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Awesome. An eye opener course

This course was a true eye-opener for me. It provided deep insights and practical knowledge that I had never encountered before. The content was well-structured and the instructors were incredibly knowledgeable and engaging. I now feel much more confident and equipped to apply what I've learned. Highly recommend this course to anyone looking to gain a fresh perspective and valuable skills.

Paid Ad Secrets
Obed Tari
I love this Course

Super Practical Content. I use this to advertise my product on Facebook locally. Highly Recommended for Marketers and copywriters.

Money Worth Moments

Sifu Dan Lok gives you the formula for creating a scalable business with three numbers.

Perfect Closing Script
Andrei Precup
Perfec Close

You don't want a method that works even when your prospect doesn't follow the questions you prepared in advance, do you?

You don't want a script that no matter what the prospect says you know what to say next, do you?

You don't want a way to be in control of the conversation and not act needy for the sale, would you?

If you didn't answer yes to any of the above question, then this probably isn't for you. Otherwise, give it a try and see the results for yourself.

Million Dollar Agents
Jana Kuricová
Great book!

Absolutelly great book! In this book you can discover secrets regarding sale of Real estates. I absolutelly recommend it!

Prospecting Secrets
Andrei Precup
You Wouldn't Be Interested In Another Way To Increase Your Pipeline, Would You?

You wouldn't be interested in another review, would you?

You wouldn't want to get past the gatekeeper, only to find out that they secretly put you down, would you?

You wouldn't be interested in a way to close that doesn't involve pressure on you, the caller and your prospect, would you?

You wouldn't be interested in a way to leave voicemails that make the prospect to call you back and qualify himself at the same time, would you?

If any of this doesn't apply to you, don't buy the course. Otherwise, give it a try and see the results for yourself.


This is sooooo amazing! I don't know how I converted clients in the past after this session... Everything some business owners need to generate leads is here! If you thinking "Do you need this?" only what I have to say, is if you don't go through this, you don't know what you lose... :)

Amazing Value

I love how practical the lessons are. I definitely got my monies worth!

Higher margins

Higher margins will increase the business revenue.

Talk Less Close More
Rohan Shrestha
Talk less close more

It is indeed which everyone must follow.

Everyone needs this

Everyone needs this 'High-Ticket Closing Skill' course.

Premium Package Secrets
Rohan Shrestha
just 1 word


Advanced Wealth Triangle
Rohan Shrestha
Got to know what are High-Income Skills

digital marketing, copywriting, closing,

Practical and applicable

Fantastic courses, filled with practical and applicable techniques and strategies to optimise mindset and thought processes to ultimately achieve goals.


Amazing!!! Every single video I learned a lot and took notes so I can go over them and revisit the key points mentioned by Dan! PURE GOLD VALUE! The best value for me was, if you don't feel a little fear on what you are about to do next, then you are not growing! You are just comfortable!! Ready to stop being comfortable and start taking action even if I feel a little fear about it. Onto his next course! Highly recommended

Think Like A Millionaire
Gabriela Szczerbuk

Mine biggest woow was is: if You don’t earn 100k a year you cannot afford to tv. I love it!

F.U. Money
Elly Disi

It's not just a book but a grandeurs citadel of success wisdom to unlock your wealth persona to achieve great feats in life. Enjoy it's a great read!!

I could not stop once I started

This is phenomenal. The course gave me a different perspective of wealth. The insights I gathered from this course is priceless and I learnt so much in the last 3 hours that I did not learn in my entire school life.

Such a great course - I wish I took this FIRST before any other Dan Lok program

I cannot recommend this course enough. In this course, Dan explains that our messes in our life hold us back more than we ever realize. “Make Your Bed” as a book is an amazing compliment to this course and homework assignment. Attention to detail. How we do one thing is how we do everything.

Talk Less Close More
Sandra Nolan
The BEST Selling/closing framework EVERY Salesperon needs!

I have been a student of Dan Lok for 4 years and his content, advice, framework, and guidelines are my north star. EVERY single recommendation he has made has worked for me - especially the importance of note taking, tonality and the kind of questions to ask to reduce buyers resistance and increase buyers acceptance.
Love Dan Lok! I am very thankful and appreciative for his work. It has helped me immensely.

Worth Every Penny. Can't Believe It's On Sale!

I took the advice and implenented it into my daily life, right away, because highly effective habits eventuall produce highly effective results.

A golden brick road!

Found this masterclass immensely valuable as the guide I will need to be on the right path and mindset towards my wealth expertise and self-investment (the best investment of all). My biggest take-away is knowing where to start which builds my foundation of my goals I need to work towards knowing this masterclass will then continue to guide the next level when I do reach it. Thankyou Dan Lok and team, appreciate it


The mindset and approach is 5 stars alone but what I like, is the questions being asked. I feel like is protecting people from just jumping in and in fact, taking the time to dig deep to build the foundations and truly understand what you need to do when you fully go into this. A lot of what Dan said makes sense and the wealth triangle has given me the route to decipher where I should be pushing my high-income skills and maybe what other high-income skills I have. I love the long term goal of becoming an investor - that was never in my vision and the more I take it in, the more it excites me and makes sense. It's the way to build fortunes and gain influence.

Very much needed.

Love the way it addresses messes and look at things I had no idea that were holding me back from success and abundance. Awesome strategy for how to conquer it. Great details on the why and how.

F.U. Money
My Review

Nice !