The Charisma Secrets Of Successful Entertainers

The Charisma Secrets Of Successful Entertainers

Stop what you’re doing and open up the music player on your phone. If you could listen to one artist right now, who would it be? Michael Jackson? Ed Sheeran? The Beatles? Madonna? Now let’s try something else. We want you to think about your favorite movie. Maybe it’s Fast & Furious, James Bond, Star Wars, or Avengers, whichever one you like.

Now ask yourself, what do music performers and actors have in common? What makes them so special and compelling? Maybe you like their music or role in a movie. Or maybe you like their energy, blasting loudly in large full-size sold out arenas. But what if there was a hidden tool that gives them an advantage over everyone else in the industry? And what if this secret is so powerful, that it lands them multiple deals to further their career? This hidden tool is called charisma secrets.

So you might be wondering, what exactly is that? Charisma is defined as “the quality of being able to attract, charm and influence those around you.” Famous entertainers such as musicians and movie actors use charisma to create compelling performances for their audience. The University of Toronto carried out a large scale study, and also found out that influence was defined as a leadership ability and strength of presence. They’ve found that charisma leads to being more approachable and pleasant. So what does that mean for you?

These charisma secrets that entertainers use can be implemented in any form for your job or business. You can use charisma to help close deals for your business, build new relationships and network with people across the world. Or if you have a dream to become a famous entertainer, you can use them to jump full swing into your career. Whatever it is, these charisma secrets will help you in any aspect of your life. Pay attention, take notes, and implement everything you’re about to read.

Charisma Secrets Of The Best

So you might be wondering, “What are these so-called charisma secrets that entertainers possess?” For simplicity's sake, think about James Bond. What makes Daniel Craig the notorious James Bond? His courage, passion, skills, or intellect? What if there was a deeper meaning behind the character he portrays? What if there was a charisma secret that is vastly overlooked by most people?

James Bond is able to get his way through any situation. Whether he’s fighting villains in a stairwell or talking to his boss about going after a suspect, he always finds a way to get the job done. How, might you ask? Simple, the art of persuasion. If there is anything you want in life, whether it’s money, fame, love, or trust, the one thing that will serve you best is your persuasion skill, AKA your ability to convince someone else to do something. So how does this apply to you?

Before educating you on one of the most powerful charisma secrets, we want to make clear that using persuasion for the wrong reasons is strictly against Dan's code. The lessons you are about to learn are extremely powerful, so we urge and request that you only use them for good. If you want to become a persuasion master like James Bond, Harvey Specter from Suits, or Jordan Belfort from the Wolf of Wall Street, read on.

The Impact Of Persuasion

Before getting into these powerful techniques, you’re probably wondering, “What does any of this have to do with entertainers?” Do you think famous musicians like Ed Sheeran and Whitney Houston were always notorious for their music? Do you think Beyonce was given record deals and labels the day she was born? No. And do you know why? Because they all had to work and hustle every single day to persuade everyone in this world that they’re capable of making good music.

Yes, you will get rejected. Yes, you will face hardship and failure. But the only way to get what you want is to persuade each and every person that you’re the best at what you do. If you’ve ever read about Steve Harvey's life, you might have known that he was once homeless sleeping in his car. His rise as a comedian came from a promising desire of persuading everyone in the world that he is the best comedian who ever lived.

Not only did he become a comedian, but he positioned himself as a role-model for other people in the world who also have a desire to follow their dreams. Persuasion takes hard work and commitment to master. For most entrepreneurs and entertainers, persuading your idea or skills to the world takes years and years to master. Even closing a huge deal takes years to master. After years of triumph and failure, entertainer-entrepreneurs like Dan has mastered the art of persuasion.

The Secrets Behind Persuasion Mastery

As Jim Rohn once said, “If you just communicate, you can get by. But if you communicate skillfully, you can work miracles.” Persuasion is not about showing off how smart you are. It’s about convincing your ideas, motives and beliefs to be more valuable than your opposition. Think about it, how is James Bond able to convince his boss that someone is guilty? Simple, he presents evidence with hard facts that allows him to position himself as the leader. He never lets someone else take control of the conversation. Even when he battles Le Chiffre at Casino Royale, he instills in everyone's mind that he’s in control of the poker table. So how does being in control help with persuasion?

Think of a conversation like a game of tennis, with one person on each side of the court. Pretend that one of those players is you, and let's say your opponent gets the ball first. He serves the ball, you run to return it, he swings again, you run to the other side of the court to return the hit, he swings again, then you run to hit it back, he swings again, but this time you fall on your face because he managed to twist your ankles.

Now reverse the roles. This time you get the first swing and he ends up running around the court trying to return your serve. You swing again, harder and harder, until you’ve forced him to lose from your opposition. Now you're in control.

You’re In Control Of The Court!

In any game, whether basketball, soccer, baseball of tennis, which side of the game would you rather be on? The one enduring all the hits and blows, or the one in control of the game making the shots? Easily, you would rather play on offense. Every time an NBA or NFL team loses possession of the ball, you’ll always see a look of defeat on their face. And it’s not because they missed the shot or made a mistake, but because they’re forced to play defense.

Being a leader, AKA being in control of the conversation, is one of the most important aspects of persuasion. It’s one of the most valuable charisma secrets used by all entertainers and professionals in their industries. It presents you as the professional in each conversation and gives you authority over the opposing team. So you might be asking, “How does this work in real life?”

Imagine that you’re interviewing for a job. It is your goal, from the beginning of the interview to the end, to persuade the hiring manager that you’re the best person for the job. How would you do it? Simple, you position yourself as the leader in the conversation. And no, it doesn't mean trading places with the hiring manager. Sell yourself in a way that persuades the hiring manager to think you’re irreplaceable.

You have to be one step ahead and demonstrate the value at-which you can bring to the company. If you present yourself as someone who is scarce and in high-demand you’ll persuade the hiring manager to believe your value surpasses whatever amount they can pay you. And underpaying for a good deal is something that everyone loves. So you might be asking...

What If I Can’t Take Control?

As the great Harvey Specter once said, “I don’t play the odds, I play the man.” Similar to the famous poker phrase, “play the man, not the odds.” So what exactly does that mean? If the argument can’t be won due to facts, your best bet is to persuade the opponent by using their emotions. Simply put, logic will get you a great deal, but triggering their emotions will get you the best deal. Think about it, do people buy because of emotions or logic?

Imagine that you’re on the last round of poker and you still haven’t made a single hand. How do you win? Simple, you play the man across the table. You use emotions to convince your opponent that your hand is better than his. It could be a smirk, grin, or something that lets your opponent feel as though your hand is superior even if you have nothing. So how does this apply to you?

Picture you’re trying to persuade your friend to go to the movies with you. How would you do it? Do you emphasize how expensive the tickets are? Do you say how good the movie is? No. You tell him or her how great of a time they’ll have at the movies. Tell them that the movie is going to change their perspective on something. Or you tell them how you got the best seats just so you both could go and watch it. Remember, it’s not about the movie that’s being offered, but about the value and emotion the movie can bring for them. Instead of playing the odds you play the person across from you.

How To Become A 007 Persuasion Agent

What if you can possess powerful charisma secrets that can pull your way through any situation? What if you have these same secrets that are used by James Bond to get whatever he wants, when he wants, and to any extent? And what if these secrets can help you follow your dreams and close any deal you’ve ever wanted?

Dan has created an exclusive, live class, that’ll teach you the secrets to persuading anyone into getting what you want. These secrets are powerful and have never been released to the public before. He will teach you the same secrets that FBI agents use today to effortlessly convince their suspect into confessing.

Now, Dan is a strong advocate for discipline and ethical morals. Do not use these powers for anything besides the greater good. And if you plan on attending this live class, we expect that you sit in a quiet room and take notes on everything he says. If you plan on slacking off, don't even attend. This is for ambitious individuals who desire to harness a powerful skill that the greatest entertainers and entrepreneurs possess.

Charisma secrets possess a power that can alter anyone's emotions and help you play offensive in any argument or situation. You’ll learn powerful phrases, lethal cognitive biases, and secrets to get whatever you want to any extent.

A Head Start On Persuasion Secrets

You might be eager and excited to jump in and learn persuasion mastery. So here's quick lesson right now. Yes, your first class is here. Would you be interested? If so, grab a pen and paper, and get started.

Pretend you’re in a situation where everyone at the table is sold on one idea, and you strongly believe that your idea is better. How do you persuade everyone to use your idea? Do you yell at them? Tell them they’re wrong? Throw a tantrum because your idea is superior? No. You test their own theory against themselves. Here’s what that means.

Imagine that your company has an idea for a software update and you believe your idea for the update is better than theirs. Rather than saying yours is better, challenge them by asking about the downsides. Start your conversation by saying you like their idea, and suggest your opinion about it. Then, ask them about the downsides of their idea and ask if they’re capable of living with those downsides. And finally, you introduce your idea as plan B, which presents as the holy grail solution if the original idea is a flop.

When you bring up your idea as the backup, it presents itself as a solution that everyone on the table is thinking about. It instills the idea into their minds and makes them wonder if it’s actually the more viable solution. And remember, make sure you state your comments with certainty and clarity so everyone at the table knows you mean business.

Now, this is only just the tip of the iceberg for charisma secrets. These can't be fully shared to the public, as they pose as something far beyond power itself. If you’re interested in learning a bigger depth of information and learn the persuasion secrets of an FBI agent, click here to get for the masterclass recording.