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High Ticket Closer
Jordan R.
I earned $25,000 for myself for my own consulting service!

This past week I met someone who was interested in really just getting my help making a video. And he told me his whole business plan. And I was looking at everything - I can offer consulting here and really help take their business to the next level.

Sifu, thank you so much! And so I had a call with him today and I earned $25,000 for myself for my own consulting service, and immediately paid off all my debt in one day in one zoom call!

Authority Positioning Secrets
Authority Positioning

I was working as a freelancer from 1.5 year. I never position my self as an Authority.

I used to have a Scarcity Mindset, work with cheap clients.

I bought the course, Learnt it, Implement it. Build my own website. Positioned my self as an Authority.

And everything changed. Now I have to work with less clients & Earn 10-20X more money.

I recommend you to purchase amd implement the strategies that Sufi had thought.

Wealth Attraction Secrets
Wealth Attraction Secrets

It has changed my life. I have made all the arrangements that Sufi guided me. I also recommended my friends. I am following the action guide & Gratitude medication daily.

If you are Procrastinating or having less clarity about purchasing this course..

Take my words Go for it.. purchase it right now.. implement everything that Dan has told in the video & Change your life..

Truly Resourceful Idea come all in your own idea to create in reality

It amazing course learning 20/80 I recommended How to think like Entrepreneurial

Faster Set Up Better Habit and Manage you Money Better

Going Course The Key Is increasing your income in faster and better and Habit of Mindset Better and Action and Sharing

One thing takeaway is mindset of abundance

Faster Shortcut Best Year Ever

Very Profound Course, It get me transform faster and commitment and desire to better this year and make your life our own term

Objection Handling Secrets
Mario Diaz Vega
How to avoid common mistakes when you are handling objections

A lot of takeaways from this program. Just be aware to not sound like you're reading or imitating someone else. It should sound like a natural conversation. I shouldn't sound like another person, it is not just repeating the technique. The right questions with the right tonality are very important to change the direction of the conversation.
I list some other lessons I've learned:
- Don't argue with the prospect, I'll never close anybody just telling the prospects they are wrong.
- I wanna be prepared for objections so I should list out possible objections (This doesn't mean expecting objections and resistance, just be prepared).
- I should use softening statement, but with the right tonality. Tonality changes totally how sounds each statement.
- When I hear an objection it's almost never the problem, it's a symptom. I should go to the core of the problem (prospects don't trust in me/my product, my product is not the right solution for their problem, they can't afford it, don't trust in themselves) not just the symptom.
- Delays kill sales, so I must use some strategic questions to handle this. I want some kind of commitment from the prospect.
- The correct tonality, questions, and timing are developed only with practice (correct practice!). Is not something that you do, is something you feel. That's why the correct practice and feedback are needed.
- Sometimes, I might bring up the objection before the prospect does. Especially when I get that objection frequently (use this carefully because you can trigger an inexistent objection!).

Prospecting Secrets
Mario Diaz Vega
How to prospect on the telephone the HTC way

A revealing lesson about how to prospect without being the typical salesperson. When you think about HTC you don't think about outbound marketing but this teaches me that it is possible, and if it's correctly applied can have very good results. These are some takeaways from the program:

-One of the biggest mistakes is to treat gatekeepers like enemies or low-level assistants.
-Use FCC to qualify/disqualify prospects, not to make a sale. Doing outbound takes more than one phone call to close a sale.
-The phone is just one method to generate leads (like Youtube, Facebook, and referrals).
-If the person I am speaking with in the FCC is not a good fit, just move on. If it's a fit, then I can transition to the next stage (Next appointment - it could be a phone call, face-to-face meeting, a webinar, or other).

Perfect Closing Script
Mario Diaz Vega
A script to close more sales

The lessons I have learned in this course are really valuable. Is well structured and gives you a blueprint to bring more sales and appointments. The best of this program is that Closing is something I can apply to anything in my life, not just business.
The steps of the closing process, the personality theory, and the tips about positioning are really awesome, you don't find this kind of information easily (at least I).
The main lessons I got from the program are:
-The importance of listening and talking less in the closing process. This is very special because is counter-intuitive, and not what I think when we talk about sales.
-Tonality. The difference between saying the same phrase with different tonality is huge. I can get a totally different prospect response just changing the tonality.
-Set a process. I must set a process from the appointment to the call itself and also the post-calls.
-3 important concepts before the Closing meeting. Exclusivity (people don't want something until they know they can't have it or other people want it), Authority (not being questioned), and Reputation (personal brand, as to be known as)
And at last but not least, is important to roleplay because without practice you don't develop the skill.

Your Thoughts and Actions either Attract Wealth or Repel. You choose what to do.

Sifu taught me 12 Things to Think, Act upon, Change, Make arrangements for... which attracts wealth.

1. Clarity
2. Wealth Thoughts / Wealth Triggers
3. Gratitude
4. Value
5. Skills
6. Self Worth
7. Mastermind
8. Words
9. Fame
10. Place
11. Free of Guilt
12. Action

I'm gonna act upon each one and Attract Massive Massive Wealth.

Love the Wealth Attraction Secrets ACTION GUIDE. Thank you, Sifu 🙏

Boitumelo Malao
Rewire Your Brain

If you want to understand the key dynamics of how modern marketing really works I’d advise you to purchase Influence.

My biggest takeaway is Lokism #2 - People will beg you to take their money if you can make them feel “special” and part of a “private club.”

Unlock It
Boitumelo Malao
Unlock Your Potential

If you’re struggling with the scarcity mindset this book will totally help you shift from scarcity to abundance within the next 30days only if you execute the knowledge.

Negotiation Secrets
Kathy Oevering
Negotiation May Not Be What You Think!!!

Learn the difference between negotiation and closing or you may be losing sales or business!!. Key differences to improve your performance. Learn when you use both. These key distinctions have helped clarify what I'm doing to uplevel my performance. Could this be another tool to gain a slight edge?? It did for me!

Talk Less Close More
Kathy Oevering
Do Less and Make More $$$!!!

Well, listening isn't doing less, but just talking less. Even if you think you are a good listener as I did, I learned even more ways to become even better and uplevel. Even just tweaking a couple of things I was doing has created more people responding better and closing more sales. Thank you Sifu once again.

Prospecting Secrets
Kathy Oevering
Want To Stop Dreading Prospecting?

You might be one of the few that LOVE prospecting, but if not, here's your chance to learn a new, effective way that easy to implement and grow your business faster than you thought possible. Quick, easy action steps on how to prospect is yours here!! Careful - you might even find it fun to prospect afterwards:).

Unlock It
Amit Nath
A Must read book that should have been read when I was much younger!

From the Unhappy Caged tiger to the Falcon in the Sky - The book is a must-read for all those who want to introspect & undergo self-realization

This book had been well thought out after vivid research and there are small areas of life that we mostly neglect had been highlighted.
No only this book talks to you like a mirror but also allows you to redress your self to the better version.

One suggestion have minimal pauses when you are reading the book.
What I meant is that have the time blocked and try to complete in minimal parts.


I never understood the power of persuasion and how to use it for my advantage until watching this course by Dan Lok. Highly recommended to anyone that wants to be more persuasive.

The Best

The one of key foundations to transform your freaking life to awesomeness

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Prospecting Secrets
Rikaza Shakeer
Prospecting secret is NO JOKE !!!!

Prospecting secret is not a joke. You may be a big businessman doing million in transactions but askyourself ... am I satisfied with how I closed my customers ? may be there are ,sometimes the way you close the deal in an arrogant way. These simple but powerful strategies are for everyone not only for the beginners . If you are already in sales you understand more as why you missed the sales before or how you could have done it for your betterment.It's all how you see it and listen to it and implement it with the intention of learning and improving . Each piece ,each time reveal a different story... that's Dan Lok Magic Mastery... Jump in and experience it by yourself.

This training just changed my life!

I recommend this course 100%. It is essential for all people who want to learn how to earn money for real! Dan's knowledge of the capitalist system in order to use it to our advantage to make money and become free is phenomenal! I force myself to watch it very regularly to properly apply the advice. His method of money management is the most incredible I have ever heard. From now on, I know exactly what to do to earn more money rationally, concretely and with kindness for my first clients.

It works !

I recommend this course 100%. It is essential for all freelancers who want to sell more often and expensively and finally be profitable! I force myself to look at it regularly to properly apply the advice. The value ladder method for selling even when the client's budget is tight is just brilliant. No more unproductive sales calls. Just by applying this technique the training is already repaid.

It works !

I recommend this course 100%. It is essential for all consultants and service providers who want to sell more often and expensively! I force myself to look at it regularly to properly apply the advice. The conversion mechanism method is just brilliant. By applying these tips I recently sold my first consulting for 500€ for only 1-2 hours!


very inspiring hour, the hour goes so fast but has a lot of useful tips, I recommended it to everyone who has a business

High Ticket Closer
Zachary Zapata
I'm very grateful and proud to have the HTC 3.0 Certificate in my possession.

What a great sight to wake up to every morning!

I'm very grateful and proud to have the HTC 3.0 Certificate in my possession.

This is a certification that increases my worth in the marketplace, as long as I USE IT (It has proven so). This insight was given to me by another role model (along with Sifu) who taught the importance of leading my life with the assets that matter in the real world.

Leading with my "wallet"- to paraphrase it, and this certificate is indeed part of that.

I'm never going to stop being thankful for the great people in this community who keep it alive and growing. You know who you are!

Things might suck in the short term, but I AM WAY BETTER OFF in the LONG TERM if I commit to taking action that is good for me, rather than what is merely pleasurable.

I'm in this for the long haul.


High Ticket Closer
Jason Tremblay
HTC 3.0 is mind blowing

Hey HTC for the ones that know and the ones that don’t know there’s a awesome program called High Ticket Coach. I received my certificate last week and boy am I proud to have it.

This program really helped me with my closing skills and human relations. Now that I’ve discovered the power of coaching I just can’t get enough of it.

But don’t get me wrong HTC 3.0 is mind blowing. I actually want to go through the program with a HT Coach even if I’m one my self. That’s how powerful coaching is.