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6 Steps To 6 Figures
Mariano Comba Maggio
Recommended for WINNERS only!

Great course for entrepeneurs that wants to differentiate from their competition, create better offers with so they can add more value to the market with less resistance in their selling.
Specially recommended for new entrepeneurs that need the first steps to connect with the world with more refined strategies.

BOOM !!!!!

Thanks for Balvinder von Dan Lok Team, who leads me to this course. It takes me to the next level, gives me power to make my decision and take action. Thank you so much.

6 Steps To 6 Figures
Ashok Kumar Samal

The introduction is mind blowing

Noticed Instant Improvements

The methods & techniques in this program were so easy to learn and implement. I used them for myself and started teaching them to my kids too. Instant results. :) Great program!!

Quality information and experience

The course has been amazing so far and im so glad i took the leap to invest in Dan. He is so knowledgeable and explains things in such a simple way . Dan is an influencer that actually knows what hes talking about . Thank you Dan Lok

Objection Handling Secrets
Ivelisse Chinea
On the road to success

I had gotten my first sales job and was lost. I didn't know where to go as no one trains you on sales. I started looking at dans youtube channel and loved his approach to sales. I signed up for the 21 days sales challenge and soon after got the closing collection. I review his videos on a daily basis and am always learning something new. My skills have gone up tremendously, the funding i bring in has increased. And I know there is that much more to learn. Thank you Dan for being my teacher, you have taught me so much.

Absolutely valuable!

6 Steps To 6 Figures
Shripati Hegde
Into Business go for it!!!

This was a true eye opener. Powerful steps explained in a very practical way. My favorite take away is the business thru Joint Venture. It is mind blowing idea. Helped me gain lots of insights on how to create product, understand my target customer, how to position, what to offer, different pillars of marketing and joint venture. Overall a great learning.

6 Steps To 6 Figures
Nitin Kapse
Session - 6 steps to 6 figure formulae

Session - 6 steps to 6 figure formulae was really Eye openers for some of the principles of marketing. AHA moment was JV partnership.
Thanks Dan for your insightful strategies on sales and marketing

Unlimited growth ahead

If you are interested in personal growth and wealth, look no further. Sifu is absolutely amazing and delivers new value and new knowledge in every program I have purchased. I can confidently say that he changed my life for the better!

Blew my mind

I liked the red and blue ocean analogy. Understood the importance of creating a personal brand. Understood the "Me Only" concept. Steps to understand the client avatar. Criticality of having a unique selling advantage. How to create an irresistible offer. 7 pillars of authority marketing. Why is JV important. Dan shared his personal examples to get a deeper understanding of each strategy. There was an active participation from people from different industries.

How to sell a high ticket programs and services

From day one (9/14/2022) I purchase this program, every day I am enjoying the program as I am able to put a name in any of my week points and mistake. It seems that Dan was sharing my journey,
Lack of skills (sell)
Lack of speed
more import the lack of knowing THE RIGHT WAY TO START A BUSINESS.
Thank you Dan for sharing what you learn with me. Thank you for this HIGH TICKET UNIVERSITY.
Thank you for encouraging me to become a hight ticket person, a hight ticket buyer.


Advanced Wealth Triangle

That is what i got from this course! WAKE THE FUCK UP!
The insights you will gain from following successful people like DAN is priceless.
No matter how much you "learn" ,you won't learn anything nor will you do shit...until you implement/apply the knowledge you have gained.
Start doing what you want today and don't look back, you have to start moving forward. DON'T STAND STILL. BE PART OF THAT TOP 5%. Most people will fail and give up, the ones that get back up will succeed. AS LONG AS YOU KEEP GOING AND DON'T GIVE UP THE ODDS ARE IN YOUR FAVOUR.
Like DAN said look at the statistics...
Enough said. Thank you Dan Lok and your team for approaching me. You will always be a great mentor. I Can't wait to thank you personally one day.

The Path of Free Agents

I liked the program, it's interesting. But I was thinking it could be better if there is some more content in this program in particular, like some negotiation strategies so we can have more confidence in ourselves when dealing with clients that seem a bit intimidating and we are beginners.


This is the first video I saw, and I am a complete beginner to technology and I could understand her. Amazing. Thank you

B2B Closing Secrets
Juri Battilana
10X increase sales skills after watching this

B2B Closing Secrets is one of my favorites because it drives me into a B2B deal step by step. Learning from Ultra High Ticket Closers' experiences is the best way to get a clear path as a business advisor. B2B is a human-to-human interaction however the complexity and its timeframe requires a deep knowledge of B2B terminologies and processes. I will definitely recommend this course because it would help increase 10X your sales skills in the B2B world.

Very informational!!

Always invest in yourself! That's what I really got out of this.

Great course but still has some part can be improved in the course

I like your way that structure the course, and I like you put gratitude video and recommend books in the course.

After I implement some action steps, I still haven't get shit done in my life.

There is still some knowledge if add into the course can make this course better.

The Best Skill for an Introvert Like Me!

Copywriting is one of the most important skills you want to master to succeed in business.

And Dan is one of the best you could learn from...

the lessons are easy-to-understand and applicable right away.

Get Shit Done
The perfect way to decide who to be... Now!

This is the kind of course that any procrastinator might follow. By the way I'm among that group.

This program shows exactly who to be in order to change the bad habits that are just delaying "the sh*t done' and most of the time success.

A lot of tips that became pearls of wisdom. Good for life, not only for business.

I love the simplicity of creating wealth

I was always searching for the next thing to do and learn.

This course helped me to stay on track and focus on the most important skills that I need to produce income.

Also, I realized that the business I am in is in the right field.

Highly recommend this course.

Thanks Dan Lok.

Think Like A Millionaire
Susanne Friese
Make it part of your library

If you want to become rich, if you want to be successful, the first thing you need to do is to shift your mindset and indentity. If not you will continue to do what you always did and nothing changes. This is why this series us so important to have and to listen to.

Freelancing Secrets
Chad Mwangi
Biggest Insight....

As a PPC Marketer getting into freelancing, this is a eye opener on how to close with a client especially when it comes to pricing; Don`t say Yes or No, propose a short short term deal nd charge them the same as it would be long term

AMAZING - i dont know, how i should describe it any other way

Dan, HUDGE thank you! Your courses are so amazing and i cant believe how many value in each program is. You helped me change my mind about high ticket closing, so it makes it way more comfortable for me, closing 20k and more. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Please, never stop what u are doing. You are really the king of high ticket sales. Lots of love!

Dominion Onyebuchi
It's a 🗝️ to influence and persuade your prospect

In other to influence and persuade your prospect you need to get a copy of this.