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More Sales Cards
Artemio Romo
More sales cards

I am definitely enjoying my more sales cards , It is a wonderful way to find answers for objections that we actually get in life .
I definitely recommend to get your more sales cards ASAP. You get to play and learn at the same time.
Thank you Dan Lok for this powerful tool.

One of the greatest courses from Dan Lok Shop

Copywriting is one of high income skills that should not be overlooked! After learning, I can implement immediately!
Highly recommended even you know nothing or inexperience in copywriting. It gonna change your though and the way you write after joining this course.
Thank you Sifu Dan!

Copywriting Secrets
Pablo Rosales
Great info

Super helpful and useful this really works to understand how to improve the way you an others makes sales this really worth it

Watch This If You Don't Feel Confident

This is good training for those who need more confidence in your life. If you're not able to feel confident in yourself, it will be hard to achieve anything great so I recommend watching this training.

F.U. Money
Jan Kolbabek
Amazing book

One of the best books I have ever read. Great tips for everyone who wants more in life.

A Great Wealth Trigger To Remind To Do Things That Make Me Uncomfortable To Get What I Want

Once I am able to find the perfect place to place this canvas I plan to look at it every day. It is a good reminder to myself that I need to change who I am when I am reaching to the next level of success. I recommend anyone who wants a good wealth trigger and a reminder that it is important to upgrade our identity and not just our skills. If our identity doesn't change it won't matter what methods and how much effort we put into it. The subconscious has a way to pull us back because we didn't change our identity. We can only accomplish to the limits of what we identify ourselves to be.

Close like a Pro😎

These cards makes your calls fun! you are no longer intimidated by your prospects objections because you are confident to handle them.. they only way to help your prospects is to close them.. and these cards will help you just do that! ( assuming you have gone through the HTC training- which is a MUST!! ). I had them initially on index cards when I went through the training, but these are way better.. I feel HTC's energy in them. I wish this product stays exclusively within HTC community only! 😎😈

Unlock It
祐禾 林
grow up~~

this book let me grow up

Persuasion Secrets
Sutinee Chalermwat
A reason why I didn’t reach my goal

A reason why I didn’t reach my goal, because I don’t have a strong WHY. THANKS DAN LOK for unlocking me from my poor mindset. Thank you for BEST YEAR EVER you gave me.

Very Conftable!

I wear this shirt as a wealth trigger often.

It is very comforting. Not transparent like shirts in other cheaper stores. I would recommend this is you want a good white shirt.

F.U. Money
A great ebook

After reading the book I realized I learned many precious things. I confidently recommend this ebook!

Best Value of Money

Signature program by my sife! must join

Love it

But I would recommend watch the YouTube sessions for public speaking too :)

F.U. Money
Diego Moreno

Great tips! So, now, let's begin...

Great Course

This is a great course! I love the quick start guide and how he teaches you to create more income.

Great Course

Great course to learn how to attract versus hunt even with social media accounts. I personally love the QuickStart guide.

Persuasion Secrets
Brent Dorben
Great Persuasion Course

This course is about 2.5 hours long. I learn a lot about how to influence and persuade the people around you. I used this at work to get everyone on track for inventory.

Copywriting Secrets
Brent Dorben
Great Copywriting Secrets Course

You’re going to learn 13 amazing secrets and get two valuable resources that you can use to sell anything to anyone.

This is also a great course to have to learn how to talk to people and get what you want. I go to this for every sales page that I create and make sure I have checked all the boxes.

Unlock It
Unlock It

The book was great Dan hit on some good points to take control of you life.

F.U. Money
rensis wandia
F.U BOOK didn't arrive

I paid the book but it didn't arrive

Amazing Email Autoresponder Secrets

I will use this program every day for my business.
Through this education, I learned the most important in email marketing for my online work.
I would 100% recommend this course to my friends and family.
Sifu's teaching is different, understandable, and a lot of fun.
Thank you!

Unlock It
Hamza ali Alabta
Unlock it

this book will change and modify money concepts and will teach you financial terms. I advice everyone to read this awesome book

Best value with $50

Almost anyone got a mindset problem.
-if you don't make as much or any
- if you don't get the promotion you've been promised
- or if you've been where Ive been, confused at the start of your entrepreneurial life.
Highly recommended

B2B Closing Secret

I really enjoy this course, so practical with plenty of valuable real life examples. I'm definitely benefiting will all the role play recorded by the brothers and sisters from UHTC. I will start to use and set questions based on Discover, Clarify and Quantify to close my clients from now on. Besides that, understanding the 3 levels B2B pains is something that we should definitely pay attention to gain a higher chance of closing the deal. I also like the idea of no one that is related to the deal we should neglect, it is so important to understand and take care of all stakeholders especiy the 5 decision roles ( the creator, the ruler, the explorer, the sage and the hero ). I will take action from what I learn and have many many boom very soon 💪

Email Secrets
Bibek Shrestha
still now not earning by wathinh email secrets videos

still now not earning by wathinh email secrets videos tell me the way of earning then i will invest further .

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