F.U. Money

Make As Much Money As You Damn Well Want…            

New F.U. Money - How To Save Yourself From The Collapsing Job Market & Earn As Much Pandemic-Proof Income As You Like For Life!

F.U. Money Will Help You Discover...
  • The Death Of The Working Class: How to make a living without a j.o.b. In a post-pandemic world
  • The simple set of skills you can learn fast that businesses are paying top dollar for - in any economy
  • ​How to set yourself apart from everyone else who’s looking for the same gigs and/or jobs as you
  • ​What businesses REALLY need in times of need - and are willing to pay big bucks for
  • ​How to thrive even more during recession-times by knowing a simple 3-part concept
  • ​The world’s easiest and most overlooked ways to skip the whole “get a good job, live like a cheapskate & retire when you’re 65 years old” B.S. - and live to the fullest instead 
  • Why make your boss rich and leave yourself tired and broke? Discover what ALL the young millionaires have in common & how to follow their footsteps to success
  • ​Starting with nothing? So did I. Here’s the step-by-step, no B.S. strategies to get what you want, when you want with whoever you want when you’re starting with under $100 in your bank account
  • “Everyone should put money in the stock market right?” WRONG. Here’s how to make as money as you damn well pleased with little to no risk instead
  • Did you know 55% of all millionaires were OBSESSED about getting rich before they made their first million? Discover the secret to having effortless, unstoppable motivation and passion in your life to help you make millions!
  • ​And much, much more!

"F.U. Money is about living your life on your own terms - according to your possibilities, not your limitations"
~ Dan Lok

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Customer Reviews

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Dominion Onyebuchi
The hidden secrets to wealth

F.U. MONEY is a hidden secret to wealth and also has the guide that you need to follow to make wealth.

Fuad Ayantayo
One of the Best Book ever.

I decided to give my self a gift by getting F.U MONEY, and it has been one of my great gift ever. THANK YOU SO MUCH DAN LOK (Shifu)

Identity Shift :)

What a great book!

Mel Chong
No freelance every way.

That's call F U MONEY. Money
Can buy out look, content is your mind, story in your heart.

Gilmara Lopes Barros
Didn't receive my package yet :(

I haven't received my package yet :(


Different type of thinking.

Must read!

This book will transform your perspective and life by living your life on your own term & flexibility.

Abdalkarim Saeed

F.U. Money

Kenny Olatunde
Changed my mindset

The book change my thinking