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It Wealth Trigger Motivate me to focus practice keep writing

HTC Closer Hat

This is my way of wearing the Cape when I am in Casual Clothing and It is a Great Conversation Starter. I Love my Wealth Trigger.


I will use this Mug everyday
The handle fits my hand
This Mug has enough volume and very stable
It came very well packaged all the way to NZ in less than a week. Very fast delivery.

Sifu signature shirt

This amazing shirt not only makes you feel comfortable wearing it, it makes you stay focus on what you want in life very nice wealth trigger .
I recommend it very much for all of those who are getting into the real world of wealth. Let’s make a lot of money . Yea

The best way to grow and manage weath

The paradigm of the advance wealth triangle gives me the strong confidence to succeed in my life goals of being successfully from financially.

Awesome Shirt

Great Wealth Trigger. It keeps me on task as I strive daily to be the best High Ticket Closer I can be.

There Are No More Secrets

This was one of my first courses in my process of becoming a copywriter. That was what brought me into Dan Lok University later. The value I got from that course, I did not appreciate at first; maybe because it was too top-notch for me. But now that I look back, I see it was not what I wanted to be, but it was what I needed to hear in order to succeed.

Copywriting Secrets course- Highly recommended !!!

I would like to share with you my experience and feedback about the Copywriting Secrets Course from DAN LOK.

This course allow to understand in a better way how to sell by writing.

During the course you will got a point of view how to recognize your target customers and give them value.

I really recommend to learn and implement this course.

‏ Thank you,

Ilan Yehoshua,
Business Consultant, Israel.

Great Course

A great insight into the world of persuasion.

Value shared is definitely 5x of price.

I am thankful to Sifu Dan and his fellow mentors who have shared immense value in the Copywriting Secrets. Like the strategies shared are very practical , implementable and powerful. The price we are paying in exchange of this is surely a no-brainer.

Highly recommended. - Persuasion secret course.

This course allow me to get more effective tools and ideas how to improve me persuasion ability in order to get more YES from pepole I deal with them daily base.

The course very useful for everyone how deal with customers, Colleagues and suppliers.

It’s also very effective for our personal live in order to get what we want.

Highly recommended.

No Fluff Copywriting Secrets

If you are in Asian countries, these copywriting techniques works fabulously for your sales pages and ad copy as well.

Persuasion secrets

The art of persuasion is one of the things that you should master if you want to take your financial life to the next level, and in this course, Dan will share with you some of his precious secrets to help you achieve your goals.

Copywriting secrets

Copywriting secrets is one of the best Dan’s online course , you can improve your skills very faster , and that just for 50$.

very informative

The videos were very informative. It was a step by step informative process that is very good for a novice like me

Amazing .

Dan Lok is ( THE BEST TEACHER AND MENTRO ) If I were you , I'll buy this course without hesitation .

Good For Public Speaking and Making Videos

Dan's YouTube channel has millions of subscribers so this course is a must buy if you want to do public speaking or start a YouTube channel.

Great Deep course!!

It's an amazing amazing course for everyone to do. Specially people in Sales and Marketing.

Copywriting .

This was the best course that I could have for the price and length compared to the market . In this course you gonna know : What is Copywriting ? , A lot of high value informations , How to get started , and a lot of things . Trust me this course worth a lot than 50 dollar . Thanks a lot Dan .

Persuasion Secrets

a good course



Copywriting course was very informative and helped in scaling my business.

Copywriting course was very informative and helped in scaling my business.

Great startingpoint

I got the Copywriting Secrets class to find out more about copywriting - since I did not know how that works properly - Dan Lok picks me up from point zero - explains what copywriting is and how to get started with some simple but sharp hacks that help to build a career as a high income copywriter

A quick course but a permanent learning

This was the best course that I could have for the price and length compared to the market. It´s incredible the amount of content that you can learn of this skill and implement as soon as you finish it! That was a great way for me to start learning Copywriting, now I'm already implementing what I have learned and planning to invest in the bigger programs.


Very useful information!

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