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The Master Key to Wealth, Success, and Significance                

Unlock It is the result of the last decade of Dan Lok’s personal work with thousands of entrepreneurs, business leaders, and top CEOs that have implemented his philosophy on wealth, success, and significance.

Unlock It: The Master Key to Wealth, Success, and Significance (eBook and Audio Book)

Following the blockbuster international best-seller, F.U. Money, Dan’s fifteenth book Unlock It is his most inspired work yet. Using his personal success story, the good, the bad, and the ugly, Dan details how anyone can use Wealth Triangle Dynamics to create financial independence regardless of the economy.

Dan teaches people all over the world how to identify their personal High-Ticket Skills, using them to create wealth in their jobs, businesses, or entrepreneurial ventures. Unlike most business books that expound on theory and paint motivational pictures, Dan provides hard-hitting knowledge with clear directions on exactly how to make money, keep money, and grow money with confidence.

The book is raw, funny, and exploding with all the techniques Dan used to become a multi-millionaire and one of the most influential businessmen in the world. His charge is clear; he is on a mission to create more entrepreneurs in the world that will compound to create the greatest lift of overall global wealth.

Who This Book Is For

Unlock It is a business goldmine for entrepreneurs, CEOs, educators, and anyone looking to gain financial independence. Whether you are trying to get that promotion, figure out how to quit your job and become a freelancer, launch your entrepreneurial idea into a business, scale your existing business to the next level, or turn your current success into something very significant, Unlock It has something for you.

What You’ll Get Out Of The Book

Customer Reviews

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Jovan J.

This book is extravagant with a bunch of very intellectual ideas that are spelled in a way that a 5-year-old could understand and it's one of those must-read multiple times books.

I highlighted the most important things so I could refer to them daily.
While reading I was laughing, expanding my view on things, even at one point I was pissed
because I found myself in some negative context or destructive habits.
I started working on them immediately.

If you're one of those people who would like to just buy a book, read it once, and leave it on a shelf,
in that case, sorry to disappoint but this is NOT the book for you.

However, if you really refer back to the most important parts of the book on a daily/weekly basis,
you'll know what your next step is every moment.

For me this book cured my unclarity about my goals and where I want to be.
I already recommended it to a few of my best friends because I believe that much in the ideas that you'll find in this book.

I hope you'll make the right choice.
Best of luck to everyone who decide to read it!

Lehel Nagy
Great book, amazing content

Dan Lok overdelivers again in this book. Real golden nuggets, I like the book a lot and it differs in value from a lot of other books that I read. I also like the audiobook because it's with his voice.

Moses Otitoju
The Rare Gem!!

The book"Unlock it" by danlok
It's really a paradigm shift, it's a life changing book for me! it answers all my pressing questions for personal development and most importantly provide me a detailed blue print on how to strategize my business.
It surpass the conventional believe about personal development, Success, sales, business strategy.
The book is a one in a million!!

Indrian Cyril Mendoza

Good read

Great book for start-up, ceos, entrepreneur

Ideas in this book I can't find anywhere

After reading this book I felt I was more intelligent, it's a lot of good idea

It's like leverage for those who want to become a successful entrepreneur

rishav jejani

awesome book to read

Charlie R Wheaton
You Hold The Key

Super important read Un- Lock It for my business, when Dan says lock and loaded it's like fire it's time to start your show now. I was shown how to communicate my own value, success is no magic pill but it requires effort by using strategies and putting systems in place by really implementing them and you hold the "Key"! Thank you, Sifu Dan Lok

Jesús Miguel Flores Tarazona
Dan Lok´s best book by far

I´ve read other books from Dan Lok but this is without a doubt the best book he has written.

I think I will keep reading this book over and over again during my career.

There is so much to learn from this book, you always get something new whenever you get back at it.

And also the book and content is so well put together that you read it in a breeze and you understand the concepts really easily.

Dan Lok is truly a teaching master.

I think the biggest shift I got from this book, was understanding the concepts of wealth triangle and high income skills in depth.

Because everyday I´m more convinced that everything that Dan Lok is teaching in this book is more accurate than ever.

We´re in a new economy where a college degree doesn´t guarantee success for you.

So we need to equip ourselves with the most valuable skillsets to make a living and with the concepts of the wealth triangle to grow rich.

Definetely I feel this book is condensed version of the best information Dan Lok has been teaching in all his youtube videos and courses.

I would definetely recommend this book to all entrepreneurs because I know they can learn from this book in whatever stage they are in their journey of success.

Ayodeji Alo

Unlock It