Get Paid To Speak $5,000 And Up At Conferences and Conventions

Get Paid To Speak $5,000 And Up At Conferences and Conventions


Want to get paid to speak? If you love to talk, this may seem like a dream come true. Getting paid to speak is more than possible, and can become another source of income.


Influential people get paid to speak, especially those who know a lot about a particular topic. These individuals are in high demand. They are often hired by conference and convention leaders. This is because they have knowledge and experience. They are experts in their fields. As a result, they offer value to their audience. People want to hear these people talk and pay a lot of money to do so. In fact, it is possible to earn thousands of dollars by speaking.


Being good at public speaking has many benefits. You can influence people to see from your perspective. Or command an audience to do as you say. You can even make a living traveling the world and speaking on stages.


Successful people understand public speaking is a skill. And, like any skill, it requires practice. As a result, many successful people are also good public speakers. They take the time to practice their speaking skills. They know that it is a skill that will pay off in the long run. By becoming better speakers, they can communicate more effectively.


Most people are not good speakers. They often make excuses for why they cannot speak well. Successful people understand that no one is born a great speaker. To become one takes time and practice. Being able to speak well means being able to influence others. Once you can influence others, you also get paid to speak. 


Get Paid To Speak: It's Not Just A Dream


If you want to get paid to speak, you first need to have something to talk about. People get paid thousands of dollars to speak because they have valuable things to share. If you want to get paid to speak, you need to be fluent in a particular topic.


For example, a stand-up comedian gets paid to speak. They can tell funny jokes and get people to laugh. As a result, they get paid for doing so. This is because humor is the value that they present. Some comedians are so popular that they are multi-millionaires.


Being a comedian is one example of how you can get paid to speak. Another way is to become an industry expert. These are groups of people, such as businessmen, entrepreneurs, scientists, and environmental advocates. They spend a lot of time studying and learning about a particular topic. As a result, they have a lot of knowledge in their chosen subject.


People often invite industry experts to speak at seminars and conferences. They have a lot of valuable information they can share with an audience. As a result, they are high in demand. The higher the demand, the more valuable you are. This is why industry experts get paid thousands of dollars for their time.


Public Speaking Is A Skill Few People Understand


Knowing how to speak is not enough. If you want to get paid to speak, you must be an influential speaker. You need to convince your audience to believe what you are saying. Otherwise, people will not listen to you.


Not a lot of people realize this fact. Most people see speaking as a way to communicate thoughts and ideas. In reality, there is a difference that differentiates a persuasive speaker from an ordinary speaker. If you want to get paid thousands of dollars to speak, you'll want to learn how to speak persuasively.


There are many factors that influence how good of a speaker you are. These are things such as tonality, voice volume, and your word choices.



Tonality is how you use your voice. People who speak with good tonality will be easy to understand. The words that come from their mouths will be smooth and clear, and you will never have to guess what they are trying to say.


Volume indicates how loud you can speak. If you speak softly, people will find it difficult to hear you. In a large room, your voice volume determines whether the people in the back can hear you. If they can't, there's no way you will be able to influence them.


Being attentive to these factors means your audience will be more open to what you have to say. No one will listen to someone talk for 45 minutes unless the speaker can influence them. Master these skills and you will become a great speaker.


How To Earn $100,000 In 60 Minutes


Would you believe you can make $100,000 in 60 minutes? Many public speakers are able to generate a lot of wealth because they are good speakers. This is possible because they are good at influence and persuasion. They know how to make an audience believe what they have to say. By combining the art of influence with public speaking, you can get people to buy your products.


For example, let's say you are a business expert. You teach other people how to make money without working a traditional job. One day, you get invited to speak at a business seminar. This seminar is attended by 500 people. Let's also say you have a detailed training program that costs $2,000. To generate $100,000, you would need to convince 50 people to buy your program. 

This is where being a good public speaker comes in. To convince these people to buy your program, you need to show them the value of doing so. Make them see how your program can help them generate wealth. This is only possible if you are good at influence and persuasion. If you cannot communicate well, your audience will not buy into what you have to say.

Selling a product is another way you can get paid to speak. It is a very efficient way to generate wealth. Instead of getting paid for your time, you get paid for how much you can sell. In fact, public speaking is one of the most effective methods to sell products. Because you are talking to many people at once, you increase the likelihood of people  buying from you.


The larger the audience, the more wealth you can generate. 


The Secret To Becoming A Great Speaker


To become a great speaker, you need more than just a smooth voice. You need to know how to connect with your audience. Knowing how to connect with your audience is the secret to becoming a great speaker.


When Obama ran for President, he was able to use his speaking ability to influence people. At the same time, he knew he needed more than speaking ability to become President. He had to connect with his audience and touch their hearts. To do this, he appealed to people's emotions. He spoke in a way that made people feel he understood them.



Remember that facts tell, but stories sell. People are more driven by emotion than they are by logic. This is why people get into fights when they are angry. Their emotions get the best of them and they lose control. Even though getting into a fistfight might not make sense logically, it does not matter. In that moment, emotions are in charge, not logic.


If you want to get paid to speak, you need to know how to appeal to people’s emotions so they take the time to listen. They will then believe in your words and your ideals. When you can convince other people to believe in what you have to say, you can control the world.



Learn How To Close Thousands of People At Once


Being a great speaker means being able to influence others. A great speaker knows how to use his voice to command attention. He uses words that appeal to people's hearts, and share ideas that convince others of what he has to say.


Some of the most successful people in the world are great public speakers able to communicate clearly and effectively. As a result, they can influence people to do what they want. Some leverage their speaking ability to convince thousands to buy their training program; others use it to convince millions of people to vote for them as the next President.


Learning how to be a good speaker takes time. For those who struggle to speak with confidence, it can be an intimidating process. Even Sifu Dan, who is wildly successful today, had trouble speaking when he was younger. He had to overcome many obstacles to become good at speaking. These obstacles included stage fright, being introverted, and self-doubt.


Once he realized public speaking was like any other skill, he realized he could become great at it as well. If you want to learn how Sifu Dan became a two time TEDx opening speaker, click here to get the Platform Closing Secrets Training now (now included as part of the Vault Experience).