Millionaire Manifesto

The Surprising Secret of the Rich. Discover the Uncommon Secrets of Real-World Millionaires    

In this eBook you'll discover the uncommon secrets of the Real-World Millionaires. 

Have You Ever...

...wondered why some people are wealthy, while others – maybe even you – are not?

...noticed that wealthy people aren't always the most educated, the hardest working, or even the smartest?

...wondered what wealthy people have in their minds that maybe others, even you, may not have right now?

I’ve been in business for more than twenty years now.

I’ve seen some people go on to great success.

Many Have Become Millionaires, Some Even Billionaires

Yet still others – using the same principles they learned from the same sources – aren’t doing very well.

Some even went bankrupt.

What’s the difference?

It is really luck? Take two people.

They can even be a set of twins born of the same parents, with similar backgrounds, experience, and education.

Give them both the same set of tools. 

Let’s say you give them both a shiny new hammer, a box of nails, and a few planks of wood.

What will you discover? One will do well. The other may not.

One may build a dog house. The other may not build anything at all, saying “I’m not a carpenter.”

One may build a lemonade stand and go into business.

The other may build a stool and sit on it.

Again, what’s the difference?

These perennial questions are perhaps more timely than ever.
The Millionaire Manifesto Answers Them In The Unforgettable Voice Of A Very Wise Millionaire

It follows the journey of a young man who was just fired from a job that was supposed to be safe and secure. 

Without a job, and still living with his single mothers who’s struggling to pay the bills, he’s presented with a choice:

Either find another job that will accept an inexperienced young kid so he can help support his mother.

Or discover what it takes to become successful from a mysterious businessman who appeared one day offering advice.

This one decision not only affects the rest of this kid’s life, but his mother’s as well…

How will their lives turn out?

In practical, easy-to-understand lessons, he reveals the ideas and actions that can give anyone the mentality of a millionaire.
Millionaire Manifesto Contains The Secrets That Make Men And Women Wealthy

This book will help you create a new wealth mindset.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
rishav jejani

great book it is related to life

Debraj Dey
It was like a movie, in print!

After watching so many of Dan Lok's YouTube videos,
I could hear Dan Lok speak in his voice when Dan was coaching his mentee.
The mentee asked almost every question, that I had in my mind.
It was almost like Dan was coaching me.
Very good and engaging
The book itself is a great copywriting example.
Bought Today, Finished Today.

Jesús Miguel Flores Tarazona
This is Dan Lok´s untold story

This ebook definetely caught me by surprise because I´ve never read this story before.

It feels as it is the untold Dan Lok story that you cannot find on his youtube videos nor his courses.

I would definetely read it back again when I´m at a low moment in my career or when I need some inspiration.

Because seeing how Dan Lok was when he got started in his career is definetely inspiring, on how someone can become that succesful if you put your mind into it and work hard.

Definetely learned many things in this ebook, but my biggest takaways were refreshing the best lessons I´ve heard from Dan Lok over the years.

I would recommend this for anyone who want to know Dan Lok´s true story on how he started his career and what was the process he went through to achieve his first success.

Philip J Quirino

I got insider's view on what it is like to be a copywriter by reading this book and I would highly recommend it to anybody who really wants to know what it is like to work as a copywriter. It will be the best purchase that you will ever make if you really want to get an insiders you on what it's like to be a copywriter.

Santana McNeil
The Millionaireanifesto is a Must-Have

This clear cut ebook opened my eyes about alot of things especially the fact that what we are searching for is already within us

Vishal Dolas
Awesome Book

Dan teach us the power of High Income Skills. Which is Copywriting.
More Motivational, Useful knowledge and highly Recommended.
Thanks Dan Lok for Everything.

Jacke Wu
Enjoyable read

I read it in one sitting. A really motivational story with simple but profound principles to follow!

Ousmane ADT
Love it

It was an amazing content.

Must read

Awesome read. I learnt the power of Copywriting and how it can actually make your customers your fans.