High-Ticket Closer Case Mate Tough iPhone Cases


Feel and experience confidence whenever you pick up the phone to close any deals with this High-Ticket Closer Logo phone case. Always remember that "You Are Closer Than You Think" to any goals you have set for yourself endorsed by Dan Lok's Signature. 

It is important to protect the tool that generates you income at anytime and anywhere in the world. These premium, extremely durable cases protects one's phone in every situation, in the meantime being very light, making it a must-have style accessory.
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.: Extremely strong plastic
.: With rubber liner
.: Impact resistant, durable
.: Rubber inside plate
.: Supports wireless charging

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Ugo V
Great wealth trigger

Reminds me to go the extra mile everytime I look at my phone! The perfect wealth trigger

陳 恩盛
Very good

Very good

Zachary Zapata
Beauty In-Hand - A Constant Reminder

I got this case to remind myself of the skill that I own. I am NOT, not even a tiny bit, disappointed with that decision. I'm so glad I got this case. No problems with it at all. I love to protect my phone, but I also love art & philosophy. This case combines those 3 attributes, for me personally.

As for a "cherry on top" this case has a super luxurious shine to it, and in the right lighting it looks even more beautiful.

Thao Tong
Good but the button was hard to press - Iphone XR

Good but if the button was softer and easy for press , it’s gonna be perfect. It’s kind of hard when i press the volume and on off button on the side.

Kristen Hinkson
Good for It's Use

When I saw this I just HAD to have it. The design is wonderful. As an HTC student this was a no brainer for me.

Minor issues:
Charging cable sometimes comes out due to the case not fully lined up. It will stay but have to be mindful with it.

Buttons on the case for volume and lock phone have to be pressed hard to work but they do work. Not sure if it will ease up over time.

Overall, still happy I got it. I love showing off the design. ❤️