Is This The Perfect Social Media Marketing Course For Influencers?

Is This The Perfect Social Media Marketing Course For Influencers?

Are you an aspiring influencer looking to dramatically boost your reach on social media? Investing in a solid social media marketing course may be just what you need to get you to that next level.

If you want to become a known influencer and make real money with your social media, educating yourself on the best, proven methods is vital. Although growing fast and getting engagement on social media is more competitive than ever.

A quick Google search will show you that your options are limitless. You’ll quickly find plenty of free social media marketing courses as well as paid trainings.

Before you even sign up for any course, you could dive into the thousands of articles on the topic. And on top of that are all the many video guides on YouTube.

Everybody claims to have the best advice when it comes to social media marketing. The problem is, the tips you’ll find out there are often too repetitive.

It can seem like everyone is repeating the same seven “tips” on how to get followers. Now, these tips could be valuable. But the problem is they don’t address the underlying truth of how social media really works.

Did you see the movieThe Matrix? Think of this underlying system as being like the Matrix... It’s invisible and hidden to the eye. But it’s what actually makes everything work underneath the surface. Most people don’t know about it. Most are completely oblivious to it. But the moment you see it and understand it, you can start to play with it. And you can use it-- just like Neo did-- to your advantage.

We’ll give you an overview of what this matrix looks like and how it works. And along the way, we’ll also debunk some common social media myths. 

The Social Media “Matrix”

So, what is behind this matrix we are talking about? In essence, it has two parts.

First, you have to understand what the specificsocial media platform wants. Second, you have to consider what the social media user wants.

Too many social media marketing courses won’t even tell you these things. Here is a key to keep in mind: Every social media platform has a goal. It’s their idea of how they want their users to feel when they use it.

For example, Facebook’s goal is for everyone to have a good time. Twitter’s purpose might be to keep its users informed with its short-message style. Whatever the specific goal is for any platform, understanding it and factoring it into your efforts is crucial. 

The second thing you want to understand is the common user behavior on different platforms. People who love Instagram might be completely different from people who enjoy YouTube. It’s important to do research. Find out why a person would use or enjoy a certain social media platform. 

When you know these two things, you will know more than almost everyone using social media. Then you’ve seen the matrix. And your results will show it.

Let’s Debunk Some Common Social Media Myths 

Now you’ve seen the matrix. Let’s look at what you might learn from common social media marketing courses. Are the tips and methods they give you any good? Will they work? Will they make you money?

The first tip you often see is to be active on every single social media platform. It can be a good tip for certain businesses. But it really depends on your niche and audience. 

If your audience isn’t active on TikTok, then there is no need for you to be active on TikTok. If they aren’t on Twitter, then the best social media strategy in the world for Twitter won’t help you at all.

Find out first how your audience behaves and thinks. Pick the platforms where you’ll actually find them. Then invest your time in those.

If you want to be an influencer, social media becomes a business to you. In any business, managing your time and resources well is crucial. Investing time in the wrong platform will only waste your valuable time. 

The next tip you’ll get from common social media marketing courses is to post daily. This might be true and helpful in some niches. Sometimes, the more active you are, the more exposure you’ll get.

But it really depends on how your audience uses their social media. So research this carefully before you start. In most cases, it’s more important to be consistent than just to post daily. Posting three times a week consistently can be just as good.

Why Getting A Huge Follower Count Alone Isn’t A Successful Strategy

In a common social media marketing course, they’ll likely tell you to collect as many followers as you can. After all, the more followers you have, the more people will see your content, right? Well, it depends.

Your follower count is important, but there is more to it. Your followers also have to be of high quality. If they just follow you, but never interact or engage, your reach will be severely limited. Being as it issocial media, interaction, and engagement are highly valued by the platform algorithms. 

If you want to run social media as vital to your business, you’ll also want to sell your offers to your followers. That’s why you need an audience that actually cares about you and what you do. You want a loyal tribe, not just an empty, big number. 

So, instead of focusing too much on just numbers, keep in mind what social media is really meant for - connection. 

Social media isn’t just about counting, it’s about connecting. 

The old strategy of posting some content and then closing the app isn’t successful anymore. Instead, you’ll want to interact with your followers in the comments.Your goal should be getting real, meaningful conversations started.


You could get conversations started by writing meaningful Instagram captions... Hang out in the chat when you are live streaming a video. Or engage in discussions in Facebook groups. Having many meaningful conversations will get you more reach and more chances to distribute your content.

Aim for true, loyal fans who love to connect with you and who will also share your content. That way, you are using the social media matrix to your maximum advantage. 

What Exactly Is The Social Media Secrets Vault?  

Dan Lok elevated his own career early on by being active on social media. He has a huge follower count on every major social media platform. 

Now Dan is offering his own social media marketing course - The Social Media Secrets Vault. These are the exact methods he’s used to build his influence and growing business empire. Let’s have a look at what you’ll find in this course. 

The course has four main parts. Each one will deepen your understanding of the social media matrix and how it works.

You’ll take a deep dive into Instagram and YouTube - both platforms that helped make Dan so successful.

Then, you’ll learn copywriting and persuasion methods. Understanding copywriting allows you to create great captions and texts that will engage your audience. What’s more, you will learn how to write your own video scripts or Facebook text posts. 

Copywriting is one of the most important skills you need to effectively communicate on social media. Yet, most social media marketing courses won’t even mention copywriting.

Persuasion ties in with copywriting, as you could say copywriting is “persuasion in print”. But this course includes a separate persuasion training to deepen your understanding and skills. 

When you have persuasion skills, you’ll be more able to get others to do what you want. And do it without being manipulative. It’s especially important for selling your products and services. Persuasion allows you to communicate your sales message more effectively. 

The Matrix Of Instagram

Have you heard about people getting really frustrated with Instagram's algorithm? Instagram has updated its algorithm repeatedly over the last few years. The algorithm determines how many people will actually see what you post.

Now some people are claiming the algorithm is evil and hiding content on purpose. But Dan’s social media marketing course will show you the truth and why it’s nothing to worry about.

When you understand the matrix - the underlying principles of how Instagram works, you’ll be fine. What does Instagram want to have happen on their platform? They want people to engage with the content they like to see.

If you react to certain kinds of content often, you’ll get more of it in your feed. 

So the algorithm isn’t evil or unfair. It simply tries to make sure that you have a positive experience when you are on Instagram.

For your business, this means you’ll need to find out how best to engage your audience. Research which content they already like. Then create something similar. When you do that, the algorithm will naturally move you up and boost your reach.

The Matrix Of YouTube

YouTube also has an algorithm and certain ideal requirements. As long as you understand them and meet them, you will be able to grow your channel. 

YouTube wants people to stay on their platform as long as possible. That way they see more ads, generating more revenue for the platform. So, if your videos are very engaging and keep your audience hooked, YouTube will favor you. 

And that’s the reason why copywriting and persuasion are included in Dan’s course. They are vital skills. The one’s you’ll need to succeed. 

Skills that will help you to create engaging content. The kind of content that keeps your audience hooked.

Like any other social media platform, YouTube also wants you to engage with your audience. So take some time to reply to comments and answer questions.

Something often overlooked is that YouTube provides you with a lot of statistics. They are basically telling you how your audience behaves. The Social Media Secrets Vault will help you understand that data, so you can use it effectively.

Take The Headache Out Of Social Media Growth

Instagram and YouTube are only two examples of the many social media platforms you might use. But they are also the ones that will make you money as an influencer, fast.

But once you understand the underlying principles of these two major platforms, you can also apply them to other social media platforms, too. Simply research where your audience is already hanging out. That tells you where to start.

If you are serious about using the power of social media to build your influencer business, the Social Media Secret Vault is for you. You’ll get the right information and strategies to use. You’ll build your skillset in the ways that matter. And you’ll be able to avoid all those common mistakes and pitfalls right from the start.

This is a social media marketing course that takes the headache out of social media for you. You’ll never need to blame an algorithm or waste time following advice that doesn’t get results. Dan Lok knows the very best methods to use. Because he’s done it himself. Let him show you the way to social media success. Get the Social Media Secrets Vault now.