Art Of Copy

"How To Swipe And Use Proven Marketing Techniques Utilized By Millionaire Copywriters"

  • course format20 Modules

  • COURSE LENGTH 10.2 Hours

  • topicCopywriting

  • Ideal Biz Size$1M → $10M

“Dan Lok is a dynamic speaker and an amazing coach. If you are looking for a way to accelerate your business, take it to a higher level, Dan is your guy.”

- Andrew Barber-Starkey

Canada’s #1 Success Coach, Founder and President of ProCoach International Inc.


What if you got instant access to the know-how and secrets of the world's highest paid copywriters? What if you could "swipe" sales copy that converted and created record-breaking sales?

Copywriters are some of the highest marketing professionals in the business because their clients get results. But in the Art of Copy, Dan Lok pulls back the curtain and demystifies the whole process for you...and for your Team.


Dan has personally made millions of dollars from his ability to write world-class sales copy. Now, you and your Team can use those same secrets that made Dan (and other millionaire copywriters) vast fortunes from writing blockbuster sales copy.


The Art of Copy shows you and your Team in clear, easy-to-follow detail...

  • How to expand the influence your sales copy with Scalable Copy Workshop: A two-day event recording revealing Dan's most closely guarded secrets to help your Team create copy and offers that pull in thousands of dollars a day
  • How to write "compliant" sales copy for social media platforms with swipes to deploy
  • How to get your Team to "swipe" and use Dan's most successful social media posts that made MILLIONS of dollars
  • How to develop your own million swipe file by getting access to Dan Lok's swipes that took years to accumulate
  • How to spot other cash-generating social media posts, ads and model them and utilize in your own social media campaigns
  • And that's just naming a few ...


With Art of Copy in your corner, your Team will get a leg-up on the competition and write hard-hitting sales copy right out of the gate.

Every time you, or your copywriting Team wants to write ads, craft web page sales letters, develop email campaigns, or any other sales promotions, you'll find that Art of Copy makes it quicker and easier than you (and your Team) ever thought possible.

If you're ready for a low-cost, high-impact game-changing training for your business, then we encourage you to ADD TO CART ...


To succeed on the internet today you need a social media presence that drags in new buyers like a fishing boat drags in fish… AND… …you need powerful copy (words in your social media posts, landing pages, emails and sales pages) that convert those followers into subscribers and buyers.

And if you have to do it from scratch… or through sheer frustration and guesswork… the chance of you writing the kind of social media posts and sales pages that bring in the big bucks are pretty slim.



The Art of Copy Workshop Pre-Training Digital Recording

This was the special pre-training that we gave the Workshop attendees. Consider it a primer that get you up to speed on writing copy that scales.


The Complete 2-Day “Art of Scalable Copy” Workshop - $3,997 Value (at least!)

This was a high level immersion into writing Copy that Scales. Over the course of the Workshop, attendees learned skills that almost no copywriter, marketer, or business owner has. Skills to create copy that drives hundreds or even thousands of sales PER DAY!


Million-Dollar Social Media Posts - $3,000 Value

The exact social media posts that made Dan Lok’s company millions... Dan has 3.16 million subscribers on YouTube. And his videos have been watched over 1.7 billion times! His Facebook Page and his Instagram account has 1.8 million followers - each. So, if you want to help yourself or your clients get nearly unlimited traffic, these are the social posts you need to model. Simply swipe and deploy! Then watch as floods of traffic hit your sales pages.

What you need is proven examples to model… and a clear understanding of what makes good copy work.

Component #1

Dan’s exclusive training on the Art of Scalable Copy.

This is the recording of a 2-day virtual seminar Dan did for over 1,000 entrepreneurs and business owners in July of 2020. Early bird participants paid $497 per person to be there. Late comers paid $997.
In this exclusive one-time training, master copywriter Dan Lok teaches the most sought-after form of copywriting today - scalable copy.

Component #1

Dan’s exclusive training on the Art of Scalable Copy.

This is the recording of a 2-day virtual seminar Dan did for over 1,000 entrepreneurs and business owners in July of 2020. Early bird participants paid $497 per person to be there. Late comers paid $997.
In this exclusive one-time training, master copywriter Dan Lok teaches the most sought-after form of copywriting today - scalable copy.

Component #2

Dan’s Million Dollar Social Media Swipe File.

Just think how easy your life would be if you had an audience of over a million people listening to you on social media every day! Of course, you don’t need a million people. If you use the strategies Dan Lok uses in his social media posts you can make a six-figure income with several thousand follows.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
The Influence The Art of Copy will have on your mind set its powerful!

I can go on and on about the immense benefits and take away I got from this course. Dan, you opened my eyes more than you know and I am looking forward to taking this further with you, your courses, and mentorship. I am really glad I came across your YouTube video I wish I had taken action then because I was in a better place financially but with your knowledge and teaching I know without a doubt I will not just be in a better financial state with a zero adding to my wealth but I will also have a life long skill that's pandemic proof.

Kevin Wu
Make Money With Your Words

As an amateur copywriter, this program put me on the fast track to developing my skill set and building my business. I learn everything I need to know to get started as a copywriter and have an edge over my competitors. Highly Recommended to aspiring copywriters and vetern writers looking for that extra edge.

Alman Miah
Dans knowledge is phenomenal!

My awareness has improved a lot lately and everytime should out of the norm happends, I know exactly why. And I fix it.

Caleb Maillet
READ this BEFORE you buy

My honest opinion when it comes to this course is very straight forward and I'll tell you why.
I have bought the Copy Writing Collection, and this was my first course I decided to face head on.
The first 1-2 hours were nothing special, I've bought Chris Reader's affiliate program and knew what Dan was explaining.
But what happened next blew my mind.
The secrets Dan reveals and tips and techniques he teaches are brilliant.
To be honest, I was a little sad when I was watching because it was a recorded Webinar he did some time back and was giving away a free e-book and other essential copy writing material.
But when I took a greater look, I found all that in the bottom of the course!
He is generous in his information and is constantly giving you value through everything he does.
The ONLY reason why I didn't give him 5 stars is because I think its a better investment to own his Copy Writing Collection and here's why.
You get WAY more information (like 100 more hours of content), and its ONLY a few more hundred dollars.
If you are intrigued by my review it is because of the lessons I learned in this course!
It's honestly an amazing course, but if you CAN wait, definitely save up and invest in his Copy Writing Collection.
I'll be seeing you soon Shifu ;-)

Philip J Quirino
Really awesome

He really knows how to actually put the truth in your face with regards to copywriting. It makes complete sense now even further to me than it ever did before and it's helping me to understand earlier studies in copywriting. Truth is within the course and you will see it and when you do you will believe it once you actually start coming up with your own examples to see how it applies to the world and to you as a customer.

Tiffany Parks
Copywriters and Business owners alike this course is for you

This course is packed with valuable information. If you want to know what drives your customers to buy then this course is for you. Dan Lok goes deep into buyer psychology and teaches you how your customers think. This applies to all brands and industries. We as humans have the same basic same psychological needs, it is evolutionary and Dan Lok goes deep into teaching what psychological needs people have and how to apply them to your Copy (Sales material). You can use this information weather you are doing online copy, Email Copy, Video Copy or even Social media Copy. Dan Lok teaches you how to find out what your customers want and need on a more specific level as well. If you are a business owner this information is very valuable because you as a business owner want to know what your customers want, what your customers need, what drives your customers to want to buy and what makes your customers "Tick" especially when you are considering what products, Promotions and deals you want to offer your customers. If you do not have a copywriter you want to know how to write Sales copy that attracts customers. If you are a Copywriter then this information is valuable to you because in this course Dan Lok also teaches how to take the psychological information, along with the information you learned about your customers (in the course) and then how to make material that attracts your customers and how to make powerful irresistible offers to your customers because you now understand the literal psyche of your customers. You can't beat that. There is also a section of the course that is all about creating irresistible offers, so he does actually teach you how to do that. I personally love the "Master Checklist" that is included in the material because if I am not sure about what I am selling (You are selling much more than a product, I did learn that from Dan Lok) I always want to go back and look at that and decide how I want to frame what I am writing. This course has a lot to teach, each video has a lot of valuable information and not a second is wasted on irrelevant things. Each second you are listening to the videos in the course you are learning something new. Also, when I bought the course it came with the book, " Influence E-Book" which used to be called "47 Forbidden psychological tactics" which goes even deeper into tactics that you can use to influence your customers to buy. I personally got a Lot of Value out of this course and a Lot of value out of this book. It was 100% worth every dime I spent investing into the education that this course offers.

Reviewer avatar
Ilmi Dissanayake
Write things that makes people want to read!

Copywriting is a must have skill for a business owner. If you don't even have the basic knowledge on copywriting, you cannot know whether the copywriter you hire does the work as you wish. This is something profound that I learned through this program. It helps a beginner to know the basic principles and get started. This program helped me understand that copywriting is very different from academic writing or any other writing style that I knew. It is very simple and a way of closing through writing.

It again explains how the human psychology works and how you could use your writing to deliver the correct message to people. The most important thing is I could learn how to write in a way to keeps people reading. This has helped me immensely in my content writing.


Owsam materials.
Awareness level that i gather is mazing.
You can apply this to business + your day to day.
Thank you Sifu.