Freelancing Secrets

"How to Attract – and ‘Close’ – Almost All ‘High-Ticket’ Contracts...Even If You’re Just Starting from Scratch"

  • course format5 Modules

  • COURSE LENGTH56 Minutes

  • topicHigh Income Skills

  • Ideal Biz Size$100K → $1M

“Dan operates off of principles I’ve never heard come out of anybody else’s mouth. He will help you get better results than anyone else out there. I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for Dan Lok.”

– Jeremy Haynes

Founder of Megalodon Marketing


Every "freelancer" knows that their careers are determined by how well they attract pre-qualified prospects and convince (a.k.a. "convert") them into cash-paying clients ... hopefully for life.

In Dan Lok’s groundbreaking training called Freelancing Secrets in which he reveals what he had to endure to become a million-dollar freelancer when he first got started.


Because "freelancing" is NOT as easy as most entrepreneurs make it out to be, often what you "DON'T DO" is far more important toward your future success than what you do.

This course teaches both beginners and veteran freelancers what to avoid and what to seek after in growing their solo freelance business.

Get access to this training only if you want to side-step the landmines that most freelancers step and never get their solo businesses off-the-ground.

You'll be amazed how many new “high-ticket” clients you attract by negotiating and winning BIGGER, longer-term contracts.


Dan Lok shows you, step-by-step, how to start, build, and grow your freelance business – even if you’re just starting out...other principles you’ll learn are:

  • How to set-up retainer contracts that pay you handsomely month after month, for years
  • How Dan went from "bankrupt" to retirement as a freelancer by age 27...and how to use the same "battle-tested" formulas that worked for him
  • How to develop and dispatch your own Freelancer "Value Ladder" – you’ll discover what it is and why it helps you succeed in the shortest time possible
  • How to avoid getting sucked-in by common freelancing myths – and understand and uncover freelancing truths .. as well as other proven strategies for freelancing success


You’re literally ONE-CLICK away from skyrocketing your freelancing success by upleveling your skills and tools with time-tested principles for building an abundant career as a freelance writer, designer, salesperson, or (you fill-in-the-blank).

Ready to get started and join the elite?


Learn how to set up your freelance business whether it is a freelance writer, designer, consultant, sales rep. Whatever your start up business is, Dan Lok has the answers for you.

In this freelancing secrets video he will share some of the tips he used when he went from bankrupt to a millionaire at age 27. His advice is gold, learn how to set up your freelance business with Dan Lok today.



The Wealth Triangle

Learn the Wealth Triangle created by Dan Lok to gain more clarity on what you need to do next.


Financial Freedom Is A Myth

Contrary to popular belief. Financial Freedom is a myth. Dan will explain why it is a myth and instead you should strive for financial confidence.


Why Freelancers Should Charge Retainers

Dan explains why 1-time transactions may not be the best option for you as a freelancer. Instead, charge retainers, that would provide you with more stability and a consistent flow of income.


Value Ladder

Providing a “Yes” or “No” answer for your potential client is a dangerous place to be in. Because you’re leaving a ton of money on the table. Instead, using a value ladder will greatly enhance your chances to make more sales.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
Jennifer Mauerhofer
Financial Confidence

If you are planning to start your freelancing journey this puts you on the right track from the get go. You will save a lot of headache and time and probably money if you start off with these valuable insights. I can’t wait to dive into the book “Unlock it” which I have already purchased. :) Thank you I say!

Open Minding and fun🥰

I have been struggling and stressing what to do next in maximizing the income I have now. I was thinking of ways how, such as building business, but I learned that you don't need to have that, as long as you have high income skills and high return investments, you can sell in any industry you get in. As a young adult, I have now have a clear understanding that I have to focus on gaining skills, knowledge and understanding first. I also learned how to effectively close a deal or sell a product to anyone. I will dig into it more with other Dan Lok courses. Thank you Dan. I have gained more patience for myself, and have now idea what to do next.

Amit Hemani
Many take away from this Session

It was a very eye-opening session for me about financial freedom vs financial confidence, How Wealth Triangle works, how to approach clients through the value ladder model without compromising the value and price, and how can build relationships with clients and close it like a fun, all these learnings with live practical role play was just awesome. Thank you Dan lok for bringing such value to us in a very impactful way.

Tiffany Parks
This course is defiantly for freelancers

This course is kind of a beginner course if you are new to freelancing. The course is valuable if you want to create wealth and don't know where to start. The course will give you a blueprint of how to start creating wealth for yourself. Dan Lok will be brutally honest with you though. He is not going to feed you some B.S about how you "Can make a quick buck". Dan Lok will not mislead you and that is something that I like about him. He will flat out tell you don't start a business if you are broke and desperate. He will however give you a path and a guide as how to get to the point where you are not. What you do with the information after that will determine how successful you are. He will teach you what a "High income skill is" and how to build off of that so you can do more with your money and your life. He even has a practice closing role play at the end of the course. There are a lot of beneficial lessons throughout the course that I believe will help you throughout your freelancing journey.

John Stephen Buhay

I've been in the freelancing industry for years already but this gave me a lot of options to level up my game in this freelance world. Especially with the Value Ladder.

Steve Sousa
Great Concise Course

This course showed me the ease, importance & structure of HIS (High Income Skills) when done correctly. As well as a great overall view of HIS, the course motivated me to take action which I wasn't expecting. Amazing & thank you.

it was good

It's a great start for anyone

Souland Vang
Wish I Knew This Years Ago

My review title says it all. It’s amazing that it’s taken so long to learn the simple, but extremely informative information in these short lessons. Dan really has embodied his teaching and they come off so genuine it’s amazing to see in real time.

Kathy Oevering
Wanna be your own boss??

Find out the best ways to freelance here. How to start and how to up level if you are already doing it? The best ways to get the most bang for your buck when putting your own self out there!!