March 17, 2020 1 min read

In one of most popular programs, Copywriting Secrets; we talked about using pain more than you use pleasure when you sell. Well here’s how to find out the REAL pain of your prospects. Not the surface level stuff.

You ready?


Well it all starts with asking yourself the right questions:


Because the quality of questions you ask determine the quality of answers you get.

So what do most people ask when they want to know the pain-points of their audience? Well, most people would ask:

“What are my prospects pain-points?”

Now that question is okay, but we can do better.

For you, I want you to ask:

“After a long day, what do my prospects complain about with their best friends?"

If you’re in the fitness industry, you want to think about what people complain about when it comes to their fitness. If you’re in the personal finance space, think about what people would complain about when it comes to their finance. Whatever your industry is, think about what people complain about when it’s just them and their best friend.

After listing out say, a dozen most common things your ideal prospect complains, you then want to add these pain-points to your marketing / sales message. The purpose is to make your prospect feel understood.

Why do you want your prospects to feel understood?

When people feel understood and they feel like you know their pain, they automatically assume you have the solution.

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