Personal Branding Secrets

"How Global Brands Make BIG Money Through Counter-Intuitive, ‘Word-of-Mouth’ (And ‘Word-of-Mouse’) Marketing Promotions"

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"Dan Lok is the real deal. He's got the infrastructure and the systems and the vision to guide you to where you want to take your business."

– Vince Del Monte

Founder of 7-Figure Mastermind, Best-selling author, former WBFF Pro Fitness Model, and online fitness business coach


Is your marketing promotion Team ready to make its mark on social media and make your company a "brand name" in your niche?

Do you want to feast on the surprising benefits of brand awareness without “breaking-the-bank” paying branding firms to help you get there?

Personal Branding Secrets will get you there faster, better and at the lowest cash-outlays possible and provide your business with multiple floods of traffic, offers that convert like crazy, and a business that “scales” almost on-demand!


One counter-intuitive outcome Dan Lok discovered when he first started building his “personal brand” is that “personal brands” easily convert into "company brands" when they’re set-up right and with a long-term plan.

And that’s why Personal Branding Secrets could finally be your passport to more visibility, exposure and marketing reach in your niche or industry.

In just a few short hours, Dan provides you and your Team exactly what to do to make social media a monster success for your business, which side-steps those occasional "Haters" who rear their ugly heads online from time-to-time, like a "whack-a-mole" game.

These are the little-known secrets used by all the big brands to build a mass following and an instantly recognizable brand that puts them head and shoulders above their competition. And now you and your Team can use them too (and we hope they do!)

The contents of Personal Branding Secrets is what Dan utilized to drag-in almost 4 million subscribers across the various social media platforms – and to win the attention, hearts, and minds of the marketplace ...

... and build an almost "cult-like" following.


You and your Team will discover what works and what doesn’t…and what big companies do to wrestle away market share from everyone else. Here’s what to expect inside ...

  • How to use the power of social media to quickly gain an unshakable reputation
  • How to use branding to tell, inform, drive a swarm of new prospects to your business
  • How to monetize your personal branding efforts like you never expected
  • We could go on and on ... because there’s so much more


Like it or not, you and your Team are building your brand every day by what you do and don’t do. Isn’t it about time you put some purpose and drive into building a hugely favorable and unforgettable brand that can build your business into a monster enterprise?

Personal Branding Secrets is the program for you to build a mass following on social media and your next step is to take a peek inside this training and blow-up your brand worldwide...


Many people think you need to be a the leader of a big company or you need a big following for your personal brand to make a big difference, but that may not always be the case.

Dan Lok will share his story on how he got where he is today, a name well recognised not just in Canada but worldwide. Buy this video on personal branding and you will discover the secrets on how to make your brand as big as your dreams.



Personal Branding Secrets Video Recording


Why You Should Have A Personal Brand

You have a personal brand whether you like it or not. Most people are not aware of it. You have to take care of it and make it grow. You will learn who Dan is and how can you grow your personal brand through his wisdom.


Mistakes To Avoid With Your Personal Brand

You might not know it but your personal branding is so critical. Be aware of what you do because wrong decision on how you brand yourself is costly. Learn from Dan’s mistakes and know how you gain followers slowly at first then sky rocket your fame by being consistent on your work.


Build Your Business By Attracting Great Talents

In business, we know that best people win. Build your talents, build your brand. You will be followed because of what you are. Attract good people by having a strong personal brand then scale your business by having a great team.


And Much More!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
An eye opener

Really opened my view on personal branding. the idea looks simple but is tough to understand.
Need detailed training on "what to be done to develop personal branding"?

Great insights

Sharing the very powerful teaching which actually matters in building our own brand. I am always grateful to you giving so much value to our lives.

Paul Gideono
Enlighten Me!

I am shy and introvert, after learning this personal branding program, it raised my confidence to act immediately and create my personal branding on social media. Thanks Sifu Dan Lok!

Akash Jaiswal
Mind Blowing

After this lecture there is no turning back. Many thanks to Shifu for bring this topic forward and open our eyes. I will take this on myself and continue building my brand to the maximum.

Marian B

Every video is useful..."never give up!"

Scottie C. Jackson
Don't Outsource Your Personal Brand

Sifu Dan delivers another bucket of truth and encouraging motivation. You cannot outsource your personal brand, because it is YOUR PERSONAL BRAND! Haters are gonna hate, take control of your personal brand or your competitors will. I learned a lot and appreciate the many years of work and wisdom that have built the Dan Lok empire.

Kathy Oevering
You are your brand

Your brand is your stand and your business. Very important to showcase that brand and here's how to do so. If you want to set a consistent, effective brand - sign up for this!!!

Haters are going to Hate

AHA - Moment haters are actually fans, and failures lead to success. This Personal Branding Course helped me realize we can't wait for perfection to start promoting our brand, and even if we don't promote our brand we are being branded by others.
Thank you Sifu Dan!

Anupama Gude

Excellent sifu, you are my guru, mentor and role model thanks a lot for shring your knowledge ..