Ultra High-Ticket Closer Certification Program™

Build a World-Class Team of Ultra High-Ticket Closers, Rapidly Scale Your Business, and Position Yourself as a Trusted Advisor to Large Businesses and Enterprises for Deals $1M+

  • course format6 Modules

  • course length 46.20 hours

  • topicSales and Closing

  • Ideal Biz Size$1M+


ULTRA HIGH-TICKET CLOSER™ CERTIFICATION PROGRAM is the ultimate B2B training to give your sales team the skills to build collaborative relationships and close sophisticated contracts in the $100k - $1M+ range with large enterprises and Fortune 500 companies.

This program teaches your Sales Development Representatives (SDR) a predictable and sustainable lead generation process to fill their pipeline with qualified leads, for your Account Executives (AE) to close, creating predictable revenue for future forecasting.

Expanding on the Account-Based Selling (ABS) approach, your sales team will learn how to provide a “done-for-you” solution to your Ultra 100 client list … establishing your company's credibility and positioning in the B2B space, to attract other companies that mirror your list.

Ultra High-Ticket Closer™ Certification Program teaches your team how to nurture the prospect through the deal cycle to proceed from an opportunity to a valuable client. By approaching the process of building B2B relationships first, your team will achieve their individual quotas and fulfill client acquisition growth for your business.

Some of the results your company will experience include:

  • Predictable and sustainable pipeline lead flow and revenue growth by tracking metrics and constantly improving every step of the sales cycle. Prospect - Lead - Opportunity - Client.
  • Full calendars for your SDR’s and AE’s to drive proactive growth year on year by knowing your prospects' budget planning cycle and approaching them before their budget is allocated.
  • Recurring revenue from existing clients by understanding their needs and providing new solutions, strengthening the business relationship.


Dan Lok’s Ultra High-Ticket Closer™ Certification Program is a Private Mentorship Program like no other sales training available.

It is specifically designed to teach your team how to close Ultra High-Ticket Offers while facing many challenges that aren’t as prevalent in smaller B2B transactions.

These include:

  • Often dealing with multiple decision makers who can block or veto a deal at any moment
  • Preparing for a deal cycle of 5-12 months
  • Fierce competitors with big budgets looking to move in on your territory
  • Prospects change of business direction midway through the deal cycle leaving your SDR’s proposal unfulfilled

The Ultra High-Ticket Closer™ Certification Program will equip your sales team to deal with situations like these or many others that can arise with six or seven figure opportunities, solve the issue at hand so it benefits both parties and move forward with the contract.

It is Dan Lok’s secret weapon to building collaborative relationships with, and closing some “Heavy Hitters” in the corporate world … helping him to achieve over $100 million in sales of Digital Courses, Coaching and High-Ticket Services.

Most other B2B programs don’t teach the level of skill required to close Ultra High-Ticket Offers or have the proven track record to back it up like Dan Lok.

During the program your team will learn the innovative “Hybrid” approach to creating contract value perfected by Dan Lok and his expert sales team to routinely close Ultra High-Ticket sales.

This approach uses the same methods that have been used to close incredibly large and complex businesses like Amazon and Microsoft with multiple gatekeepers and is even more productive and effective on smaller enterprises with better access to more readily available decision makers.

Your team will be shown how to locate and communicate directly with the C-suite of decision makers of your Ultra 100 client list to build relationship equity by focussing on client solutions first.

All without using pushy or aggressive sales tactics that turn off today’s cautious buyer.

Another feature of the Ultra High-Ticket Closer™ Certification Program, that differentiates it from other programs, is the process it teaches your team to properly qualify the prospect in a way that will have them saying “thank you” at the end of the call.

This is a mutually beneficial system that makes the prospect comfortable in moving forward with your SDR’s proposal to further communications with your AE.

Using this method elevates your team from typical sales people to trusted advisors, building their credibility and that of your company’s for future contracts.

Your team will also learn how to upsell your existing clients to drastically increase their lifetime value to your organization, and constantly send your business referrals to keep your pipeline full without relying on inbound marketing.

As your team progresses through this certification program, they will feel the transformation in confidence and their effectiveness at increasing the deal flow, as they are introduced to new methods and new language to attract the companies who will willingly pay for your Ultra High-Ticket programs.


According to LinkedIn Research, 80% of B2B sales are made on the fifth to twelfth contact. The average deal cycle for enterprise contracts is five months with many taking nine to twelve months.

Knowing that Ultra High-Ticket Offers require a longer deal cycle means it is vital that your team has the necessary value-centric mindset, commitment and outbound processes to keep the communication channels open to reach the objective.

It requires strategic company research including understanding the hierarchy of decision makers and their Budget Planning Cycle.

That’s because the ever-changing B2B market has become more sophisticated. The prospect has more information, more choices, and more skepticism than ever before …which makes attracting and closing Ultra High-Ticket Offers nearly impossible using the old prospecting methods.

To break into this lucrative market and stake your company’s claim as the expert in your niche, you must adapt your lead-generating process to be value-centric to your prospect and position your business as a solution based on their needs.

This requires a team culture who shares your company’s vision and a proven method to implement … that meets this new sophisticated buyer in a manner that is fluid with their expectations and seamlessly blends with their goals.

Ultra High-Ticket Closer™ Certification Program accomplishes this using a strategy called Omnipresent Outreach™.

Omnipresent Outreach™ is different to the old methods of attracting and closing B2B, and is extremely effective because of the multiple ways it places your message in front of your prospects.

Most companies selling Ultra High-Ticket B2B offers will rely on one or maybe two avenues of reaching out to their leads and prospects.

Paid ads. Cold emails. LinkedIn Messages etc.

Your sales team might currently be relying on this method.

The problem with this strategy is that random emails or messages, if not done correctly, are often considered an intrusion or spam because the prospect doesn’t know your business.

It can result in your prospect skimming over your ads, deleting your team's outreach emails without reading them or ignoring the LinkedIn messages they have sent.

The Omnipresent Outreach™ strategy is different because your company’s message is shared on a large variety of platforms, in a non-intrusive manner, so it is impossible to ignore.

If your prospect misses your company’s message on one platform, they will still see it on a variety of others keeping your business at the forefront of their mind with the solution they need.

As long as the message is value-centric to your prospect and not a hard sales approach, they will appreciate the Omnipresent Outreach™ and follow up.

This strategy consistently puts your offer in front of the C-suite decision makers and skips over the gatekeepers resulting in the beginning of a collaborative business relationship and the deal cycle.

When your team implements this strategy correctly, your business will have a powerful message consistently in front of the RIGHT decision makers and be top of mind to solve whatever problem they have.


Successfully outreaching to large businesses and enterprises with your Ultra High-Ticket Offers requires a formulaic approach.

Ultra High-Ticket Closer™ Certification Program provides your team with the skills and tools to nurture the prospect to a highly valuable client creating recurring, predictable revenue for your business.

By enrolling in the Ultra High-Ticket Closer™ Certification Program your team will learn:


The “Hybrid” approach to closing sales which includes the Omnipresent Outreach™ strategy so your company’s message always shows up as a welcome guest to your ideal prospect and not an unwanted, annoying pest


The easy and non-intimidating way to qualify the prospect and discover if they are adequate for your Ultra High-Ticket Offer before your SDR progresses into their sales script


The 50 must have questions to ace tough calls so they are always in control of the conversation and never dominated by the prospect or on the back foot stumbling through the sales call


High-performance outbound strategies to constantly fill their pipeline full of hungry prospects waiting to do business with your company (at a Ultra High-Ticket price) so you can scale with predictable growth


How to become a “Trusted Advisor” to your high-ticket clients resulting in long-term profitable business relationships with recurring purchases of other Ultra High-Ticket Offers, and referrals to similar businesses that require your company’s services


How to break through limiting beliefs about how much your business can charge for the value provided. (If any of your team have limiting beliefs about the price you can charge, or the compensation they can retain, this will quickly change as they learn new techniques to develop an unwavering abundance mindset)


Multiple strategies to immediately start filling their pipeline with better quality prospects who are looking for Ultra High-Ticket offers


How to bypass the gatekeepers and deal directly with the C-suite decision makers to progress the sales cycle and cut months of pushback from those who don’t make the decisions


The strategic company research method so they can qualify harder and close nearly every sales call they make


Plus, they will be in a select group who are Certified Ultra High-Ticket Closer™ by Dan Lok and will receive a certificate as proof they can hang in their office to show their achievement


And so much more


Here’s Everything That Is Included In Ultra High-Ticket Closer™ Certification Program

Module #1

The ‘Hybrid’ Approach To B2B Selling

This is where your team starts their journey to creating their Ultra 100 client list, and becoming a master at Ultra High-Ticket B2B Sales. They will gain clarity on the importance of strategic company research when structuring a B2B deal, how to build a “value-centric” relationship, and how to communicate with the various C-suite decision makers.

Plus, they will be introduced to the most common Ultra High-Ticket Myths, Truths, and Mistakes business owners make when doing B2B deals and we reveal the 9 Ultra High-Ticket Closing Secrets.

50 Must-Have Questions To Ace Tough Calls

Your team will always be in control of the sales call with these 50 must have questions. Using them to gain a deep understanding of the prospect's problems will give your team the ability to help the prospect by searching for solutions rather than trying to “sell” your offerings.

Download and print this 9 page pdf of questions and place them on your team's desks so they will always have the right question to ask within arms reach.

Audio Version Of Training

Your team can listen to the training while they are commuting, exercising or relaxing to consistently sharpen their skills with the concepts we teach in module 1. This will help to fast track them to becoming an Ultra High-Ticket Closer™

Module #2

Part #1 - A Foolproof Way To A Packed Pipeline In Just 60 Days

What you put into the pipeline (the quality) and how much (the quantity) determines what you get out of the pipeline. In Part 1 your team will learn:

  • The two reasons why it’s important to be an Ultra High-Ticket Prospector
  • The Mindset Qualities that are absolutely necessary to achieve it and sustain the belief
  • How to build a map of their Intentional Frequencies (strategies) to drive results
  • 2 Tactical Approaches to implement into your business immediately to become a High-Performance Organization
  • How to increase the Outbound Prospecting to Response Ratio using email and messaging
  • And so much more

Part #2 - A Foolproof Way To A Packed Pipeline In Just 60 Days

We follow on from part 1 and reveal the proven strategies to fill your pipeline including:

  • Dan’s Multi-Channel Tactics to keep your message in front of your ideal prospects
  • The Stealth Strategies your team can use to research your target companies so they can communicate with them at a personal level
  • Dan’s secret to gaining an Incredible Response from prospects that only a few experts use
  • How to keep your team's Mindset Strong and Focused so they don’t lose direction and motivation
  • And plenty more

Audio Version Of Module 2 Training

Every time your team listens to the recordings, they will have new thoughts and ideas to fill their pipeline and grow your business. The more they listen … the faster their results. That’s why we provide the audio recordings; so your team can listen anywhere at any time.

Module #3

Part #1 - Setting Appointments That Always Stick

Have your SDR’s or AE’s ever booked an appointment with a prospect who could become a major client, only to have them cancel the appointment or just not show-up?

Well, if they have … it will never happen again. In this training your team will learn a proven 2-step method that makes your prospects eager to commit to the appointment and talk to your representative. This is a stealth strategy you won’t find anywhere else.

Part #2 - Setting Appointment's That Always Stick

In part 2, we reveal the exact emails and text messages the Dan Lok Sales Team uses to achieve a high commitment rate. Not only that, our experts break down why they are so effective so your team understands the psychology behind them that makes them so powerful.

Email Responses For First Response

Your team doesn't need to worry about what to write or hiring a copywriter to write their email responses. That’s because we give them to you already completed.

We provide the email templates to send to people who say “Yes”, “No”, or “Not Sure”. Simply download the 3-page pdf, and copy and paste the emails with your business and team members personalization. Then plug them in to your CRM and hit send.

Module #3 Audio Version

Once again, we provide the audio of module 3 so your team members can listen to the training anywhere they go. The more they listen to these strategies, the more their mindset is programmed into thinking like an Ultra High-Ticket Closer™.

Bonus Training - B2B Foundation Class

This bonus training is to help set your business foundation to guarantee your team's B2B closing success.

Inside they will learn:

  • The critical B2B language to use to close Ultra High-Ticket Offers
  • Why Posturing, Framing and Confidence can make or break the sales calls and how to master all 3
  • The Crucial B2B Questions to ask that will lead to contract finalization.
  • And so much more including specific role playing techniques so your team are confident to close on their next prospecting call

Module #4

Part #1 - Ascend From Typical Salesperson To A Trusted Adviser

In B2B there is an average of five decision makers you must speak with to close the contract. Each one of these stakeholders has their own objectives which directs their decision to say "yes" or "no".

Knowing how to deal with each one of them to fulfill their objectives, elevates your team member to become a trusted advisor to the company and not another sales person. This collaborative relationship is built on providing solution-based value to the client.

Part #2 - Ascend From Typical Salesperson To A Trusted Adviser

In part 2 we go in depth to how to close the Ultra High-Ticket deal. In B2B there are many different department heads, usually C-suite, who all can be experiencing some sort of pain.

As the trusted advisor, your team member now has the opportunity to provide a solution to each department, multiplying revenue growth and their compensation.

For example, instead of acquiring one contract, now they might have identified five separate areas of the business that need help which your company can accommodate.

By entering into contract discussions for these extra areas of concern, they have provided solutions to the clients needs, and multiplied the revenue lifetime value from one client.

Module #4 Audio Version

Your team members can take the audio with them wherever they go and listen to this training to continually reinforce the Ultra High-Ticket Closer™ techniques so they become second nature.

Module #5

The Key To Attaining A "High Share Of Wallet" With Your Clients

Share of Wallet means the amount a company spends on a particular brand, rather than buying from competing brands. This is the key to recurring revenue and scaling your business - creating loyalty from your clients to only purchase from your company. In this module we’ll show your team how to do that by focusing on the four key pillars that will rapidly ascend your company and position it as a problem solver and solution provider.

Module #5 Audio Version

Listen to this incredible training multiple times to develop the strategies your team needs to receive a high Share of Wallet from all your clients.

Module #6

Part #1 Sales Management Secrets

Managing your team is an art in itself. As your business scales with predictable recurring revenue and your client list expands, delegation to your management team is essential.

Dashboards and other software will be required to manage your time, your priorities, your team and your finances differently than before. Quotas and key metrics need to be measured to drive growth and team members' performance.

Managing up and down the management chain also needs to be taken into consideration with effective communication being the key.

In this module, we demonstrate how to implement the strategies to sustain the growth without the stress.

Part #2 Sales Management Secrets

Sales comes down to building collaborative relationships. Mastering relationships through soft skills will not only transform your team's management and sales abilities, they can also use these new skills to improve any other area of their life … personal or business.

In part two we dive into the mindset of a great leader or manager and help you and your team understand why people say, act or do something a certain way. This provides a great insight into how to approach contract talks and business solutions with your clients.

Time Blocking Worksheet

Managing time is vital to being productive. Starting the day without a plan, leads to blocks of unproductive time full of non-revenue producing activities. Use this Time Blocking Worksheet to plan out sales calls, outbound marketing strategies and other pipeline filling pursuits for proactive revenue growth.

GROW Method Worksheet

Use this five step process to help coach your team more effectively. Work with your sales team to complete the steps to help them gain clarity on their goals and how they will achieve them.

Module #6 Audio Version

Download the audio version of module 6 to listen to these learnings anywhere. These Sales Management Secrets will keep your business running smoothly as it scales with an influx of Ultra High-Ticket Closes.

Get Certified As An Ultra High-Ticket Closer™

Certificate of Achievement

Once your team member completes the Ultra High-Ticket Closer™ Certification Program they will receive the prestigious certification as an Ultra High-Ticket Closer™ to frame and hang on their office wall as a reminder of what they have accomplished. This globally recognized and admired certificate is invaluable to those who pride themselves on providing solutions to their clients needs. It demonstrates that your team member has what it takes to make Ultra High-Ticket sales.

Frequently Asked Questions

Closing Ultra High-Ticket offers requires a new, more sophisticated skill set then closing regular B2B deals. It is a process that can be learned by anyone who puts in the time and effort and follows a proven program like ours. This program teaches new methods that have been used to sustain contracts with global enterprises like Amazon and Microsoft. Obviously we don’t know you, your business or your offers, but if your team has tried B2B selling in the past with little success … it is highly possible that the approach was coming from a sales angle rather than solution based. The strategies taught in this program introduce a new more productive closing process that results in a high percentage of contract uptake.

As the title of the program suggests, it focuses on the closing techniques of Ultra High-Ticket Offers. In the $100k+ range, even $1M deals. The sales cycle is longer than other B2B sales, more sophisticated and generally consists of multiple decision makers, in multiple C-suite departments. This requires new training and new skills. Ultra High-Ticket Closer™ Certification Program teaches your team these skills to close contracts that usually take five to 12 months to complete.

This program is targeted towards closing Ultra High-Ticket deals with large companies and enterprises, but the methods you will learn will work to close any size B2B. The fact that they have successfully been used on Microsoft and Amazon shows their effectiveness. So, if they can close companies of this magnitude, you can be confident of their efficiency at securing contracts with medium sized businesses. The program is designed to engage many decision makers and bypass the gatekeepers which smaller companies tend not to rely too heavily on, so your team will find this program makes the process easier for them.

Yes, Ultra High-Ticket Closer™ Certification Program will show your team how to bypass the many gatekeepers these organizations have and start the communication process with the decision makers. Our proven system teaches your team how to nurture the deal cycle from prospect to client by building collaborative relationships, providing solutions to their problems, and ultimately becoming a trusted advisor resulting in predictable recurring revenue for your business.

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