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Amy Lee
Thank you for CopyCademy!!

This is the reason i join Copycademy. I am appreciate to have Copycademy family's support and the most valuable knowledge in this program for my copywriting journey.

Afnan Saeed
It's amazing to have the opportunity to learn from World's best copywriters.

Some of the world's best copywriters literally share their best kept secrets to their success! That's years or even decades of experience packed in super valuable sessions. I totally recommend any beginner and expert copywriter, marketer, and business owner to invest in CopyCademy.

Nguyen Dana Huynhová
Copycademy changed my life. There is no limit when you are High Income Copywriter

I just love it!

Jason Mark Ibarra Cruz
Grateful to be in Copycademy, great takeaways.

I love how we directly learn from some of the best copywriters and marketers in the world to take our skill to a whole new level fast!

Antoine Gramont
I earned $100,000+ in a little bit over one year

Back in April 2020, I remember being broke, but full of excitement.

A poor version of myself, but with big dreams.

And I committed to my vision of being a successful copywriter until it happened.

Now I charge 25.000€ + 20% of the net income, for a DFY funnel.

But I am not thinking in money anymore.

I can go to any shop and buy the thing I want.

I can go to any restaurant and never look at the price section.

And that's all thanks to Dan Lok and the skill he taught me.

Mike Miller
I want to thank Dan Lok, for giving this opportunity to learn Copywriting from the Best in the World

"I am so grateful for being able to sharpen my skills.

If you want to start learning or wish to improve your knowledge in Copywriting, then it's time to join Copycademy!

Liam Dhollander
Copycademy helped me a lot with my skill development.

The knowledge inside the program is amazing for both beginners and more experienced Copywriters.

So wherever you are in your career, you’ll definitely find the things that you need ,to get to the next level.

Lisa Scheiblhofer
Improve your copy fast by learning from the masters

Quite early I learned that if you want to be a better copywriter, you have to learn from people who have done it before you. I love Copycademy because it gives me the chance to learn from different pros!

Adam Nassor
One Masterclass made me 5k less than a month later. I’m so glad I joined Copycademy!!!

Learning the webinar script was so valuable… I sold copy to a business owner and told him, if I make him 50k with it, I get 5k.

Well, they launched on Thursday, I got paid on the Sunday after !

I also got Killer advice in the Extreme Copy Makeover, it’s amazing how many insights A-list copywriters can give in just one piece of copy.

In a nutshell : Decades of experience distilled into concise lessons one can immediately implement.

Kelly Suchey
Does the dream of being the best copywriter spark your imagination?

Want to be the best? Does the dream of being the best copywriter spark your imagination? Then Copycademy is for you! Copycademy training keeps us on top of the constantly changing industry trends and teaches us how to sharpen our copywriting skills. We are learning from industry leaders in each specialty, and it shows.

Sun Ricky
"I got my first client for 3000$! It was very hard to get but I am so happy. "

I also want to specifically thanks for the feedback that I collected from my last copyjam session to the copycademy family. I am not in the facebook group yet because my trail just ended.

Advanced Wealth Triangle
Michael Goldbaum
Dan Lok is a great mentor for the Wealth part of your life

Great value for money, which was free thanks to Dan Lok's team! They seem to give allot value for the price they charge, I will definitely consider his other courses to learn my high income skills and possibly to have Dan Lok as even more of a mentor! 5 stars for me.

F.U. Money
Gilmara Lopes Barros
Didn't receive my package yet :(

I haven't received my package yet :(

John Davis
Investment, Time Mind Money.

Thank You my Good Friend. This indeed added Value to my understanding. I Deeply appreciate your sincere desire to give people such as myself the tools to succeed in business.

Freelancing Secrets
Just Wow!!!

Every time Dan Lok do a Role Play it’s is pure gold!! In a simple but professional way He show what it closing a sale!!! Wow


You guys are awesome! Now I see all the stuff I was doing wrong. I had like 3 accounts closed down because of all this I was missing.

Let's do it again now, but compliant!

I didn't even know what compliant meant 😄😅...

Thanks a lot, really helpful. 🤗

Prospecting Secrets
Anthony D'Ovidio
This is a sales call.... Do you want to hang up?

Great content from the Dan and the team. These tips on how to keep your potential leads engaged whole being direct is great. They seem simple, but everyone seems to be leaving these skills.

Control the conversation. Be confident. Be sincere. You will not be disappointed.

Don't be shy! Role play to practice. These are skills that need to be polished to generate leads.

Now can you do me a favor? Can you check your calendar for a time next week so we can drive deeper on how this content will help you?

6 Steps To 6 Figures
Anthony D'Ovidio
Don't read this review

I aspired to take the leap of faith and start a venture on my own. I am currently doing research on where to begin. I found the webinar very insightful and there were a lot of theories that I can incorporate into my daily life and future business. It was probably foolish on my part, but at this point in time, I do not know if i was ready for this lecture considering I am just starting out. Even though this lecture was not directed towards me, I still took away a couple tidbits on how to get started. For people who already have an established business and want to take it to the next level, I think that this lecture was FANTASTIC! There were a lot of ideals that I believe can take someone's business to the next level.

Some key takeaways for me:

The "ice berg" analogy really resonated with me. I definitely think that a lot of marketing/messaging that one wants to sell to someone is only skin deep. To really sit down and come up with a TRUE reason why your customer should buy from you I think is the ultimate irresistible offer.

My second big takeaway, which was reiterated by another mentor of mine, do not be too proud to do everything on your own. Leverage your skills with another to make a win-win situation. The win-loses ultimately turn into lose-lose in the long run. Develop relationships that you can monetize, but not only for that reason. Make friends, building relationships, share ideas, have fun, and the best part about it is you can make money doing that.

I am writing this review in my car as I am waiting for someone to finish up at their appointment. I really found this lecture truly insightful and I think you will too. There are a couple more lectures from Dan that I want to listen to, because I believe in him. Whether he reads this or not, I appreciate his knowledge and willing to share with me. Listen to the lecture without any distractions. Absorb the information, pause the video, and stop to think about it. You will not regret wasting your time and money. You will find value in this lecture. Signing off. Going to kick some ass out in this world! I hope you are too!

6 Steps to 6 Figures

This is by far the best course I have ever attended. It is life changing. The strategies shared are practical and with commitment can be implemented.
Thank You

Unlock It
Faiz Ab

My second book from Dan lok. Unique style! If you like unlock it, I also think you would like F. U money, which is also one of Dan's famous works

F.U. Money

Different type of thinking.

TAKE-AWAY Follow Up Secrets / Secret #7 Content-Based Follow Up To Trigger Reciprocity

I learnt a lot from this course and how to effectively follow up with my clients by providing value. After this course I never ever use the words ''I am calling to follow up''... etc, I always enjoy learning from Dan Lok and implementing them to add a great value to my businesses. THANK YOU!!

Amazing Course!

Thank you Dan for this course! I'll immediately get shit done!

Prospecting Secrets
mary emmanuelle
prospecting secrets

stop cold calling, use the right tonality, reverse psychology tactics.

Higher Margins Better Clients
Arkadiusz Krzywda
Cost Of Inaction

This is a guide to earning more. I put in some of the things Dan talked about right away, and it worked. This course should cost 10x more. I recommend this course for everyone that want to grow their business. Thanks Dan and I can't wait to learn more from you.