Videos That Sell

How To Make Videos That Sell, Convert, and Scale

"How to Create Visual Persuasion Tools That Inform, Sell, and Help Scale Your Business"

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Video marketing these days is one of the most powerful forms of promotion that you and your Team can put to work right now in your business. But you probably already know that, right?

If you do believe that statement, then isn't it time for you to see the astonishing rate of growth in sales and your ability to scale as fast as you can handle?

Of course, most business owners agree because they already know that Video sales letters are THAT powerful and THAT effective...IF you know how to create top-notch videos that look like they were produced by a Hollywood studio.


But how do you produce and publish "attention-grabbing" videos that sell?

That's why Dan Lok created a unique training called Videos That Sell – it's the single most powerful new program that shows you (and your social media Team) how to create these blockbuster sales videos on demand – even if you've never made a single video before.

Videos That Sell will spoon-feed you the time-tested way to produce and publish stunning videos with powerful visuals that capture attention, interest and desire of the viewers you plan to target.


We've generated millions of dollars from video marketing, now the team that produces and scripts our selling videos shows you in clear, step-by-step detail how you can:

  • How to boost your sales by 200% or more with "guerrilla" style videos – without a Hollywood budget. Once your Team discovers these secrets, video marketing becomes simple
  • How the power of Storyboarding can move-the-needle for you company
  • How to take your script from words on a page to a powerful video sales message
  • How to nail the perfect video every time ... in 7 easy steps your Team can execute in no time flat
  • How to create Hollywood style videos even if you barely have a budget
  • How to breeze through the production process with clear, step-by-step instructions. You and your team just follow along and BOOM! ... You've got great branding videos every time
  • How to develop powerful sales scripts from scratch to maximize the selling power of your videos.


Okay, so if you have resistance to this training course because it's "above-your-head" ... or maybe, you've written a video script before? Here's the good news: You require zero knowledge on graphics, production, or design? None of that matters. In fact, the more knowledge you have, the more you'll resist Dan's counter-intuitive strategies.

Videos That Sell gives you the expert skills you need to create blockbuster sales messages that pop-off the screen and capture attention and sales every time. Get ready to see a massive shift in your business. You ready to get started?


In the fast-paced world we live in today, grabbing your market’s attention is the single most important factor. But it’s also the most difficult. You can’t just put up a sales page like we used to do and expect to break through the noise.

At Dan Lok Productions, we have produced thousands of videos.

If you don’t immediately grab their attention, they won’t hang around for long. They’ll move on to the next bright, shiny object.

That’s why video sales letters are so important today. Having a powerful video sales letter is the key to cutting through the noise. In fact, compared to a standard sales letter on your website…

Video sales letters can boost your response by 200%-300% or even more.

Video sales letters capture attention, persuade, inform, inspire…and convert people who casually scan your page into cash-in-hand buyers…

If you know how to create these types of captivating sales messages.

Unfortunately, if you’re the typical business owner, getting powerful video sales letters isn’t easy. Hiring a team of copywriters, designers, and video specialists can cost thousands of dollars – and take weeks of script writing, design, and production.

And when you need a video that sells, you don’t want to wait weeks and spend thousands of dollars. You need a powerful video sales letter in days…not weeks.


Create Attention-Getting Videos That Sell…


That’s why I created a brand-new program called Videos That Sell.

Videos That Sell allows anyone, regardless of experience or knowledge, to create high-converting videos based on the formula we use here at Team Dan Lok. A formula that’s been responsible for generating tens of millions of dollars.

We’ve produced over 1,700 videos for YouTube, with more than 3 million subscribers.

We’ve produced, tested, and run thousands of ads on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

And not only have we generated more than 1.7 BILLION hits on our videos, but we’ve also gained millions of subscribers, tens of thousands of buyers, and tens of millions of dollars in revenues and profits.

How have we been so prolific in producing all these videos across all these platforms?

By following a secret step-by-step formula that allows us to churn out powerful, attention-getting sales videos that work like gangbusters to help us educate, persuade, and scale.

Now, for the first time ever, we’re pulling back the curtain and revealing exactly what this formula is. My production team walks you through the entire process in an easy, simplified way.

Anyone can follow this formula. And once you do, your ability to produce high quality video sales letters that attract thousands of buyers to your offers becomes almost automatic.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never written a video script in your life before.

It doesn’t matter if you have zero experience or knowledge about graphics or design.

It doesn’t matter if you have never produced a single video for your business until now.

Because my video production team will show you exactly how to do it all. From the germ of an idea to a finished, high-quality video that cuts through the noise of the marketplace and stands out above all the other “me too” ads out there.

My team walks you through the entire process. You get videos that explain each step in deep detail. Worksheets that help you plan, prepare, and produce your videos at every stage of the process.



In Videos That Sell, you’ll discover…


How to make pre-production process a breeze. This is where most people get it wrong. But following these five simple steps makes it easy and hassle-free.


Where to find top-notch script writers – and exactly what to tell them to get your script done right every time.


The importance of the Storyboarding process. Taking your script from words on a page to a powerful sales message.


The attention-getting power of the “Spam Squad” script. What it is, how it’s used…and a real-life example of how Team Dan Lok uses it to create a killer sales message.


7 steps to nailing the perfect video – including powerful visuals, perfect props, perfect sound, and even secrets for getting the perfect light in your videos.


How to get Hollywood type video production on a budget. The secret is knowing what you need, who to contact, and where to find the right people for top-notch production.


How to have actors clamouring to be in your videos. And how to use their enthusiasm to hire top talent without spending a fortune.


Where to find plush homes, expensive cars, and other luxuries to feature in your videos. Here’s the two best sources we use and recommend that won’t cost a King’s ransom.


Avoid costly equipment rentals that can skyrocket your production bill. Just ask the production team this before you hire them.


Record your video right first time, every time. Avoid delays and re-shoots that can cost you big with this simple production checklist.


The BLRS secret for avoiding mistakes during shoots. Just follow this 4-step process to cut mistakes to almost zero.


How to put the final, flourishing touches to your videos that make them pop with power and visual effects. This process helps you boil down all the steps into a powerful video that captures attention and boosts its impact and selling power.

Videos That Sell is a full multimedia program that can help anyone produce powerful video sales letters in a matter of just days. Everything is explained in a step-by-step approach through detailed videos and worksheets that explain it all.

You’ll see real, live examples of videos we’re using now to generate sales and help us scale up our marketing efforts. And you see them come to life from the basic idea, script writing and production, visual’s, how we edit our videos, add special effects, and more. That way, there’s nothing left to chance or imagination.

Ready to unleash the power of video sales letters to help boost sales, scale your business, convert more prospects into buyers, and take your marketing to a whole new level?

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Customer Reviews

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Everything you didn't think about but all you need

A great compilation of lessons on what you need from preparation to delivery. This program will give "newbies" a good framework to work with & for experienced people it'll be a great upgrade on how to give your videos that extra edge. This training was made by professionals, so they taught me a lot I never even thought of. To sum it up, it's a super straightforward step-by-step guide to creating videos that sell...

Mario Diaz Vega
How to make videos at a professional level

Just WOW! I haven't any doubt how Dan has achieved a so huge reach and engagement through videos. It is amazing all the work behind it, it's like making a movie.
I have learned about the process of making a professional look-like video and different platforms and tools you can use to make the work easier because delegation is crucial to making videos that sell. For me, I keep what I learned about the different platforms you can use to delegate some of the work of creating videos. For instance, I consider the editing process a big task to delegate if I were to make videos.
I just give this training 4 stars because currently I'm not at that level, but other people with the resources and experience sure could get a huge return from what this course teaches.

Behind the scenes/YouTube business...

This course shows you how a professional High Income Tuber like Sifu Dan and his team work. To get to this level I realize that I need a team of good and professional people. At certain level it's a MUST to outsource certain things to professional people that can handle this for me to be able to JUST concentrate on the relationship with my audience. This course is a great checklist if you want to scale your Youtube business. If you are a beginner then this course will provide you with important informations and skills you need to understand from the very beginning.