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Unlock Your Abundance
Harbabs Rai Singhal
Unlock your abundance

It was really great to understand these powerful simple strategies to unlock abundance. we are living totally in a mess and what great damage it does to our finances, health, and life. learning these simple technique is very exciting and interesting.
Less mess, more clarity, more energy, more money.

Web Copy Secrets
Credible Course on Copywriting!

Imagine This.

You've found a Legal Line to get your Financial Fear out of your Destiny and You're guided at the Perfect Place,Like...

You're Being Badly Mentored by the Students of the MasterMind Sifu Dan and -

Also Himself!

Feeling, "Oh!, Why I was not exposed to these CopyWriting Essentials Earlier?"

This is the Impact of Immersive Knowledge from our Sifu The Great and his Students...

Even I too had less expectations before,

A Great Example of UnderPromising and OverDelivering.

Still Hard To Believe?

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Unlock Your Abundance
Bavneet Singh
An eye-opening knowledge.

I'm always impressed by Sifu's ability to figure out what I don't know. I couldn't describe it in words but I knew it inside..... I'm grateful for this knowledge, sifu. A huge respect goes out to you!

Highly recommended for people who want to make an impact in what they do

Excellent program Dan Lok put together. He talks about how important it is to have a successful mindset. Influential and motivating!

Absolute Game Changer

By far one of my favorite packages from the Dan Lok store. This is great for someone who want to start a business. Dan talks about the many considerations for starting a business and some key skills you need to get on your way to wealth.

Only Course you need to change your mindset completely

sifu, will give you all the tools you need to be successful in terms of mindset shifts and they will help you a lot through out all areas of your life.
i personally used it and i have became better eveytime i revist the program. i am seeing a massive change in the self image of myself when i do what sifu said.
i was like really good, i need to be consistent with my efforts to make this a part of my self.
thank you sifu for making this kind of programs

Everything is Mindset

I have been following Dan Lok on YouTube and taking some of the Dan Lok University courses. The kind of information he is giving out is absolute liquid gold. I am grateful to have come across someone who can speak to his audience with such simple language and in a firm tone. Whenever I hear him speak, it sounds like it’s from his heart. Thank you again, Dan. I look forward to your S.M.A.R.T challenge and taking many more of your programs.

Insightful experience, where you don't even learn this in school !!

Powerful insights I've never had learned before, you will be learning stages and listed wealth triangles to make you wealthy. Highly recommend for a lifelong plan!!!

Advanced Wealth Triangle
Yogesh Chandra

This Wealth Triangle Masterclass is full of amazing knowledge, which anyone can apply to their life “ONLY IF THE WANT TO BE WEALTHY “.

Sir Dan Lok literally tells you about how money actually works.

Advantages of this master class:
1. Simple
2. Powerful
3. Effective

Thank You Sir Dan for letting us your knowledge, I promise you that I will be a different person in next 5 years.

Prospecting Secrets
Michael Newman
Great Value

The content and delivery are well worth the cost of the course. This type of knowledge can only come from people who have been there and done what they are teaching. Dan Lok is one of those people.

Thank you and continue the great work.


Follow Up Secrets
Mario Diaz Vega
The big money is in the follow up

The main lesson from this course is that I realized how I'm leaving a big amount of money on the table if I don't follow up. Also, I learned how not to do follow up and common mistakes salespeople make when they are doing follow up.
Besides that, I consider the given scripts very useful because they sound natural and not aggressive.
And last but not least, the right mindset and psychological shift necessary to do it well.

Referral Secrets
Mario Diaz Vega
To get more referrals I need to be more referable

I really appreciate this course. Dan goes deep into this program explaining why we shouldn't disregard referrals as a source of clients, the best opportunities to ask for referrals, some scripts, and different secrets. The main lesson for me is this: to get more referrals I need to be more referable. That's something I need to improve if I want to have more referrals.
The scripts and referral secrets give clarity on the right way to get more referrals.

Premium Package Secrets
christine bodenschatz li
very surprised

I was overwhelmed with Dan' s generosity in sharing so much valuable knowledge. Very accessible and, may I say, also very charming and captivating untill the last minute. Thank you. You made me want to go on.

Great start and valuable information

6 Steps To 6 Figures
Robert Poindexter

The biggest takeaway from 6 Steps to 6 Figures was realizing we as individuals sell ourselves everyday. I began understanding that even as an individual with zero skills or a business, that the learning you do everyday is the start to building your celebrity authority status. Sooo much value given here! I had to pause several times just to have a side note of "ahh haa" moments and ideas that poured on how i can incorporate these steps into my everyday life. Thank you Dan Lok!

Unlock It
Teresa Coker-Smith
Wake-up call

I got a wake-up call like no other while reading Unlock It. It was as if my whole life was laid bare before me and I could see where I’d made the wrong turns and where I could have done some things differently. For anyone who is older like me this book is helpful in all walks of life. If you’re younger just do what Sifu Dan says and don’t waste your life procrastinating and never being bold enough to take a calculated risk and fulfill your true potential.

An Important Course for any High-Ticket Consultant

Another critically important course for any High-Ticket Consultant.

Here are my 3 Biggest Takeaways:

1) Best way to get paid as a consultant
- Don't be a bill collector but charge up front or use auto-billing instead

2) 4 Kinds of Activities in Business
1. Money Now: hunt aggressively and get clients quickly from just a week or month long hunt.
2. Money Monthly: work at not needing to hunt as much.
ie) Retainers
3. Money In The Future: work a bigger opportunities that take time to come to fruition.
4. Personal Media Platform: work at never needing to hunt again

3) 3 Master Keys To Attracting High-Ticket Clients:
1. Personal Media Platform
- A place that lets prospects mature to potential clients
- By the time prospects arrive, they are pre-disposed, pre-interested, pre-motivated and pre-qualified to do business with you.

2. Conversion Mechanism
- Where they come from... they should ALL go through the SAME intake procedure.
- An organized intake is a MUST to "convert" high-ticket clients.
- It's designed to sift and sort clients automatically.

3. High-Ticket Closing Skill
- You must have the skill to be able to qualify and close these prospects in one single phone call.


The advanced wealth triangle is all you need to build your wealth! Highly informative! This course has given me a greater prospect on what it takes build wealth and what skills are required. One of the major things i will be taking away from this course is "Increase your income so you can invest, scale your company so you can invest". Thankyou!

Find time to THINK!

Loved every advice given! How important it is to ask yourself: What is next? What I don't see? This will open your mind to creative ideas and find the real problem solution. 👌

It's a great learning experience

Hey Dan, The modules are really crisp and to the point. Thanks for that!
Just have one question from ' 7 Keys To Unlocking Your Confidence'
- Regarding deposit positive thought in memory back. What if we have a negative experience which we know from our life and has been a learning. Does a mention of it and learning thoughts has an overall impact.
This will help me as I try incorporate learning from your sessions. Thank You!

Conversion Secrets
Christian Sales
An essential course for getting more CONVERSIONS!

This course is essential for anyone selling anything!

Here are my 3 Biggest Take Aways:

1) 3 Essential Numbers you must know to grow any business:
1. Cost to acquire customers (CAC)
2. Return on time invested (ROTI)
3. 30-Day Sales Cycle

2) You need emotional appeal not just logical
- People buy because of emotion and justify with logic
- When you are selling it's always a transfer of emotions
- You need high energy to transfer information better
- Different stories can affect the selling price

3) The less you talk, the more you sell!
- People don't buy because you understand what you sell. People buy because they feel understood.
- They feel understood when they answer your questions.

That transformed my perspective on how to approach when people don’t know me yet.

Amazing insights from Dan Lok. I now have the confidence to talk to prospects without coming across as a typical sales person or telemarketer. I like how he is direct and is just different than any other salesperson I’ve seen and will completely change the way you approach sales and “cold calls.”

Marketing Secrets
Daniel Dias-Alves
Worth it

This really helped me understand a lot more about how to market myself so much more now. Thank you so much SIFU!! Can't wait to join HTC!

This changed my perception completely

Prospecting has always been the #1 stressor for me when it came to generating income. I was TERRIFIED to ask someone for money. Dan makes this simple and clear. You can through the Imposter syndrome out the window and grab a notepad. It's time to learn.

Wealth Attraction Secrets
Christian Sales

Another eye-opening course from Dan Lok with many money worth moments!

Here are my 3 Biggest Take Aways:

1) Gratitude Attracts Wealth
- You cannot feel poor if you are grateful!
- When you are grateful for what you already have, you will naturally attract more for which you can be grateful for.
- Start every morning with mentioning the things you are grateful for!

2) Smell the leather to elevate your frequency!
- Every once in a while, it's good to buy the most expensive version of something, just to learn what it feels like to get the most expensive something.
- Once your mind expands to a new context it's hard for it to contract back down.
- You will also benefit from directly experiencing how the most expensive thing is made and how it's marketed and serviced.

3) Use Affirmations when you wake up and at night before you sleep
- Affirmations program your subconscious which works non-stop for you.
- Affirmations eventually change your identity to a higher level
- Affirmations give you more energy to act positively towards your goals.