How CEOs Build Empires

Empire-Building Strategies from Business Icons, Billionaires, World-Famous CEOs and Other Game-Changing Entrepreneurs…

"I’ve hand-picked 15 of the most inspiring, most impactful interviews from dozens of conversations with some of the most successful CEOs around. In the right hands, this information could be worth millions. I’ve compiled all 15 interviews into a special report called How CEOs Build Empires."
 Dan Lok
This is just a tiny snippet of the success and business-building information you’ll find in How CEOs Build Empires.

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Building Empires

How CEOs Build Empires

This book is a short bite of the mindset of highly successful CEOS. I would use this product occasionally as a mindset reference. The book presents several paradigms that if accepted, and acted upon, can shift one’s mindset to a highly successful one. There are many takeaways. My biggest takeaway is from Jay Abraham, the $21.7 billion dollar man; "Don’t fall in love with the product and services, fall in love with your clients. If you don’t love humanity, you don’t fall in love with everybody that’s striving to be better, and all you’re trying to do is be crass and avaricious... You’ll never really be wealthy or prosperous (even if you make a lot of money). You can’t be.” I am of the thought that this conceptually summarizes in totality a highly successful mindset.

Concerning length, this book is quite a quick read. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants some peek into the mindset of highly successful people.
If you want to go on a journey, ask those who have taken that journey – Chinese proverb (paraphrased).

I gladly recommend this book because it presents the mindset of 15 renowned CEOS who have built their empires. Ready to build yours? Get this book, acquire the mindset (sure, there will be challenges across the way but overcome them), and BUILD YOUR EMPIRE.

Ousmane A Dit Diaty Toure

The book was amazing and really helped me sharpening my mind and expand my business context.

Understand what does it take to build a profitable empire

This item is under priced for the value it provides. I have hired many mentors in the industry paid 5 & 6 figures to get their perspectives.. You get it here for few bucks!!! Unbelievable.. only if you are serious about building an empire you will understand what I am saying..and jump to get this report! ;)

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