The Closer's Black Book

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The Closer’s Black Book, the 357 page tome only available to Dan Lok’s most private students who have invested up to $10,000, is now accessible to the public.

In it, you’ll discover the ‘counter-intuitive’ selling secrets that have accrued over $34.5 billion in sales for some of the most reputable brands and companies including Acura, Ikea, and Scotiabank.

Dan Lok has helped over 6,000 people use the methods inside The Closer’s Black Book to skyrocket their sales careers and make more money in far less time - without using aggressive, pushy, slimy, and unethical sales tactics. This is the sales training you need and in this book, you’ll discover how you NEVER need to be pushy at all - especially when it comes to high-ticket sales.

Learn how to close a deal with one single call instead of taking many months. You will advance your sales career and learn how to become a high ticket closer to help you achieve the financial freedom you have always wanted. This closers black book is what you need to make those high ticket sales.  

You’ll find that after reading this book and gaining the secrets inside, you’ll see that the more resistance your prospect gives you, the more power you have over them. This is the book to help you become a high ticket closer.

The Closers Black Book is made of all the secrets Dan Lok has developed over the years that helped him close millions in sales over the phone. Buy your copy of the Closers Black Book, the best sales training program you can ever attend.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Wei Lian Chan
Secrets of Skill in Just One Book

This is the only book I took my time to read! Just this one book, I have learned a lot of principle in mindset, communication, psychology and in life!

Samuel Mojica
Worth the investment. Paid itself off quickly for me. Reading it for a second time!

Hi there, My name is Sam and I'm a Business Plan Advisor for the company Legendary Marketer. I've recently looked into this book and knew that Dan was a well known figure in the Sales and Closing Space. Throughout my own sales career, I've come to value the weight of Information because it only takes ONE concept or idea to double our income.

After looking into this book, talking with the amazing customer support rep "Prima" and realizing that as long as I use the information, the book will pay itself off, I finally pulled the trigger and made the decision same-day.

Overall, I'm read the book one time already and it's great. Reading it for a second time for deeper understanding.

I would recommend this to other sales professionals who already have their sales career started and clients that they can better serve with the things that Dan will teach them in this book.

This is also pretty good for beginners because it covers foundational principles that you will always use. Even how to start your sales career if you are going into this from scratch.

Hope this review helped you and always remember, Invest in yourself because nothing else pays more!

Muhammad Lukman Hakim Bin Md Ruslan
Life Impact Book

This book was life changing book

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