Paid Ad Secrets

"How to Boost the Pulling-Power of Every Ad You Craft Without Marketing Costs"

  • course format20 Modules

  • COURSE LENGTH 9.3 Hours

  • TopicCopywriting
    Social Media Marketing

  • Ideal Biz Size$1M → $10M

“Dan has been on a meteoric rise from one of Vancouver’s most respected entrepreneurs to internationally recognized global educator.”


CEO, Áegis Living


Imagine if you and your Team had a proven, step-by-step system to turbo-charge the sales power of every PAID AD you place for Facebook, Instagram, Google, and other ad platforms ... How many more winning campaigns do you think your company churn-out month after month?


You don’t have to "imagine" it anymore because you and your Team get that with Paid Ad Secrets. By infusing your ads with more "pulling-power,"" more exposure and broader visibility.

It’s true – paid ads are the fastest way to bring in more leads, sales, and profits from paid advertising – as long as you and your Team know what you’re doing.


There’s no better time to extract everything you can out of every paid ad you place, isn’t it? Now only that, but you’ll also learn about ...

  • How your Team can make simple tweaks and get an almost unheard 44% click through rate from all your ads
  • How to write powerful yet "compliant" ads for FB and Instagram that work every time
  • How to use video ads to explode your results. Your Team can crank these out even if they’ve never made a single video ad before
  • How to tap into the hidden psychology of world-class paid ads and how to infuse these close-guarded response boosters into your ads
  • How to take advantage of pre-written paid ad templates that can boost sales and lower your Customer Acquisition Cost ("CAC")


Start maximizing every dollar you put into paid advertising today with Paid Ad Secrets. Think about it, you and your Team can be running these ads next week with the guidance of this remarkable training.

So, doesn’t it make sense to start learning so you can start selling more?


Writing powerful ads that get results is a skill you can use to promote your own products or services – or skills you can use to help your clients sell a bundle of products through their ads.

Either way, writing ads is one of the most lucrative skills you can master.

Writing ads for your own products or service can help attract an avalanche of new orders. Or if you write them for clients, they can earn you fantastic fees and even on-going commissions based on results.

To help you do that, we’ve enlisted Dan Lok Team member Kat Ilich to bring together her decades-worth of experience of writing blockbuster ads for Capital One, Air China, Rosetta Stone, and scores of other well-known clients.

Ads that have generated tens of millions of dollars for her clients over the past decade.

At Team Dan Lok, we have some of the leading specialists in the world when it comes to business, success, copywriting, marketing, and more. And Kat is not only one of our top copywriters…but also one of our top copywriting trainers.

That’s why we got Kat to sit down and put together a magnum opus of her greatest (and most reliable) secrets for writing world-class ads that generate millions of dollars in revenues.

The result is a brand-new program from called Paid Ad Secrets.

Paid Ad Secrets is essentially a distillation of Kat’s best ad writing principles, strategies, and secrets. Secrets you can use to craft brilliantly-effective ads for yourself or your clients – without having to suffer through the steep learning curve Kat had to go through.



In this powerful new program, you’ll hear from Kat on secrets like these…


How to use ads to boost the response rates to all your sales funnels.

By increasing the power of each ad in the funnel like Kat shows you, you can get vastly superior results to all your sales funnels from now on.


George Foreman’s hidden copywriting secret.

Follow this advice and you’ll never be short of money as a copywriter.


The powerful copywriting secret Kat discovered in apriest’s handbook!

This powerful message helped Kat achieve greater success in writing ads…and it can help you, too.


How to get an almost unheard of 44% click-through rate to your ads.

This simple ad had just 10 words – but they worked like gangbusters. Here’s how you can do the same or even better.


How to use psychological triggers in your ads to kick up response rates.

Kat details the biggest triggers that have worked to boost response since the beginning of time – and shows you exactly how to weave them into your ads.


How to write powerful yet totally compliant ads on Facebook and Instagram.

It’s a crucial balancing act to get super-responsive copy that’s also compliant on these platforms. But following Kat’s steps, you can do both.


Create powerful Video Ads for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social platforms that get results.


Ad research swipe file.

Kat gives you her trusted swipe file of powerful proven ads – and how you can adapt the principles in those winning ads for your own.

As you can see, Kat reveals some killer tactics for writing winning ad copy that gets results. And this is just a small snapshot of what is included in Paid Ad Secrets. There’s more – a LOT more.

Plus, we’re also giving you the complete slides in pdf form from Kat’s presentation. Plus you also get another important document called Mindset of a Copywriter which shows you how to think, act, and perform like a world-class copywriter.

You get both of those documents, the full Paid Ad Secrets program, and the skills of a top-notch ad writer – and all the sales-boosting power those skills will give you.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Obed Tari
I love this Course

Super Practical Content. I use this to advertise my product on Facebook locally. Highly Recommended for Marketers and copywriters.


great course I learned a lot about copywriting

Heramb Bhagwat
How to Craft Winning Facebook Ads

This course taught me a lot of lessons but the most important is spy on ads which are already working

Thanks Heramb

Kevin Wu
How To Make Money On Facebook

Growing up, I always thought that Facebook was a place for people to post drunk photos of themselves. After going through this program, I learned that there's so much money that can be made from Facebook. No more social media for pleasure. Instead use social media for profit. Highly Recommended to copywriters and business owners wanting to make money using Facebook!

Tiffany Parks
This course is a necessity if you are advertising on facebook

This course teaches you how to create Facebook compliant Ads and really emphasizes how to advertise on Facebook so you don't get yourself banned. There is a whole section called " Best practices from the worlds top compliance copywriters". If you want to Market yourself on Facebook and don't want to get shut down by Facebook this course is definitely for you. Paid Ad secrets does also offer ways to come up with ideas for Ads that are effective.

Indre Globiene
Facebook ads copywritting - easy

Very simplifyed. All fundamental stuff. Highly recommended program for anyone to start marketing and do business.

Learn all you need to know about writing Facebook Ads

Until now, I knew next to nothing about writing ads on Facebook. Assuming Facebook keeps its compliance policy the same, this course is the definitive guide that all copywriters should get.

Improved my Sales with Ads

This course is amazing because here you learn how to improve the quality of your Paid Ads, so you can craft Ads that Really cacth the attention of the people you want to attract to your business... Paid Ads is a great way to get new customers "If you know what you are doing", and this course help you with that!

Bought the paid ads secret

Before i had no idea how to write a facebook ads, but know i have multiple ideas, so cool how creative i can be on facebook ads. Do you want to improve your paid ads copywriting skills then this is for you