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Useful in any way of your life.

As an 18 year old entrepreneur, the closers black book is very helpful in any situation that you use the information for. Invest in yourself is the way to go.

Beautiful Calendar

Love the mindset affirmations. Best calendar ever! Attached is a pic. Notice the infographic in the corner.

Great Reminder In Hat Form

I got this hat to remind me of many things that are associated with the word “Billions”.

Such as thinking long-term, having the mindset of a wealthy person, abundance, and so on.

If this hat isn’t on display, I’m wearing it. If I’m not wearing it, it’s on display.

Billion Dollar Cap!

I really enjoyed opening this package and immediately experiencing the profound quality of these two caps!

I know when I put any one of these on and head out the door, I am making a statement! And what an AMAZING conversation starter these are, especially in my realm of Real Estate investing!

Very good

Very good

I am Closer

The hat is unique and special because of the word “CLOSER” in gold colour and Sifu Dan’s signature at the back. I am proud being Closer from HTC. I will wear it in Masterclass and also in public, show off who I am and attract people come to me for help 😁

I am copywriter

I love it especially the word “High Income Copywriter” and also Sifu Dan’s signature at the back too, it’s best quality as well. It’s make me feel excited being High Income Copywriter with the hat! I will wear it more often to get the attentions who am I.

A reminder!

That no matter where I am... I will write my destiny!

Quality hat!

Me: Cash, PLEASE! 😁

Good quality

Fits good! Looks nice! Great wealth trigger!


Nice shirt good fit and a great wealth trigger


The pen itself it’s really beautiful, when I hold it I automatically feel amazing!

I sometimes find myself just staring at it. 😂

Thank you Dan Lok sifu for sharing your experience with us.

這本書真的是一本理財書籍的精華,沒有複雜的理論,只有駱鋒師父親身通往財務自由的經驗分享,到2020年的今天依然都非常實用!接下來就是『實戰』了,I’ll see you on the Top, Dan Lok sifu.

Ultimate Training Collection

Ultimate Training Collection

Love Dan’s teaching

It is one of the best book that I have ever read. I joined several course including HTC after reading FU Money. Highly Recommend!

Love It

As a High Ticket Closer, I'm constantly taking notes when learning and this HTC Journal definitely give me that slight edge of confidence when writing on it! (along with the HTC pen!)

The Peak of Deal Closing

Absolutely brilliant advice and the final touches are in this book to anyone looking to be more effective at closing deals in all areas of life.

I only had just over enough to get this to my name when I purchased it, and it has turned out to be the best decision of my career. 10/10, would buy again.

Truly learn lot from this book as break out my old and dated mindsets of wealth

Amazing product!

Not only it’s a beautiful case, but it’s doing the job. My iPhone 11 Pro Max is fully protected 🔥



Great wealth trigger

Whenever I feel a little down I hit the button and hear what I need too to keep going

i dont know

i havent received my orders ye can you please check the shipping address?




I love caps!! With that I'll have to get another... I want one in black too,

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