your storytelling and engagement in your videos. Still, look at your data but know that it will be more accurate once your channel is bigger.


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