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I loved the course. Learnt techniques I am going to implement now :) Watching him since 2020 and now into his courses :) I am very grateful for his courses :) Thank you Dan Lok :)

Amazing courses

Thanks for the quality of the content, it's a must have if you are a closer !

should be common knowledge!!!

Dan Lok... you have changed my life so much in so little time. I have been upleveling my confidence the last couple of days, and already, huge opportunities have been coming my way... I was the only one who sat in the front row at a church conference tonight.. I felt SO CONFIDENT!! I am applying the things you taught me quickly.. I met my amazing Coach Ava tonight and I had my first amazing Bible Study with Pastor Crews today.. both are prominent leaders.. doors are swinging open... and I know it has to do with my increased confidence! Thank you SO MUCH!

Life Changing Lessons

After taking Shifu Courses your life will never be the same and its has a profound impact and Gives an Exceptional Clarity and get you Unstuck!!

Follow Up Secrets
Davis Hammes
Follow up Secrets - easy to do, easy not to do

Follow Up Secrets opens your eyes to what else is out there aside from all the NEW leads you can turn your focus to and how much money you're actually leaving on the table if you don't do follow-ups.

Highly recommended !

Great Motivation

Not getting shit done is mostly an issue of mindset, rather than not having enough time. Dan Lok gives great new insights and tips to shift this mindset and get things done. I have started applying some of them directly after finishing this program and am curious on how much of a difference I will notice in the next days/weeks.

Conversion Secrets
Jennifer Mauerhofer
Super insightful and eye opening!

1. It is Not about the thing. It’s about the thing that sells the thing.
2. Your words are more powerful than an army.
3. It’s not the problem that is the problem.
It is how you think about the problem.

Offer Secrets
Life changing experience for your business!

If you're struggling figuring out what you sell and how, this program is absolutely the best! Gives clarity in developing a real - desired offer!

Talk Less Close More
Laetitia Jiang

Just insane ! Helped me a lot, I have always considered myself as a good sales because I can talk a lot but with the course "Talk less close more". I reconized that I was totally not listening to my clients and I was a very bad listener. Now i know that I have to focus on the active listening.

Extremely Valuable

As always Sifu delivers more value and insight to prepare you to take massive action and utilize the lessons in this training to launch into success.

Advanced Wealth Triangle
Benjamin Otoo
Very Insightful and Easy To Implement Information

Got a very clear understanding of how to make money and build wealth. Very Practical and easy to implement. Great new exposure. Thank you so much.

Web Copy Secrets
Mario Diaz Vega
An Outstanding Compilation of Copywriting Lessons

I really enjoyed this program. It really goes deep into how to create copy that persuades and converts. Dan Lok's Copywriters are good at explaining the different lessons and how copy works. In the beginning, looks like a lot of information but after some videos, you want more.
I really liked the 6-step formula, is really practical and easy to remember.

Copywriting Secrets
Mario Diaz Vega
Secrets to Close in Print and Convert Words Into Money

Great course! It gives you in simple words, powerful tips about copywriting, helping you to convert words into money. I realized that this skill can literally change your results from night to day. For me, it was a good introduction to copywriting and continuing to improve this skill. The one-sentence persuasion secret gave me really good tips about how to write better copy.

F.U. Money
This book changed everything

This book is a game changer! I can't imagine I have been going on without reading this book trying to have a better relationship with money.
I definitely recommend it to you whether you are a business owner or not.

Referral Secrets
Mari Quiros
Excellent course

My partner and I found this course a very excellent way to get more sales. When we talk to clients, it's unexpected to discover they don't have a refferal system, which is kind of free and also very effective. We used to just teach clients to give some a commission for the refferal now after this course we are implementing another ways to take real advantage of every client and its refferal for our business and the business of our clients. Thanks guys

Art Of Copy
Philip J Quirino
Really awesome

He really knows how to actually put the truth in your face with regards to copywriting. It makes complete sense now even further to me than it ever did before and it's helping me to understand earlier studies in copywriting. Truth is within the course and you will see it and when you do you will believe it once you actually start coming up with your own examples to see how it applies to the world and to you as a customer.

Million Dollar Agents
Indrian Cyril Mendoza

Good read

Unlock It
Indrian Cyril Mendoza

Good read

Great insights with practical and actionable steps

Indeed, it has been engaging, insightful, and power packed with practical and actionable steps. Thank you so much

Powerful formats to make yours!

I found it super helpful, the content/templates shared on here will save me so much time in the future! Thank you

Real advice

I have taken a lot off online classes and a lot of teachers talk around how to do things. This course gave som actual advice on what I need to do how what it takes. I have a much clearer vision of his to run my business from now on 👍🏻

Don’t be your own hater

Be who you are and then think! It’s not a matter of making everyone like you, it’s a matter of building a strong self-image.

Think Like A Millionaire
Philip J Quirino
Really awesome

I really like Dan's approach to explaining how it is with the matter of money and how people think. I'm going back through the program again from a few videos that I saw I've already started back at the first one. Whatever really got to say about this guy is that he really tells it like it is he doesn't give you any BS! He's just straight up honest and upfront blunt to the point and the exact truth, about how it is with money and what to do to change your mindset. He and Grant Cardone make Robert kiyosaki look like a clown when it comes to becoming wealthy and Rich! And that's it! Robert kiyosaki is really good for telling only a generalization of things but he doesn't really get specific in telling you how to go from zero to one and then on to two and then on to three etc etc etc. Dan just slams it right in your face with factual statistics, about how it really is and he does not beat around the bush like Robert kiyosaki does.


Some of these topics you will find that you here it every other day , but the way Dan defines it and speak to you it's like you get a new understanding of the word and how much these topics relate to you , and some of it is hard to take in but in the end these are the changes you are going to have to make to be successful.

Thanks DAN


this course allows me to set a business mindset and the ability to understand the power of any skill!