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Attention Passionpreneur and Mentee of Dev Gadhvi

This Is Your Rare And Exclusive, Limited Opportunity To Tap Into 40 Years of Business-Building Wisdom Revealed In 40 Of My Favorite, Groundbreaking Virtual Trainings

Join Me To Celebrate My 40th Trip Around The Sun, So You Can...

Accelerate Your Income, And Unlock Your Social Influence, Leadership, and Financial Confidence All At Once!

This bundle is available exclusively to Passionpreneur Mastermind Program mentees only, and contains one high-level training never before released to the public… as well as everything you need to recession-proof your business and your income, and ensure your individual economy thrives, even when the world economy is in free fall.

I always talk about how it’s your entrepreneurial skills that really move the needle in your life and business. The skills you’ll soon discover are the same skills that helped me clear $150K of debt… Allowed me to retire as a multi-millionaire before age 30… and took my current business from zero to 8 figures in under one year. 

If you want to scale your business, earn a high income, and gain financial confidence and the freedom that comes with it, this bundle has everything you need to make it happen.

This special offer won’t last forever and could disappear at any time, so don’t wait or you’ll miss out.

6 STEPS TO 6 FIGURES (Value: $1995.00)

Discover how to get your dream clients with ease and make every month a 5-figure month while enjoying the freedom you deserve! This exclusive training will instantly allow you to attract better clients, easily scale your business, dramatically raise your prices (with zero resistance), and probably slash your work hours like never before!


Develop proven skills to transform and ignite your business by learning how to package your services for top-dollar. Stop dealing with low-ticket clients and an inconsistent lead flow, and begin developing a steady stream of premium buyers lining up to do business with you.


Build a strong millionaire mindset, transform your relationship with money, discover the 9 laws of money, and 7 income streams millionaires consider to be “low-hanging fruit” so you can install them into your life, and create financial confidence and complete freedom.

ART OF COPY (Value: $497.00)

Want to charge lucrative fees, become world-class at your craft, and write irresistible compliant copy that converts? The Art of Copy will help you achieve all that and more.

CONTENT SECRETS (Value: $997.00)

Unlock the secrets to ranking on the first page of Google, get hoards of free traffic and position yourself as the “go to” expert authority in your niche.

REFERRAL SECRETS (Value: $197.00)

Discover the secrets to enlisting your own personal sales army working for you 24/7 to bring you high quality referrals ready to work with you at the drop of a hat.

VIDEOS THAT SELL (Value: $597.00)

Create captivating “guerrilla” style sales messages (without a Hollywood budget, special skills or experience) that grab prospects' attention, and persuade, inform, inspire…and convert them from people who casually scan your page to cash-in-hand buyers.

B2B CLOSING SECRETS (Value: $197.00)

Discover the easiest way to get to the main decision maker in any company, and how to close B2B deals like a pro by using high powered qualifying questions that turn low-interest prospects into rabid buyers.

MAGNETIC MESSAGES (Value: $197.00)

Steal Dan Lok’s most potent and engaging social media posts, and highest performing emails. If you’ve ever been stuck with what to create or what to write, this is now a thing of the past.


Enroll new clients in less time, with less resistance, and never feel like a sleazy high-pressure salesperson again.


Strengthen your ability to outperform your self-image so you never feel stuck or frustrated at your level of success ever again.

FOLLOW UP SECRETS (Value: $97.00)

Discover Team Dan Lok’s value-driven follow up secrets that put the power firmly in your hands, and allow you to close more deals without feeling desperate, needy, or pushy.


Leave your competition dead in the water by discovering Dan’s 9 point system for developing high-quality, game-changing and profitable ideas, that give you the best bang for your business buck.


Unlock the key to developing inner confidence so you can overcome fear... conquer self-doubt... and awaken the hidden genie of potential that’s lying dormant within you!


Uncover the autoresponder secrets that allow Team Dan Lok to generate a huge ROI on their front end marketing efforts using simple but highly effective profit generating emails.

PAID AD SECRETS (Value: $99.00)

Discover how to create compliant, powerful, and high-converting text and video ads for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms, that allow you to promote your offers profitably.


Team Dan Lok’s million-dollar branding and marketing secrets that can double or even triple the strength of your marketing efforts, and give you the power to turn your marketing into a complete client-getting system that attracts clients to you like a magnet 24/7.

FUNNEL SECRETS (Value: $99.00)

Set up and optimize high converting funnels with ease, that reel in prospects like they’re going out of fashion and bring you a steady flow of new clients and customers like clockwork.

OFFER SECRETS (Value: $99.00)

Discover the secrets to creating absolutely irresistible offers your prospect simply can’t say ‘no’ to. After this training you’ll have everything you need to sell your products and services like hot cakes.

EMAIL SECRETS (Value: $99.00)

Steal the secrets to structuring and writing perfect emails that engage and build a solid relationship with your audience, taking them from lukewarm prospects to red hot buyers that take action on your recommendations and offers.

WEB COPY SECRETS (Value: $99.00)

Uncover Team Dan Lok’s best kept secrets for creating powerful sales copy for websites – sales copy that’s been tested and proven and generated millions of dollars in sales.


Discover the special type of call that replaces cold calls, and gives you complete control over your prospect. No more feeling pushy, needy or desperate when prospecting ever again.


FBI hostage negotiator Chris Voss’s secrets to negotiating like your life depends on it. Negotiation is all about maintaining power and control of the situation. With these secrets you’ll create a win/win scenario for all involved, and make more money.


Get the millionaire mindset of the top 1% installed straight into your brain with 8 ways the upper-class think and act differently than the poor and middle-class.


Discover the secrets that allowed Dan Lok to go from $150K in debt to making 6 figures in his first year as freelance copywriter in his early 20s.


Build a powerful person brand that attracts your ideal clients and avoid the most common and biggest personal brand killers.


Discover unconventional and proven objection handling secrets to take full control of any conversation, so you can reduce concerns and move your deal forward.


Develop unshakable onstage confidence onstage by using a former shy introvert’s public speaking secrets that give you the power to influence and persuade your audience with ease.


Discover the trick to doing less, achieving more, and having complete control over your schedule so you can take time off without feeling guilty, and get more done in one week than most people do in a month.


Steal Dan Lok’s proven strategies that took his YouTube channel from 0 to over 3.8 million subscribers and allows him to monetize his channel in ways most influencers know nothing of.


Discover highly potent persuasion secrets you can unleash in your copywriting, closing, and speaking from the stage, on an unsuspecting audience that influences them to take the actions you want ethically.


Selling high-ticket offers is a completely different ball game to traditional sales. This training will hand you the tools you need to master the art of high-ticket sales, so you can increase your income and take your business to new heights.


Hit the ground running when the new year starts by setting yourself up for success, so you can hit every goal you set, achieve your dreams, and make 2022 your best year yet.


Millionaires aren’t just rich because they make a lot of money. They have specific money habits most people don’t. In this training you’ll discover exactly how to develop the millionaire money habits of the super rich.

YOUR FIRST MILLION (Value: $99.00)

Making your first million isn’t as hard as you might think when you have Dan Lok’s one-shot, one-kill 7-step method to generate 7 figures in one year.

INSTASECRETS (Value: $99.00)

Build a tribe of loyal followers in record time with Dan Lok’s InstaSecrets and discover how to growth-hack your following, maximize your reach & visibility, automate your content, and monetize your loyal audience.


Take your sales and business to the next level and turn your ability to consistently outsell, outperform, and outearn your competition. These are the 7 habits that separate the good from the great.

TALK LESS, CLOSE MORE (Value: $99.00)

Use the sales secrets of master closers, so you can prospect less, talk less, and close more sales than ever before!


13 high-level and potent copywriting secrets you can use to write high-converting ads, top performing content for your website, email copy, social media posts, sales and landing pages, and more.


The private mentorship program, where Dan Lok and team take you on a transformational journey to teach you the art of closing high-ticket B2B products and services. Not available to the public.


This short but extremely powerful training will give your team the laser focus they need to get more done in less time without having to be berated to meet deadlines. Imagine having a team that sells more, produces more, and creates more, without you having to constantly monitor their progress.


Ever wonder why everything some people touch turns to gold? Uncover the secrets to attracting masses of wealth to you like a magnet, and watch your net worth grow.


Discover the secrets and the step-by-step methods to begin attracting and closing higher quality clients happy to pay 2X, 3X, 5X, and even as much as 10X your current price levels and fees. These clients will kick your profits into overdrive, as you ascend them to higher levels of service.

PLUS 7 Top-Tier Never Before Seen Bonuses

COPYCADEMY (Value: $10,000.00)

Taught by A-list copywriters who’ve closed a combined $400+MM in sales. Copycademy contains hundreds of hours of priceless copywriting and marketing skills training, and is the absolute best resource available for you to develop the skills to write sizzling sales copy that converts like crazy! Consider this your shortcut to gaining world-class, industry-level writing skills and finding and getting companies and clients to pay you top dollar. This is worth the price of admission alone.

Proven Closing Script Used By My Highest Performing Sales Superstars To Close More Sales ( Value: $250.00)

Imagine holding in your hand a private collection of my best qualifying questions, objection handlers, and closing lines so you can get more sales now?

These are the exact short-cut scripts I use to cut through the BS and close high ticket sales, often on the first phone call. Works even on the toughest prospects and people who say "I'm not interested" Not available to the public.

How To Close Intimidating Prospects, Even If You’re A Complete Newbie To Sales (Value: $250.00)

50 must have questions to ace those 'tough calls'

After viewing the training you’ll NEVER feel intimidated again. In fact, you’ll look forward to speaking with high status people because you’ll know exactly what to say to get the sale. Works especially well when talking to high level executives like business owners and CEOs. Not available to the public.

Close Me If You Can Tournament (Normal Value: $400.00)

Watch 16 of Dan Lok’s best sales proteges go head-to-head in a 32 round gladiator style knock-out competition!

This is a great way to learn killer lines you can use when you’re selling…. Plus you’ll see what works and what doesn’t so you can make adjustments to your own selling skills.Not available to the public.

Dan Lok’s 5 Hidden Sales-Boosting Secrets Behind The 100 Million Copies Sold Best-Selling Book (Value: $200.00)

If Napoleon Hill's best selling book “Think and Grow Rich” can teach you anything about sales success it’s this: Success Begins In The Mind!

Today “Think and Grow Rich” is credited with creating more millionaires and billionaires than any other book in history!

In this powerful presentation I break down the top 5 characteristics which I believe had the most impact on getting me where I am today.

An Ex-Navy Seals Secrets For Leading A High Performance Sales Team (Value: $1000.00)

Sales might not be war. But leading a sales team can certainly feel like a battle. And although losing an individual sale may not be life and death… losing too many sales means death financially. Who better than a navy seal commander to show you the leadership secrets that saved his life and helped him grow his business.

In this bonus training you’ll discover secrets shared at a high level mastermind event business owners and sales professionals paid $25,000 a year to attend

Tube Your Own Horn™ (Value: $2,995.00)

Get the respect, influence, and lifestyle you deserve by using Dan Lok’s counterintuitive YouTube secrets to build your personal brand and influence, and catapult your business without a HUGE channel.


All This Is Yours When You Invest In The Passionpreneur Mastermind Program

40 of my most potent and groundbreaking business trainings ($15,000.00 Value)
COPYCADEMY™ - The Ultimate collection of A+ copywriters trainings ($10,000.00 Value)
Proven Closing Script Used By My Highest Performing Sales Superstars ($250.00 Value)
How To Close Intimidating Prospects, Even If You’re A Newbie To Sales ($250.00 Value)
Close Me If You Can Tournament ($400.00 Value)
Dan Lok’s 5 Hidden Secrets Behind “Think And Grow Rich!" ($200.00 Value)
Ex-Navy Seals Secrets For Leading A High Performance Teams ($1000.00 Value)
Tube Your Own Horn™ ($2,995.00 Value)

Total Value (Including bonuses):



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