Million Dollar Agents

How Top Real Estate Agents Really Create High Income, Wealth and Independence      


Creating true wealth and independence for yourself and your Team in real estate – and closing deals for the most expensive, most luxurious homes simply and effectively. And it is a lot easier than you may think. 

To show you and your Team how this is possible, Dan Lock developed a breakthrough training course calledMillion Dollar Agents

It is a powerful interview series where we interviewed NINE of the top-selling real estate agents in BOTH Canada and America.


Let’s say you want to learn the inside track about how to become a million dollar real estate agent … their mindsets, their habits, what motivates and drives them; how they went from average to the top 1% brokers in America and Canada, and more. 

You’ll find the answers to those critical questions (and more) for you and your Team inMillion Dollar Agents


You’re about to learn:

  • How Richard Robbins  became a real estate million by age 24…in one of the worst recessions in history.
  • How Peter Gain was one of the top 3% of real estate agents in Canada for over 20 years. (He reveals all of it in this training)
  • How Bill Parnaby was ranked as one of the top 1% of LePage real estate agents. He tells how modelling led to his success and how anyone can do the same.
  • How the author ofThe Lazy Realtor,Wade Webbreveals the core secrets that helped him build one of the largest real estate brokerages in Canada
  • And, of course, much more …


Often, the secret for you and your Team to reach the next level of success is a matter of knowing what NOT to do. And more importantly, realizing that it’s who you know …it’s WHO KNOWS YOU … 

At this moment, you are in the fortunate position to extract the strategies of how you can become a Million Dollar Agent– the exact, unvarnished truth about what it REALLY takes to rise to the top of your field in real estate. 

If you want it, this training is waiting for you…for less than $10?

Secret Conversations With Million Dollar Real Estate Agents…

How Top 1% Real Estate Agents Really Get To The Top of The Game – And How To Use Their Secrets To Go From Struggle Or ‘Average’ To Build A Truly Impressive, Financially Abundant Career…

Do wealthy real estate agents know something the rest of us don’t? How do they consistently outperform their peers? And can the so-called ‘average’ real estate agent re-invent themselves using the same strategies these million-dollar agents use?
The answer to these questions – and dozens more – can be found in a tell-all new book called Million Dollar Agents: How Top Real Estate Agents Really Create HIGH INCOME, WEALTH, AND INDEPENDENCE.
Myself, and real estate colleague, Phil Hollander sat down with nine of the leading real estate agents in Canada and America. And we asked them the questions we always hear from up-and-coming real estate agents.

We asked them their secrets to their success. What other agents can do now to begin seeing greater levels of success and income. And ultimately, how to turn a real estate career into a vehicle for wealth creation and an abundant life.

The results? Far exceeded our expectations. We discovered some of the best information we’ve ever heard…from some of the most successful real estate agents still operating today.

Here’s a small insight about who we spoke to and a brief description of what you will hear in Million Dollar Agents…
  • Richard Robbins: How he became one of America’s top 1% of real estate agents at just age 24…in one of the worst real estate recessions in living memory. How to use his unique strategies to succeed in good times and (especially) bad.

  • Peter Gain: What does it take to be in the top 3% of real estate agents in Canada every year for more than 20 years? Peter Gain has the answers…and he gives them to you in this illuminating interview.

  • Colin Bland: On what it really takes to succeed in real estate…and what the single biggest barrier against success that all real estate agents face.
  • Lee Yule: Are there proven systems you can set up for real estate success? Absolutely. Lee Yule reveals the systems that have allowed him to succeed massively in real estate…and how anyone can use these systems.
  • Francis MacDonald: Getting comfortable with being out of your comfort zone…and why that can lead to out-of-the-ordinary levels of success.
  • Bill Parnaby: Ranked as one of the top 1% of all Royal LePage real estate agents, Bill tells you how modelling the success of others can lead to your own real estate success.
  • Noah Dobson: How creating a totally unique client experience can catapult you to massive levels of success.
  • Greta Torlen: World-class real estate sales manager and trainer, Greta gives powerful insights on building your own vision for success and strategic planning.
  • Wade Webb: Author of The Lazy Realtor,Wade shares the secrets that helped him build one of the most successful real estate brokerages in the whole of Canada. And strategies for avoiding the “transactional trap” in real estate and building wealth.

As you can see, Million Dollar Agents is jam-packed with information from nine of America and Canada’s most successful real estate agents.

It is 270 pages of career-boosting information that can help any real estate agent sell more, build more wealth, create their own roadmap for success, and live a financially-free lifestyle to boot.

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Customer Reviews

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Jana Kuricová
Great book!

Absolutelly great book! In this book you can discover secrets regarding sale of Real estates. I absolutelly recommend it!

Indrian Cyril Mendoza

Good read

Charlie R Wheaton
You don't get in Real Estate because you gonna try it

I say do not get into Real Estate until you read Million Dollar Agents first because Real Estate will try you! I am so grateful to read this ebook it's straight to the point. You learn firsthand from the professionals. I know now you must have structure, strategies, and a systems-based business. Million Dollar Agents with 15 and 20 years of experience in Real Estate are in the top 10% in North America very impressive read and I mean literally 1000's Real Estate Agents are my takeaways lessons on how to create a high-income and lifestyle in this business and it has to be about helping others and must be the passion you learn from the best and the top Real Estate Agents by discovering simple facts in the real estate business like how to manage themselves and their relationships, being in the Real Estate market business with the ups and downs of the economy and competing with other agents this Million Dollar Agents is the Ultimate ebook to read especially now with our changing times. Congratulation Sifu Dan Lok I appreciate you and all you do!

Vishal Dolas
Awesome Book

This Book is really nice and teach us how to build career in real estate.
Thank you

Miles Fowler

So much knowledge. Yet so affordable

Burair Abbas

Simply best

Waste no time

Since opening this, I have already joined a commercial brokerage and will start doing big booms selling big buildings! Since starting HTC, my deal sizes have grown 10 times bigger just in 5 months. Thank you Sifu

Enjoyed the book and gave me exact framework how to become a million dollar agent

The book is super easy to read, composed with the knowledge of multiple sales professionals in the world of real estate. It's a step by step guide to become a go to realtor when people are trying to buy or sell a house.

Vangelis Dimos
Million Dollar Agents

Million dollar agents books is the great knowledge source to create a strong Real Estate Agent Mindset. It helped me understand the right mindset that I should use but also some insightful secrets about it. Thank you.