The Closer's Black Book and Roadmap For Success

The Closer's Black Book and Roadmap For Success

Have you ever heard of The Closer’s Black Book by Dan Lok?

People around the world are describing it asan exhilarating read from start to finish.

Told from the perspective of Dan Lok, bestselling author and millionaire entrepreneur. This book is a 357-page tome built off of life lessons, hard work, and passion. In it, you’ll discover the ‘counter-intuitive’ selling secrets that have accrued over $34.5 Billion in sales for some of the most reputable brands in the market today.

Brian Tracy, Canadian-American author and entrepreneur said, 

“Learn from Dan Lok. He is perhaps the best in the world today”.

Let me ask you a question. Why do you read books in the first place? Are you looking to pass time, learn something new, or escape from reality for a bit? Whatever it may be, there is something undeniably special about reading. If you love to read, you know exactly what I’m talking about. 

Why does Dan Lok Love Reading?

Dan Lok makes reading a daily habit. In fact, he usually finishes three books a week. From those three books, he takes three takeaways from each to apply them to his personal life and business. To Dan, reading is more than just a way to pass time, it’s a learning opportunity to grow personally and professionally. 

The Closer’s Black Book is the tool you need to leverage your natural strengths and reach the highest levels of success possible. Inside, you will discover new ideas for significant wealth creation and personal fortune. If you’re looking to become an unstoppable force in the market, this book is here to add value to you. 

For many years, The Closer’s Black Book has only been available to Dan Lok’s most private students who have invested up to $10,000. Today, the book is now accessible to the public. However, this offer will not last for very long. 

In this article, we will cover why you should grab your copy of The Closer’s Black Book today. 

Table of Contents

  1. Dan Lok’s Life Story
  2. How Mentorship Changed Dan’s Life
  3. Untold Secrets Put Into This Black Book
  4. Why Wasn’t This Book Available to The Public?
  5. What Happens When You Read The Closer’s Black Book?

1. Dan Lok’s Life Story

The Closer’s Black Book is built off of Dan Lok’s life story. An incredible journey that is studied by many entrepreneurs today.

At the age of 14, Dan Lok immigrated to Canada from Hong Kong with his mother. Being one of the three Chinese descendants in the class, Dan had a very difficult time transitioning into the Canadian school system. 

He often found himself being a prime target for bullying mainly because his English was not very strong. One day, Dan came home to his mom crying. She just got the news that his father could no longer send them money anymore. From that moment, Dan knew that he had to pick himself up and start making some more money.

So What did Dan Lok do?

Failure is nothing new to Dan. With over 13 failed ventures in a row, and many speed bumps along the way. It would be dishonorable to call him lucky. His organization now includes more than a dozen companies focusing on elevating the financial well being of people all over the world. 


Dan Lok once said,

“Man’s mind stretched to a new idea never goes back to its original dimensions” 

So why are we telling you all of this? The answer is simple. The Closer’s Black Book is more than just a list of strategies you can use to advance your career. It is a book backed by over a decade of hard work, persistence, and discipline. It includes all of the mistakes Dan made along the way and delivers it in such a way to help you reach your financial goals as quickly as possible. 

A good analogy to describe Dan Lok is a flowing river. When the water comes across a rock in the way, it doesn’t break through the rock because of how strong it is, it breaks through the rock because of how persistent it is. 

Think of the rock as an obstacle. For Dan, his obstacle was that he lacked money. But he quickly realised that it wasn’t an income problem, it was a skills problem. This is where he found his first mentor, Alan Jaques. 

2. How Mentorship Changed Dan’s Life

Dan Lok’s mentor taught him everything he knows. From business to copywriting, to marketing, to self-confidence, you name it he did it. 

Alan Jacques taught Dan the skill of copywriting. Copywriting is defined as closing in print. With this skill, Dan built an advertising agency that was making about $10,000/month. This was his first taste of success and his first high-income skill.

Let me ask you this -Why do you think people fail despite the fact that they put their best efforts forward?

More often than not, many people set unrealistic expectations for themselves when they are first starting off. They see someone who has achieved the level of success they aspire to have, but fail to acknowledge all of the hard work that went into building that empire. 

The Closer’s Black Book covers talks about how to master your mindset. In fact,mindset has to be one of the most important aspects of any successful entrepreneur. *Click here to Tweet*

This is because many people get into something, try it out for a couple of months, and then give up when things get tough. From there, they move onto the next thing. Is this really what an entrepreneur is? 

According to Inc.,

“Only 8 percent of people actually achieve their goals”. 

Dan’s Important Life Lessons

Dan learned many important lessons from Alan Jaques, but the most important one he learned wasnot to chase money. This can be exceptionally difficult when you’re coming from a desperate situation. Maybe your rent is due in a week, or your mother’s birthday is coming up. 

Whatever the situation may be, if you don’t have the right mindset toward making money, you will not get very far. What would it mean to you if Dan discussed mindset at the beginning of The Closer’s Black Book? 

Imagine how powerful you could become if you had the right mindset from the start, and received the tools you needed to build a solid skillset. You could think of the black book as your personal mentor. Something to refer to whenever you are unsure about something. But it doesn’t just stop there, have you heard of the untold secret that every entrepreneur has?

3. Untold Secrets Put Into This Black Book

The Closer’s Black Book is filled with strategies and finesse. But what if we could dig even a little deeper?

I’m sure you have heard many people ask entrepreneurs this question: If you could do it again, what would you do differently?

Dan Lok is asked this question almost every day. The answer for him is simple. He always talks instead of aiming for financial freedom, aim for financial confidence.

You might be asking yourself, what is financial confidence?

Financial confidence is not about having a steady job or earning an impressive paycheck every month. It’s not about having an emergency fund saved up in your bank, or owning an expensive car. Financial confidence is the ability to financially sustain yourself through tough economic times.

Dan was not born into a rich family, nor did he have any rich uncles or aunts to help him along the way. This means that in theory, he should also not come out rich. 

The Closer’s Black Book breaks this norm by encouraging everyone to hold themselves accountable to achieve financial confidence. No matter your age, background, or gender, the marketplace has a place for you to prosper.

As Dan Lok said,

“Your skills and abilities create financial confidence because no one can take them away from you”. *Click here to tweet*

What does Confidence Look like to Dan?

A skill Dan mastered before he was 27 was the art of high ticket closing. This skill is what the black book is fundamentally built on. However, how do you think Dan built up the confidence to pick up the phone and close million-dollar deals every day?

As a kid, Dan had no confidence. He was the invisible kid in the back of the classroom. He didn’t know how to connect with other people, or how to talk to other people. If you look at Dan today, you will see that he exudes confidence. He carries himself with his head held high. 

The Closer’s Black Book is essential if you want to prevent yourself from making the same mistakes Dan did as he was establishing stellar self-confidence. This will help you reach your desired state as quickly as possible. 

4. Why Wasn’t This Book Available to The Public?

Dan Lok has never made The Closer’s Black Book available to the public. What do you think changed Dan Lok’s mind?

Here’s the truth. The reason Dan kept this book exclusively for his students is because he knew they were action takers. It’s one thing to say you are going to do something, and a completely different thing to actually execute on it. 

What do we mean? Let’s say Dan Lok gave you the High Ticket Closing Certification program for free. An intense seven-week program designed to teach you how to be a professional closer. Because you received the program for free, you will not be as motivated to put in the work in comparison to someone who paid for it. 

According to Wanderlust Worker,

25% of people don’t even make it through their first week after setting a new goal.

The Four Criteria You Need to Take Immediate Action

What’s the point of getting a resource for free if you’re just going to throw it away after a week? This is why Dan Lok puts a price on his certification programs. His students don’t need to be convinced why the program is right for them. They already know who he is, and what he can do for them. 

However, Dan also understands that there are many people around the world who cannot afford his programs. This is why The Closer’s Black Book is now available for a limited time for a fraction of the price in comparison to any of his programs.

The Closer’s Black Book is an exceptional resource for anyone to use. Why? Because it meets the 4 criteria that you need to take immediate action.

  1. Has an immediate impact on your life
  2. It does not take years to learn
  3. You can learn from the comfort of your own home
  4. You can learn these skills at your own pace

This book is an incredible opportunity for you to get startednow. Whether you are a full-time student, business owner, freelancer, or parent. The Closer’s Black Book is designed to fit your lifestyle and add value to you. 

5. What Happens When You Read The Closer’s Black Book?

You now understand that The Closer’s Black Book is more than just a checklist. A better word to use is amasterpiece built off of a young entrepreneur's story. 

However, once you read this book, what do you expect to happen? Do you expect to suddenly become a millionaire, have an impeccable mindset, and to exclude stellar confidence? 

Unfortunately, this book is not a magical lamp. This means that it’ll require you to put in some hard work from the beginning. Fortunately, we have prepared a three-step checklist you can follow to ensure you get the most from The Closer’s Black Book.

The Three-Step Checklist to Get the Most Out of The Black Book

If you’re ready to accept Dan Lok as your mentor to help you grow and succeed in life, here are the three things you need to do.

1. Approach the Black Book with specific goals in mind

Why are you reading this book in the first place? Are you looking to increase your income, quit your job, develop a new skill, or be your own boss? Whatever it may be, write these goals down and keep them somewhere easily visible in your room. 

2. Actively read the book

Read the Black Book with an open mind. At the end of each chapter, think about how you can take action on what you learned. For example, if you’ve just learned 5 simple closing techniques you can use today. Practising these techniques over and over again in the mirror until you’ve perfected them. 

3. Summarize the entire book with your 3 biggest takeaways

While a book may be filled with hundreds of takeaways, there will always be some more significant to you than others. Once you have finished the book, write down your three biggest takeaways and think about how you can apply them to your life today. This strategy has worked very well for Dan Lok. 

And of course, don’t forget one of the most important things you should always be doing - Ask lots of questions. If the book does not provide enough clarity for you, you can use other resources to help you find the answer. Being proactive in today’s world is much more powerful than being reactive.

The Closer’s Black Book is an expertly crafted piece of art built off of Dan Lok’s past stories, hardships, and failures. Until now, the Black book has only been available to Dan Lok’s best students who have invested up to $10,000. For a limited time, the book will be available to the public. 

In case you are unsure if this book is right for you. Here are five reasons why you should grab your copy of The Closer’s Black Book today. 

1. Dan Lok’s life story

The Closer’s Black Book is more than just a list of strategies you can use. It’s a book backed by over a decade of hard work, persistence, and discipline. 

2. How mentorship changed Dan’s life

One of the most important aspects of attaining wealth is having the right mindset. Dan digs deeper into this topic and talks about his mentor Alan Jacques.

3. Untold secrets put into this black book

Every mentor has something they wish they did differently. In this book, Dan unveils what the true meaning of financial confidence is, and why it should not be taken lightly.

4. Why wasn’t this book available to the public?

Dan Lok knows that his students are action takers. However, he has made this book available for a limited time to help those who cannot afford his prestigious certification programs. 

5. What happens when you read The Closer’s Black Book?

This book will not instantly make you a marketing expert. But if you follow the three-step strategy outlined in this article, you will ensure you get the most from The Closer’s Black Book. 

The power is now in your hands. The decisions you make today will build the foundation of your life ahead. What do you say? Click here to order your copy of The Closer’s Black Book today.