Unlock It

The Master Key to Wealth, Success, and Significance                

Unlock It is the result of the last decade of Dan Lok’s personal work with thousands of entrepreneurs, business leaders, and top CEOs that have implemented his philosophy on wealth, success, and significance.

Unlock It: The Master Key to Wealth, Success, and Significance (eBook and Audio Book)

Following the blockbuster international best-seller, F.U. Money, Dan’s fifteenth book Unlock It is his most inspired work yet. Using his personal success story, the good, the bad, and the ugly, Dan details how anyone can use Wealth Triangle Dynamics to create financial independence regardless of the economy.

Dan teaches people all over the world how to identify their personal High-Ticket Skills, using them to create wealth in their jobs, businesses, or entrepreneurial ventures. Unlike most business books that expound on theory and paint motivational pictures, Dan provides hard-hitting knowledge with clear directions on exactly how to make money, keep money, and grow money with confidence.

The book is raw, funny, and exploding with all the techniques Dan used to become a multi-millionaire and one of the most influential businessmen in the world. His charge is clear; he is on a mission to create more entrepreneurs in the world that will compound to create the greatest lift of overall global wealth.

Who This Book Is For

Unlock It is a business goldmine for entrepreneurs, CEOs, educators, and anyone looking to gain financial independence. Whether you are trying to get that promotion, figure out how to quit your job and become a freelancer, launch your entrepreneurial idea into a business, scale your existing business to the next level, or turn your current success into something very significant, Unlock It has something for you.

What You’ll Get Out Of The Book

Customer Reviews

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Errol Flynn
Unlock It: Unlock The Essential Knowledge

Been so grateful to take a copy with me for educational purposes, but I've been blessed more than what I have expected to get from this extraordinary book.
So much essential knowledge I have unlocked. It made me realize that there are a lot of what I can still learn even though I'm still in the introduction of unlocking my true potential by adapting the level of thinking beyond an average human's mind.

Ryan Njiru
Awesome book, I’m really loving it

I’m learning a lot with the book

Tee Taylor
Great Read

I really enjoyed the book. It gave practical steps. Though I've read a lot of these types of books, this one gave me the push I needed to get started again.

Brandon Hamlin
Best decision I ever made

Loved it.

I love you Dan Lok

My sincere thanks to the great man, Dan Lok

You always deliver more than you promise

You have disclosed all I need to Unlock my potential and become the fest version of myself.

Thanks lot.

Much love for you.


Great introduction to Dan as well as good guide for starters in the entrepreneur path. Giving as well free introduction to the high ticket offers as well as sales copy.
Thank you so much Dan, the next product i'm getting is your copywriting secrets.


Very nice book that gives real life experience on the basics of life to success, which some I have started applying myself and saw the difference.
I met him through an AD on IG few months back, and soon i will be launching my product on kickstarter, this guy is a blessing from the heavens.
This guy is totally legit, love it.
My next purchase, "COPYWRITING SECRETS"

Emmanuel Essel Afful
Proven secrets are working

I have read a couple of Dan Lok’s free books and I can say with confidence Unlock is also among the best.

I’ve been opened up to some real wealth advice. Thank you Dan Lok

Teresa Coker-Smith
Wake-up call

I got a wake-up call like no other while reading Unlock It. It was as if my whole life was laid bare before me and I could see where I’d made the wrong turns and where I could have done some things differently. For anyone who is older like me this book is helpful in all walks of life. If you’re younger just do what Sifu Dan says and don’t waste your life procrastinating and never being bold enough to take a calculated risk and fulfill your true potential.