Perfect Client Pipeline™

How To Outsmart Your Ad Agency And Get An Unfair Advantage Over Your Competition With My Proven Strategy For Creating Winning Facebook Ads That Actually Work

course format2 Modules

course length 6 hours

topicSales & Closing

Ideal Biz Size$1 Million → $10 Million+

“Dan Lok is an amazing gentleman that can just transform your life. If you have a chance to meet Dan in person or follow up on the internet, please do so. Dan is best in class. He’s a guy that will uplevel your mindset, your skill set and your wallet. If you are looking for a mentor, Dan is amazing!”

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What is it?

If you’ve been burned by Facebook ad agencies… or tried to run profitable Facebook ads but failed… here’s great news:

After spending over $15 MILLION of our own money battle-testing Facebook ads to grow our revenue…

We can now share with you new strategies your competitors (and ad agencies) don’t know (or don’t want you to know) that make your Facebook ads highly profitable – even on a tiny budget.

How is it possible? It's all thanks to the Perfect Client Pipeline™ - a secret method for turning cold audiences into clients that works every single time (for us and the clients we’ve shared it with).

So if you’ve been burned by Facebook agencies… or tried to run Facebook ads but couldn’t make them profitable… or you’re worried about rising ad costs and don’t know how to get prospects and clients affordably…

The Perfect Client Pipeline™ is for you

Why is it relevant?

This may sound controversial but I’ve found that almost ALL problems with Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns (and it’s probably true with TikTok ads too) are created by agencies who don’t know what they are doing.

Or by people who blindly follow Facebook's own training on how to set up and run your ads.

Frankly, if an agency has more than 20 clients under management…. your ads are being "managed" by an account manager who has no (or very little) advertising training or experience.

They just use the templates provided by the agency owner.

Listen: You will NEVER scale your business with ad templates.

Inside the Perfect Client Pipeline™ you get our inhouse strategy. The ONLY strategy (as far as we know) that is working on Facebook right now….

Hosted by our Media Buyer, the Perfect Client Pipeline gives you the secrets, insights and step-by-step instructions you need to create campaigns that attract your ideal buyers into your sales pipeline or funnel.

How does it work? Simply open the Perfect Client Pipeline™, follow along with the tutorials and instructions, and create your own profitable ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.

It really is THAT easy!

How Can It Help?

It doesn't matter if you have a budget of $10 or $10,000…

With these strategies you can finally get all the new clients you want using the best Facebook ad strategy working right now.

For example, inside The Perfect Client Pipeline™ you’ll discover:

  • The ONLY 2 types of ads you should run if you don’t want to lose money. Most marketers complicate Facebook ads. We simplify it by using only 2 types of campaigns. We’ve tested dozens of strategies. These are the ONLY 2 that consistently deliver clients on a cost-efficient basis.
  • Exactly how to implement our top 2 strategies (with tutorials that walk you through everything)
  • How to create the ads. How your ads should look and feel. What content should be in each of these types of ads.
  • How to sell directly from your Facebook ad - secrets after spending over $15,000,000 on Facebook ads.
  • The 4 steps I take EVERY cold prospect through – with my ads – to get the highest possible conversion. (We’ve tried to circumvent or short-cut this process but it NEVER works. So stick like glue to this method.
  • Three things to include in every ad targeted at a cold audience
  • Specific rules of “salesmanship” to use in your ad campaigns
  • How to absolutely get people to STOP and pay attention to your message
  • Your #1 priority when advertising to a cold audience. It’s not to sell or convince.
  • Your #2 priority when advertising to a cold audience
  • How to dramatically lower your ad costs (see how we get our costs down to $0.01 per engagement)
  • How to use multiple attention “devices” in a single ad to maximize viewers and minimize cost per view
  • How to safely “tip-toe” around compliance issues when using testimonials so you don’t get your ad account shut down
  • Why playing nice with Facebook actually helps you lower your ad cost and increase your reach and engagement
  • The real reason Facebook’s lawyers shut down your “before and after” or “testimonial” ads and the “legal” loop-hole that gets around this policy
  • The one-word answer to EVERY question about what to put in your Facebook ads – Hollywood movie directors understand this, most advertisers don’t
  • Why Facebook advertising is NOT about laser targeting (despite what agencies will tell you) and why you need to think in terms of “stadiums” of people, not individuals
  • How to use “audience buckets” to lower your cost of advertising - we call each audience a “bucket” and we have dozens and dozens of buckets set up, each with a different purpose
  • How to test ads for just $10 a day… then scale to hundreds (or even thousands) a day when you have an audience and ad that works
  • 3 things to NEVER say in your ads (it's not testimonials, or unproven claims). But saying any of these 3 things reduces your quality score, shrinks your reach, and increases your ad cost)
  • How to increase ad engagement without getting penalized for “engagement bait”
  • The exact type of ad that gets the highest response (almost NO agency does this, they rely of templates, which leads to poor sales results and costly ad campaigns you can’t afford to continue running)
  • The secret of “UGC” - just doing this ONE THING will instantly give you a leg up on Facebook ad agencies and immediately make your ads stand out in a shark infested sea of competitors
  • We’ve even got beginners secrets like: The correct image sizes and resolutions (we leave no stone unturned)
  • And the dead-simple way to set up your Facebook ads management account – yours or someone else's – if you don't already have one (and how to connect it to your Instagram ad account)
  • And much more

What Now?

The bullet points above offer just a small taste of everything we’ve got in store for you when you get your hands on our million-dollar Perfect Client Pipeline™ ad strategy.

And at a price tag of just $5,000, you’ll easily recoup your investment the first time you use this breakthrough methodology.

I won’t try to convince you.

But I will say this:

If you keep running ads WITHOUT this strategy you’ll lose more than the money you waste on failing ads…

You’ll miss out on the cash flow (and new clients) you could have gained if you knew the proprietary approach inside the Perfect Client Pipeline™.

More and bigger profits await. So if you’re ready for breakthrough advertising results grab the Perfect Client Pipeline™ strategy today.

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